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Month #1.

Week #1.


The Best Fighting Stance – This video gives you all of the details that you need to have a solid stance.  You will be well protected and highly mobile, making it easy for you to attack quickly while remaining safe.  I personally think that this video is hilarious as well.

Punch Dynamics – These are the little details that make straight punches effective… and stop them from injuring you (the puncher).  This video clears up a couple of myths, and should be applied to any straight punch that you throw.

Fight Distancing – Before even teaching you how to throw a punch, I think it’s important that you understand how far away you are supposed to be from the guy you’re trying to beat the crap out of.  The correct distancing builds power and increases your safety.  This is an EXCELLENT video and you will have a better understanding of how to fight after watching it.

Uppercuts and Lot’s of Stuffs – This video is so packed with important stuff, that I don’t even know what to call it. Originally, the Ultimate Training Program was going to be a weekly thing… and this represented the first full week of striking. There are like 3495782 concepts in this video. I teach uppercuts, the concept of juggling heads, two sweet combos, the fundamentals of mitt-work for defensive purposes, heavy bag work, and just a huge pile of awesomeness.

The “Straight Slip” -  (I also just refer to this as “The Slip”.  This might be the most important lesson in the entire Fight Smart Training Program.  This technique gives you the quickest, and least-energy-consuming way to make your opponents punch miss entirely.  This leaves him off balance, wasting energy, and easily smashed with a counter-attack.  This lesson builds off of a technique called the “Shoulder Pop” which I mention in the Uppercuts video above, but I’m not sure that you need to watch the video above in order to absorb all of this.


The Double Leg Takedown – This is probably the most common wrestling take-down, though certainly not the easiest by any means. While I’m not sure that this is a great place for you to start your wrestling training, it does resemble a tackle… so if you’ve ever played any football this one might work well for you. Otherwise, single leg take-downs will be coming up soon.

The Face Smoosh Double Leg – This is a tricky way to set someone up for a double leg takedown. If you aren’t a great wrestler, this is a good way to start the process of getting your opponent on the ground.

Jiu jitsu

Guard Basics – You pretty much have to watch this lesson if you want to do Jiu Jitsu… it covers the basic things that you need to be thinking about when you’re in guard. I also tell you a little tiny bit about how Jiu Jitsu became popular, but for the most part, this is just about guard basics and how to start fighting from your back.

Jiu Jitsu Drills – Look, I know that this is a boring start to your Jiu Jitsu education, but this small section of drills will sharpen your movements for a ton of the submission moves to follow. If a submission technique requires one of these movements, I will say so in the video and point you to one of these lessons. The “Popping Your Hips Up” drill plays a role in catching armbars, triangles, kneebars from your back, omaplatas, etc. The “Rolling Up Over A Shin” drill is huge for sweeps, when you need to follow the guy into a top position. The “Sitting Up Over A Shoulder” drill is essential for bump sweeps, guillotines, and kamuras. The “Snaking In A Guillotine” drill is important for… well… guillotines. I threw the “Grips” lesson in here as well because I want you to have a reference video in case I mention a specific type of grip in one of these lessons, and you don’t know what it is.

Armbar From Guard – This is just one of those attacks that you must have when on your back. If they guy puts his arm in the wrong place, or if you can pull it to where you want, you can break that arm to pieces… definitely one of my favorite moves from my back.

Spinning On Your Back – This is an important Jiu Jitsu detail that you need to be aware of in order to be highly dangerous from your guard.  This is essential Jiu Jitsu movement, and it’s especially important for the armbar from guard.

A Go-To Guard pass – The “Back Out” – This is my personal favorite guard pass… it might take a number of steps and a full minute or two to get past the guys guard, but it’s very effective and will certainly wear your opponent down.

Jiu Jitsu Positions – Every week we cover one “position” in Jiu Jitsu. These videos aren’t cool submission moves, but they are absolutely essential to get your ground game on point. If every week you focus on a new position, by the time you are finished with the Ultimate Training Program, you are going to be a very well versed and badass mofo.

Ground N’ Pound

Trapping Arms and Punching Faces… Or Bodies – This is essential ground and pound for the guy on top. This is a simple technique that can result in multiple, wide open punches to the other guys head and body. That’s a recipe for success in a ground fight… or in any fight for that matter.

Instant Fight Enders

The “Eddie Alvarez” – Eddie Alvarez knocked my wind out so badly using this set up that I almost shit my pants. As a result, I started doing it to other people… which is way more fun… and cleaner.

The “Fedor Combo” – This is one of my favorite combos because you get to pretty much unleash serious power in an all out onslaught.  This one is great for knockouts, and safe when done correctly.

Pimp Lesson of The Month

Approach The Fattest Girl In The Group – Look… it’s reasonable that we always are trying to hook up with the hottest girls possible. The trick is approaching the not-hottest girl occasionally, for better results.

Random Kinda Funny Video

Monkeys Flinging Feces – I don’t even remember how we started talking about this nonsense, but I personally think we’re hilarious.

Week #2.


