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Hilariously Bad Trash Talking


Self Defense – What is REAL?

Self defense… i guess its supposed to be the “noble” form of combat.  If you study specifically “self defense”, you’re basically taking the standpoint that you’re only interested in fighting if its for the sake of protecting yourself.  Its a reactionary view on martial arts.  You are “reacting” to someone else’s evil aggression and defending

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How To Win A Street Fight

How to win a street fight isn’t a cut and dry issue. There are certain general strategies that should work in a controlled setting, but the point of labeling it a “street” fight is that its the exact OPPOSITE of a controlled setting. There are no rules, and no squishy mats to land on. There’s

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Can pilates change the way your body works? (Fighters READ THIS!)

A: Absolutely… and I can prove it with SCIENCE! Pilates is a form of exercise that has tremendous support from those who undertake it while being written off as “girly exercise” by those who do not. Trust me, as a mixed martial arts “cage-fighter”, I can attest that pilates training has the abilty to challenge

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