How to Throw Knees Correctly – Knees are so brutal that I can’t even throw them in sparring… I usually like the guys that I train with, and I don’t want to hurt them.  Knee caps are hard, and they are driven forward with the force of your entire body.  When throw correctly and you land this strike, it will result in your opponent debilitated, and crumbling to the floor.  Enjoy!

The Switch kick – An absolutely essential striking lesson, the switch kick is the best way to create immediate power while using your front leg to throw a roundhouse. This is the best way to rip a roundhouse when you are in close to your opponent, and it has a ton of power.
Slip right on right foot and all slip variations of straight slip and a counter

The U-Slip – This is a crucial form of head movement. The U-Slip is the best way to avoid hooks and a damn good way to avoid head kicks. This technique will keep you safe, leave your opponent off balance, and improve your fighting angle… a must watch.

The Rear Slip – This is a fantastic way to make a punch miss, and it will work on any punch.  The only drawback is that most times, you’re not in a good position to counter-punch after you make the guy miss.  However, if you check out the “Fadeaway Hook” lesson immediately beneath this video, you can execute a rear slip, and then put your opponent to sleep easily.

Fade-Away Hook – You might remember this set-up from the movie Snatch… if not, don’t worry… I put the clip from the movie in there (don’t tell on me).  In this technique, you bait your opponent forward, and then destroy him with a hook while getting out of the way… I love this one.

Jiu Jitsu

Standing In Base – There are going to be times when you end up on the ground while you’re fighting… it’s somewhat unavoidable.  This is the the best technique that you can use to stand up safely and effectively.

Triangle Chokes – The triangle choke is an essential choke from your back, though it isn’t the easiest move to get right away. I want you to learn this move from the beginning, so even when you suck at it, you’re thinking about your ability to throw it. This is going to prevent the guy in your guard from getting away with tons of bullshit… your triangle will keep him “honest”, and under control.

Defending Against a Triangle – Now that you understand the move, here’s how you get out of it.  This is virtually the only triangle defense that I use, and I can’t even remember the last time that I was finished with a triangle.

Triangle Into Armbar Transition – This is a very solid lesson, and a great transition from the triangle into an alternate submission. When you start combining moves like this, I consider it to be advanced Jiu Jitsu. Make sure you have both of these moves solid individually, and then work on this transition.

Securing Your Triangles (and setting up Backside Triangle Attacks) – Tired of people posturing up and breaking free of your triangles?  This video will ensure that it never happens again, AND it will open up a new realm of submission moves.

Backside Triangle Arm Attacks – Instead of finishing a triangle when you have someone’s head and arm caught, there are a number of reall sweet submissions that you can throw on the arm that isn’t caught. These are highly unexpected, and as a result, have a great success rate. Plus, they look sweet.

The Triangle Sweep – Since this week seems to be packed with Triangle Choke goodness, here’s a way to sweep the guy into a triangle mount position, punch his face a bunch of times, and then choke him out entirely.  This move is particularly sweet for any time your opponent tries to stand up when you triangle choke him.

Instant Fight Ender

Fade-Away Hook – You might remember this set-up from the movie Snatch… if not, don’t worry… I put the clip from the movie in there (don’t tell on me).  In this technique, you bait your opponent forward, and then destroy him with a hook while getting out of the way… I love this one.


Duck Under Osotogari – This is a tricky takedown that ends up smashing the back of somebody’s head into the ground. If you do this on the wrong surface, someone could end up with brain injury or worse, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also, we end up on a Tangent about the time when Christian Bale freaked the F out on the set of Batman… Good times.

Instant Fight Ender

Slip 5-2 – The slip 5 -2… this is a great way to make someone miss a punch, and then blast him in the face with two quick and easy to throw strikes. The cool thing about this one is that the left uppercut positions the guys head perfectly for throwing a right straight… quick, easy, and effective.

Sliding Into A 6-3 – Here’s a sweet way to enter in an elusive, confusing fashion, and rip your opponent with two power strikes.

Week #3.


Slipping 1-2′s with Noodles – This video breaks down the form on how to slip common punch combos, and gives you some ideas on how to actually get good at this. I liked watching this video.

Straight Punches To The Body – Sending a punch straight to the body is not as simple as you might think.  There are a couple of things to keep in mind in your for which will make the punch more powerful, and keep you very safe.  Any technique that can do damage while remaining low risk should be incorporated into your arsenal.

The Slip 5-2-3 – This is a great counter punch combination, and it builds on our previous weeks two strike combination (The Slip 5-2).  This one adds a vicious hook to the combo… make the guy miss and then hit him with three murder shots.  This video also introduces you to the concept of juggling heads.

The Slip 6-3-2 – Since you already have one three punch combination starting with a slip, you might as well have another…. this one starts with a right uppercut and ends with two additional power strikes.  I throw this one all the time.

Jiu Jitsu

The Scoot (or “Shrimp”) – This movement is executed in so many Jiu Jitsu techniques (submissions, sweeps, and all) that it might be the most important movement in the entire martial art.  This needs to be embedded into your muscle memory if you want to be great at fighting on the ground.

Side Mount – Ahhhh… side mount… my favorite position. Here are the things you should focus on in order to cultivate a bad-ass side mount.

The Americana – The Americana was the first submission that I ever learned, and if you want to be effective in side mount, you MUST have this move as a threat. This is an attack with a high percentage of success, and it is a staple in my style of Jiu Jitsu.

Being Heavy In Side Mount – Side mount is my favorite position because it’s secure, you have a ton of submissions you can attempt, and you also have the ability to literally squeeze the air out of your opponent.  You can make it feel like he’s fighting with a car parked on his chest.  All of the techniques covered in this video give you an extreme edge when in side mount.

Escaping Side Mount – This video is about more than just escaping side mount, I give you a number of things you should focus on while in this horrible position while also telling you how to get out of it.

Being On Bottom In Sidemount – This video is absolutely essential when assessing exactly what you should do when someone is on top of you, and they have a “side mount” position. This covers the best way to escape side mount, and a small arm variation which gives you a couple different ways to execute this escape.

Helicoptering Your Hooks – This is a simple Jiu Jitsu drill that will get you better and a number of leg related movements that require some hip flexibility.

Elevator Sweep – This is a great sweep to learn and to have in your arsenal, but the overall CONCEPT of this sweep is even more important because it gives you the guidelines behind elevating the guys body with your “hook”, breaking down his “posts, and then sweeping his ass over.

Ground N’ Pound

Punching lungs from around your guard – This is a pretty cool trick that can EASILY take someone’s wind out while you’re fighting from your back. It uses a little trick that allows you to punch the exact same point on your opponent’s abdomen, over and over.

Instant Fight Ender

Punching Into An Americana – This is a fantastic was to use a couple of punches to virtually guarantee your capture of the Americana in a street fight… or any fight for that matter… one of my favorite ground-and-pound-into-submission set ups.

U-Slip With a Punch Underneath – If you land this, it’s game over… no doubt about it.  You make your opponent miss and then send a crushing blow to his unsuspecting body… which also happens to be in the perfect position to be decimated.


The Wall Double – The technique for finishing a double leg take-down changes when the guy is up against a wall or cage.  Here’s how it’s done.

Week #4.


The Feint – This is your first lesson in deception.  A feint is a fake… you fake as though you’re going to throw a strike in order to either see what your opponent is about to do, or to set up a vicious combo.  This is a very important and powerful lesson in fighting.

Hand-Speed – This is an essential video.  If you don’t watch it, you’ll never understand how to coordinate your feel while fighting, and you will never have any real hand speed.   Additionally, even if you already have fast hands, or if you build hand-speed without using this concept, you might not necessarily understand how to move your feet and keep up with a retreating opponent.  This video is just as much about moving around while attacking as it is about hand-speed.

Lead Leg Roundhouse – This is how you turn the roundhouse thrown from the front of our body into a deadly weapon… no exaggeration.

(Slip + Cross) + Hook = Damage – This is a way to attack a guy while moving your head to get in close, and then ripping a solid hook to finish the job.  I love entries with head movement, and I love hooks… combine the two and I giggle like a school girl.

Instant Fight Ender

Fakin’ Low and Hookin’ High – This is quite possibly my favorite set up of all time.  This set-up uses level changes and deception to set up a brutal left hook to an open face.

Jiu jitsu

Escaping Sidemount #2 – This is a good way to get out of side mount, using an arm position that your opponent might not be used to.

The Head N Arm Choke – This is a classic Jiu Jitsu choke, and it adds to your arsenal when you’ve got the guy down, and you are in side mount. This choke is so tight that it can pop blood vessels in the other guys face and eyes.

Head N Arm Part 2… an alternate ending – This is a secret move, and a follow up for the head and arm choke video. This is the absolute best way to finish the head and arm choke, and it’s one of the most powerful neck constrictions that you can possibly throw.

The Head and Arm Choke FROM GUARD - A lot of people make a lot of stupid mistakes when they’re in your guard… one of which is to lean a forearm on your neck, or to try to choke you with their hands.  If they try something like this, you can easily throw them into a head and arm choke that you can finish from guard, and make the guy’s head feel like it’s going to pop off.

Cross Side Armbar – This is my favorite submission move. Barely anyone knows about it, and I have been destroying people with this one for over a decade. This is an armbar from sidemount, it’s a low risk move, and has an incredibly high percentage of success. You will love this secret golden nugget attack.

Catching Triangles – Since you have a number of attacks from the triangle position, it’s a good idea to give you a few methods to catch triangles.  These are my top three preferred methods to catch triangle chokes.


Beast Mode Single Leg Takedown… Against The Wall – This takedown has actually become my favorite takedown. With a little practice, it becomes incredibly easy to pick people up off of the ground, and slam them violently.

Big Knees In Side Mount – This insanely damaging technique is yet another reason why I like having control in side mount.  This is probably the most powerful strike that you can throw on the ground, and it can go directly into the guys liver or lungs.  This will knock his wind out, and weaken him to the point that you can do whatever you want in the top position.  This is a great way to set up your submissions.

Month #2.

Striking Focus: The Clinch

Week #1.


The Front Kick – This is the longest attack in your arsenal… it’s powerful and I use it to create/keep distance.  A well placed and well delivered front kick can send someone flying through a wall, this is not just a positioning attack.

The Muay Thai Clinch – The clinch is one of the most amazing things that you can add to your fighting arsenal… I don’t care if your’e fighting a pro boxer, if you grab his head, and you know what you’re doing, that’s the ballgame. In my opinion, the clinch is the EASIEST WAY TO WIN FIGHTS ON THE STREET, and failing to learn this attack style is just straight up bullshit.

Clinching After Combinations – A lot of times, when I want to clinch someone, I just ram my forearms into the guy’s collarbone and start ripping knees.  Admittedly, this is not the most “sophisticated” method to take the clinch.  By throwing a combination of strikes in a few specific manners, you can make taking the clinch easy, and then you can drive your knees up into the dude’s guts many times.  This video will teach you how to clinch after combos.

Clinch Defense #1. – The “Blast Up” – You can’t get stuck in a clinch, and this is one of the easiest ways to get out of it, or at least begin to mount your clinch defense. If you can’t escape from a clinch, then you are truly not prepared to fight. After watching this video you will have a fairly simple solution.

Jiu Jitsu

The Mount… Top Game Jiu Jitsu – Mount is a powerful position in MMA, and when you have it, you don’t want to lose it. You can drop all types of ground and pound strikes from this position. This video doesn’t cover any specific submissions, but gives you some excellent tips on how to make your mount far more effective.

The Box Choke – This is a cool choke from mount.  It’s easier to do with the Gi, but it can certainly be done no gi as well.  This is a decent mount option, and if you don’t get the choke, it will open up something else.

Broken Posts… The Rules of Sweeps - This video basically represents the fundamental principle behind sweeping people.  Once you understand this concept, you will start making up your own sweeps… even in the most bizarre of Jiu Jitsu positions (you never know where you end up after a scramble).

Bump N’ Roll (to get out of mount) – The bump and roll is the best way to get out of mount… hands down. I use this escape every time someone puts me into mount, and it works 9 times out of 10… one of the classics.

The Hip Escape – This hip escape is a great way to get out of almost any bottom position. This works to take you out of side mount, mount, and can improve your half guard position as well. We will use it in sequence with other escapes to insure your path to safety, and to set up submission moves.

Beast Mode Mount Escape – Look…. this isn’t the most effective mount escape, but if you’re a strong dude, you can definitely use this technique to heave people off of you.

Ground N’ Pound

The Side Mount Crucifix Trap – This is one of my “ultimate” ground and pound techniques because if you set this up, you get unrestricted, un-returned, and undefended strikes to your opponents head. That’s pretty much a guaranteed win, and you’re going to have to be careful not to hurt anyone too badly. This is one of my favorite MMA techniques from side mount… a must watch.


Single Leg Take-Down Finishes – I find that grabbing a guys leg to initiate a single leg take-down is pretty easy… it’s what you do when you GET the leg that determines whether or not your take-down will be successful. This video is going to give you a few options on how to get that guy onto the ground once you have his leg.

Cool Combo

I don’t even know what this combination is… but I bet it’s pretty fuckin’ sweet.

Here’s another cool combo… this one teaches you a cool way take an angle which will allow you to kick your opponent in the back of the knee, mid-combination.

Pimp Lesson of The Month

Don’t Go To The Diner After The Bar – If you end up meeting a girl at the bar, DO NOT take her to the diner, no matter how hungry she is… here’s why.

Random Kinda Funny Video

How to Heal a Nut Shot – If you got hit in the balls, this is theoretically a way to make the pain go away. Though I’m not exactly a believer, Tom insists that it works.

Week #2.


Defending Front Kicks – A good front kicks is a beast of a weapon.  It can knock your wind out and put you flat on your ass.  If your opponent uses this one a lot, you will need to be able to deal with it so that you can get close enough to smash his face.  This video will show you how to defend against front kicks.

Clinch Elbow – This is a way to make your clinch more brutal. This is a good lesson because it’s easy to learn and understand, and you can really mess someone up with it. It’s a low mental investment for a high pay-off… assuming that you are going to use a clinch to fight.

Clinch Defense #2. – This clinch defense revolves around controlling the other guys body and movement, even though he has a grip on your head. This is simple footwork that will put him off balance, and create the space for you to take your own clinch.

The Side Clinch – You don’t always have to go for a full clinch.  You can also take a side clinch and drive past the dude while ripping a disgusting knee into his body.

Step Hook Into Side Clinch – This combo is nothing special… if you didn’t watch it, you wouldn’t really be missing anything ground breaking.  That said, it does start with a “step hook” which is a punch that hits me a lot… I just read them incorrectly.  Anyhow enough said, this is a decent way to set up your side clinch.

Slap Knees – The best way to send knees sideways, and break up the sides of your opponent. Back when we were starting… we had some shitty equipment. This video is one where the audio clicks and pops, but the lesson itself is imperative. I slaughter people with slap knees, and if you are taking the clinch game seriously, you will include this in your efforts.

Jiu Jitsu

The Helicopter Sweep – This is the sweep I use with the highest percentage of success.  It’s not an easy one to learn, but when you get the hang of it, I find it to be the easiest one to execute.  This takes you from guard, to full mount.  That’s a big move in the right direction.

The Helicopter Armbar – This is one of the best arm-bars in all of Jiu Jitsu. It’s simply fantastic. In the blink of an eye, you could be snapping every ligament in the guy’s elbow with this move.

Brutish Armbar Defense - This is Tom’s brutal and painful way to defend against someone’s armbar. This is one of the more painful videos that we’ve managed to shoot, but it is a GREAT armbar defense, and filming this certainly made me a believer.

Rolling Into A Kneebar From Turtle Position – Who would think that you could be dangerous from turtle position? This is a crappy lesson on how you can roll into a kneebar if your opponent has his legs positioned in the wrong way. It helps to know how to take advantage of your opponents mistakes.

The Anaconda – This is one of the tightest chokes in Jiu Jitsu, it’s not too complicated, and you can catch people with it in a number of positions.  Once the position is clamped on, you execute a cool looking gator roll and choke the guy to sleep.

The Darse Choke – this is a great choke to use any time you have a side-mount or knee on belly position and your opponent is pushing on you with an extended arm.  As you become more and more advanced in Jiu Jitsu, there seems to be a way to capitalize on everying that your opponent does.  This is a powerful choke and you will find way’s to use it constantly once you know it.


The Power Half Nelson – This is a very short lesson (and poorly filmed) on how to use a power half nelson to roll your opponent over and “throw in a hook” when he is in turtle position. This might already be included in the “Opponent In Turtle Position” video directly above this one, but hey… it can’t hurt to have a specific lesson on this move.

Week #3.


Clinch Metronome/Clinch Tip – This is very good high level clinch info. If you are trying to get good at the clinch, this is definitely some information that will interest you.

Clinch Defense #3. – This is a finesse clinch defense… though it also requires a little explosion… if that even makes any sense. This technique takes some skill and practice. When you get it, you will be happy that you did… at least if someone cliches your head.

The Brazil Kick – This is undoubtedly an advanced kick, and it’s also going to take you some time to build the flexibility you need to throw it.  Once you have it in your arsenal, it’s tricky as hell, and you can blast a lot of people in the face with it.  Included in this video is also a kick-ass Glaube Feitosa highlight reel.

Ground N’ Pound

Kicking From The Ground – If you’re on the ground, you should understand that you can still have a powerful offense, even from your back with a guy standing over you. This video will show you some bad-ass stuff you can do from the ground with your legs.

Instant Fight Ender

The Double Hook – This is a tricky technique… at least in that there’s a trick to doing it.  This is an amazingly effective way to rip the guy with two hooks on the same side, one being very likely to cause a knockout.


The Anaconda From Standing - This is a great move for Jiu Jitsu guys without great wrestling skills, and if you watch this video, you will have two ways to choke people, and all you need is a front headlock. I don’t understand how we made some of these videos without including a demonstration of the move itself, but this is just one of those lessons.

Jiu jitsu

Armbar From Mount – This is one of those moves that you pretty much have to know. I don’t love it, it’s not the best submission, and I would rather punch someone in the face 50 times from mount instead. However, you are going to be faced with at least 100 scenarios in which you just HAVE to take the armbar from mount. Additionally, knowing this will make your armbars sharp in general. This will come in handy.

Armbar Position – If you end up getting good at armbars, this is going to be a position in which you find yourself frequently.  The guy ends up on his back, clasping his hands together for dear life… or for the life of his elbow joint.  Being secure in this position is going to give you the time and leverage you need to finish your armbar, regardless of how strong that guy is.

Arm and Hand Positioning For Finishing Armbars – This video references the position that you want for your opponents hand when putting him into an armbar. By making sure the guy’s hand is in this position, you are guaranteed to be bending his arm in the wrong direction… which is the right direction… if you think about it.

The Bicep Slicer Armbar Finish – This is a super cool move that not a lot of people know about. Instead of wasting a ton of energy trying to rip a guys hands apart to finish an armbar, this lets us crush his bicep and dislocate an elbow… way sweet. This is a follow up to the armbar from mount video you may have seen on YouTube.

The Double Armbar – The only thing I can think of that’s cooler than breaking a guy’s arm in a fight is breaking them both… at the same time.  This is a surprisingly easy move to master that carries a devastating effect.

The Finesse Armbar Escape – Unlike Tom’s preferred armbar escape which relies on brute force, weight, and abuse to the other guys body, this one involves speed, timing, and technique.  Those who master this become very difficult to catch in an armbar.

Week #4.


The 8 Points of knee Attack – There are two very different types of knees that you can throw, and you can throw them from the right or the left. You can also take them to the head or the body… roughly giving you 8 specific points at which you can fire a knee. This lesson will help you identify a point that you can attack, and then throw the correct knee to do the job.

Skip Knees – Every detail you could need a bout skipping knees, and a nostalgic glimpse into some of the things we’ve been through in Tom’s MMA career

Clinch Sparring – This is a lesson where Tom and I demonstrate clinch sparring, and elaborate on its many benefits. Then Tom and I clinch spar live while I break down the stuff that we are doing in order to gain the advantageous position.

Jiu jitsu

Position Changes – If you are on top of someone in a fight, you might need to switch your position in order to get some offense going. Sometimes you might have more submissions in one position than another, or maybe just better ground and pound ability. Either way, this video covers the details behind changing your position.

The Kamura (and a badass straight armbar) – This lesson is a follow up to the Guard Basics video, and shows you one of the easiest to hit sumbissions from guard.  In addition to the submission move, I show you what to do if the guy counters your Kamura… you will still end up breaking his arm

The Bump Sweep – This sweep plays incredibly well off of the Kamura, since it’s also depends on your ability to sit up over the guy’s shoulder.  This is an immensely powerful sweep; when you hit it, it has a very intimidating effect… in addition to leaving you in full mount.

Alternate Side Mount – Here’s a small variation on your normal side mount position that you might have already seen in the “being heavy in side mount” video.  Still, this position deserves it’s own lesson as I use this all the time… especially for ground and pound.

Instant Fight Ender

Two Strike Savagery – This is a bold title… but whatever… I’m sticking to it.  This Set-Up uses jab/roundhouse combinations to multiple levels of the guys body to open up a bigger fight ending attack.

Month #3.

Week #1.


Parrying and Countering – This is a highly effective way to stop a punch. It takes very little effort and might frequently be the last thing between your opponents knuckles and your face.

The Stepping Left Hook – This is a great way to close distance while you’re hooking, and also a sweet way to confuse opponents that are consistently trying to slip your punches… this will throw him off his game.

Ground N’ Pound

Solar Plexus To Headshot – A lot of people get into mount, and all they want to do is try to tee off on the other guys face. That’s great, and I encourage it… but let’s not forget about the solar plexus. Here’s a cool way to take someones wind out, while setting up additional facial attacks.

Instant Fight Ender

Teap Kick Into Big Roundhouse – Teap kicks are great for making distance… if you’re already thinking about using that distance to throw a massive roundhouse, you are going to do some serious damage.  This video shows you the footwork as well as how to make the combination fast and effective.

Jiu Jitsu

The Can-Opener Pass – This is the most abusive guard pass that you can do to someone, and it’s incredibly effective.  The can-opener itself can make weaker guys tap out, but we will use it to pass your opponents guard in horrific fashion.

Setting Up A Canopener – Now that you know what to do with a can-opener, here’s a great way to bait your opponent into putting himself into the perfect position to use it on him.

Finishing Chokes – If you end up on the guys back, or behind someone, a great way to finish the fight is by choking that guy to sleep. Taking this into consideration, you should probably watch this lesson on “blood chokes” and “wind chokes” so that you know how to execute a proper choke.

Having a Guys Back And Choking Him Out – This is the absolute best position for a smaller guy fighting a larger guy… it’s a lot easier to fight a guy who’s not even facing you. It’s also easier to overpower a bigger guy’s wind pipe than his arms. This video is going to give you the things to focus on after you’ve taken someone’s back.

The Body Triangle – This position allows for the absolute tightest back control while also squeezing the wind out of your opponent. This has a disasterous effect. I personally don’t feel as if I could lose a fight when I have a body triangle on my opponent… but maybe that’s just me.


Hip Toss Details (and a cool throw) – This video breaks down some simple differences between a “Judo Hip Throw” and a “Wresting Hip Throw”… after covering some simple details, we cover a sweeeet throw utilizing Judo footwork that wrestling can’t offer.  (coming soon)

Pimp Lesson of The Month

Buy Stuff to Make Girls Comfortable – This is an important lesson in how to keep your house prepared to make chicks feeling at home

Random Kinda Funny Video

How To Nut-Bar Yourself – In the process of knee-barring Tom, I smashed my own nuts. This led to a discussion of how wearing a cup would be nice, and if you’re going to wear a cup, why not make it a really big one. Other disgusting ideas ensue…

Week #2.

Rampage Blocks – While I prefer to make punches miss entirely, if I’m going to block them, this would be my preferred way to do it. It’s fast, easy, safe, works for multiple punches, can hurt your opponent, and it’s easy to transition into counter punches… what more can you ask for.

Shielding Kicks – A good Muay Thai fighter will constantly do his best to smash your thighs, both inside and out, with his shin bones… you don’t want to let that happen. Shielding a kick is a quick, low energy way to avoid the damage that would have been done to your leg, while also doing quite a bit of damage to your attacker’s shin.

Punching With Head Movement – This is a very important lesson on specific ways to attack your opponent while staying safe at the same time. Hit other people while remaining hard to hit… that’s a recipe for success in a fight.

Jiu jitsu

The Backdoor Armbar – This lesson teaches you how to armbar your opponent, even when he’s piling all of his weight on top of you. This is a very concise and effective lesson with some decent special effects :-) Without ever having practiced this before, you can undoubtedly finish your armbar.

Turtle Position and Taking Backs – Sometimes you see guys curl up into a protective ball.  In these moments, I personally enjoy kneeing him in the back of the skull.  However, if you don’t want to kill someone or cause major concussive damage, taking the guys back and choking him out is a much more humane option.

Armbar From Guys Back – It’s good to have a number of different attacks from every position, and I find that most people don’t know much from a guys back other than the standard rear naked choke. This is a great alternative in case the guy has great choke defense… just take his arm instead!

How to break a dude’s ankle when he has your back – Here’s a move that I catch people with when they have my back and they lose focus.  If you’ve taken someone’s back DON’T EVER cross your feet.  You only lock your feet BEHIND your opponent in guard.  If someone has taken your back, and he crosses his ankles, here’s how you can break one of them easily.

Week #3.


The Sneaky Kick… a ninja kick that is virtually guaranteed to let you blast someone directly in the chest with your heel.  If I’ve thrown this kick 500 times against live opponents, I’ve probably landed it 490 of them.  This kick is truly deceptive, and very cool  Thanks to Bas Rutten.

Defending Kicks To The Body – This lesson shows you the basic form for blocking a kick to the body… then I also start teaching you the stuff that I cover in the next lesson, “Catching Kicks And Countering”…. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’re going to be dealing with a little bit of repeat information… but it’s important information… so it’s ok.  Here’s how you block kicks to the body.

Catching Kicks and Countering  – You can’t let someone kick the crap out of you… literally.  This video gives you the best methods for kick defense, and will teach you how to turn your opponents kicks completely to your advantage.

Freeing Up A Caught Leg – Even the most novice of opponents might end up catching your leg when you kick him.  Ideally, the kick still does a lot of damage.  If he does catch your kick, this video has two methods that you can use to GET YOUR LEG back before he has a chance to take you down.

The Overhand Right – This is a very powerful but unorthodox and frequently sloppy looking punch. It has tremendous power and comes from a very odd angle… those who use this punch effectively do a lot of damage.

A Sweet Set-Up For The Overhand Right – I taught a kid this set up who had already decided to do a tough-man competition before I started training him… then he tore his left shoulder to pieces playing rugby. He only had one arm with which to fight… and he knocked the kid out cold. So satisfying…


Judo – Ko Uchi Gari – This is a kick ass Judo foot sweep. Small movements and well executed technique put your opponent on their back. This is a YouTube lesson… I didn’t do this one.

Ground N’ Pound

The Wall Walk – The wall walk is a simple way to get back on your feet using a wall, and you might not think of it if you hadn’t watched this video. You can’t do Jiu Jitsu with your back stuck up against a wall, so standing up might be your only option. In two minutes, this video will show you the way out.

Instant Fight Ender

Fake Shot Into Overhand Right – This is a really good way to get the guys hands away from his face and then rip an overhand right… which just seems to flow naturally after your initial movement.  This is great for anyone who already has the guy thinking about defending take-downs.

Jiu jitsu

2 Sweeps From Half Guard - Half guard certainly isn’t the best position in which you can be.  These two sweeps will put you on top in the other guy’s half guard… in MMA, this is a big step in the right direction.

Big Timmy’s Lock – This video demonstrates an incredibly powerful lock that I use consistently to set up triangles, and very few people know about it. The lesson itself flows O.K. but due to some editing issues and info coming from multiple clips and multiple angles, it’s not perfect.

The Kneebar Guard Pass – This is an essential kneebar, and it’s not a complicated position from which you would be throwing it. Basically, any time a guy leaves his legs split a little too much, you’re going to take advantage of it and snap his legin half… why fight the rest of the way for a guard pass when you can just finish the move from there?

The Omaplata – This is a move that requires a little butt flexibility and technique, but when you get it, you can tear your opponents shoulder muscles to shreds by using your legs from guard.  It’s a really cool move and I wish that I had added it to my practice a lot sooner.  There are a number of unique situations in which this move is absolutely perfect, so stretch your butt and practice this.

Week #4.


Adding a Superman To A Roundhouse – Now that you know how to throw a Superman Punch, you can throw it any time you’re putting your leg back on the ground.  Since the roundhouse is the kick that I throw most commonly, it makes sense to train yourself to throw a superman when bringing your leg back down to the ground.  This technique is powerful, and completely unexpected.

Defending Strikes to Your Body With a “Hook” – This is a cool way to defend yourself against straight punches to the body.  Fair warning – this won’t be easy, and there are safer ways to defend your body.  That said, if you catch the guys body shot with a “Hook” you have a guaranteed counter strike that will really hurt.

Instant Fight Ender

The Superman Spinning Backfist Roundhouse – This combination is by far the coolest looking one that I have… it combines dangerous strikes, and it’s simply fucking awesome if you’re trying to impress people while fighting.

Month #4.

Week #1.


Angles of Attack – This is a very solid video that introduces one of the most important fighting concepts that you will ever learn.” How do you hit someone and not get hit back?

Basic Angle Changes – If you haven’t seen the video on “Attack Angles” (um… it’s right above this one), do yourself a favor and watch it.  You need to understand the importance of that lesson and the importance of changing your angle before you skim over these details.  This is an incredibly quick, and incredibly effective way to move out from your opponent’s direct line of fire, and stay safe during a fight.

Following A Hand With A Roundhouse – This is a quick way to follow any straight punch with a hard/fast roundhouse on the same side, using some simple principles in physics. This technique will also be highly conducive to a level changing attack on the same side of the guys body, making it very likely to land.

Jiu jitsu

Wrist Locks In Guard – Many times, your opponent thinks he’s safe, and he’s actually quite vulnerable.  This move takes a very common position that your opponent will assume in your guard, and teaches you how to use it to snap his wrist.

The Achilles Stretch or Straight Ankle Lock – This is just a great effin’ ankle lock.  It points the guys toe down until his ankle snaps… though I don’t know why we’ve always called it an achilles stretch.  Most Jiu Jitsu folks call it the “Straight Ankle Lock.”  Actually, it doesn’t even stretch your achilles, so my name is altogether retarded.  Oh well… this is a great video.

Getting Good At Heelhooks (Scissoring Lesbians Position) – This video was supposed to just introduce you to “scissoring lesbians position,” which is how we have small leg lock battles to practice this particular element in Jiu Jitsu. However, I ended up teaching both inside and outside heel hooks in this video… so it got a little out of control. Either way, there is a lot to learn in this video.

Week #2.


Multi-kicks – Great for workouts and smashing someone with repeated kicks from the same side… this technique will be used any time you want to “double-up” a kick on someone.

Jiu jitsu

Inside Heel Hook Defense – While executing this defense is incredibly dangerous, you have to know how to get out of an inside heel hook.  Otherwise, your knee is going to be completely screwed.

Heel Hook Into Kneebar Combination – Now that I’ve introduced you the best defense for heel hooks, I want you to think another step ahead and use your opponents defense to your heel hook against him.  If the guy tries to roll out of your heel hook, you can hit him with this kneebar.

Quick Lil’ Set-Up

Fake Teap Into a Knee – This is a quick set up which builds forward momentum by faking a teap kick (front leg front kick), so you can throw a massive knee.

Week #3.


Elbows – Elbows are the razors of the human body, and this video gives you far more information than you actually need to throw them in a devastating fashion. Enjoy.

Entering and Striking With Head Movement (an example combo) – This is a good set-up because of the sound principles that it applies, but each principle involves techniques that require some practice. Striking with head movement is hard… in both slips used in this video. Also, moving to the right and immediately round-housing is going to take some practice. This is not a new guy combo, and involves fighting in high risk areas close to your opponent.

Entries – This video is an off-the-cuff lesson that Tom and I did simply by talking about the entries that we like using most.  This isn’t the most informative lesson in the world, but you can learn about some of the differences in fighting styles that you might encounter.

Multi-Kicks and Kick Tricks – These are some of the crafty things that you can do with kicks to set up EVEN MORE kicks. Just kick the crap out of people… why not.

Jiu Jitsu

Defense for a guy who stands up in your guard – If the guy is in your guard, and he tries to stand up in order to hit you, there are a number of ways that you can make him pay for it.  This is the first and simplest method to deal with your opponent, who is making  a mistake.

A Kneebar From Your Guard (Believe it or not) – This is an advanced move, but a great one. Any time someone stands up in my guard, this is the first move that I go to, and I get a lot of knee-bar related submissions with this one.

Heel Hook When Guy Stands Up – This is an alternative to the lesson directly above, using a similar movement to seize your opponents leg, you can heel hook the crap out of him if he tries to stand up in your guard.

Heel Hooking From Your Back In Half Guard – If you happen to be on your back in half guard, no one will ever expect you to throw this knee tearing, ankle breaking leg lock.  This is advanced stuff, but incredibly effective.  This is my number one move from half guard.

Knee On Belly Defense – This defense will tear your opponents knee joints.  If you are fighting a Jiu Jitsu guy, you can’t be caught unaware in ANY position.  You need to have both attacks and defenses for any position, and “knee on belly” is one of those spots where you can get the crap out of you very quickly (if you’re on the bottom).  You really can’t ask for a better counter than this one!

Knee On Belly Defense… Again – Well, I accidentally filmed the Knee on Belly Defense Video twice… and it made it all the way through editing… twice.  It’s the exact same lesson except I filmed it with AJ.  There’s really no good reason to watch this if you watched the first one, I just couldn’t bring to throw away a completely good and completely finished video.

Week #4.


Flying Knees – One of my coaches, Steve Haigh, used to throw flying knees into a pad that I was holding, and I wondered if they could actually break someone’s neck.  This strike might be the most powerful blow that you can throw to someone’s head… especially with a little momentum.  That said, it’s high risk… so do this flashy kinda crap at your own risk, and remember that you’re not a superhero.

The Liver Shot – You might not have known that you can make your opponent fall to the ground and shit himself if you hit him in the liver. This outlines a very specific method of punching which is designed to damage and cause massive stress to internal organs. The only complaint that I have about this video is that I leave out a number of very important details about how to generate hook power… however, you can get these from the hook video, so it’s really no big deal. I guess it’s probably better to avoid being redundant.

Switch Kick Angle Change – This lesson will give you a true idea of the versatility of the switch kick. You already know that it’s a powerful strike, now you will get to see a few ways to use the switch to position your body safely, taking angles, while also ripping a very powerful kick to your opponents midsection.

Jiu Jitsu

The Scissor Sweep – This is a classic Jiu Jitsu sweep, and one that takes you directly into full mount of you execute it correctly.

TheBumpAndRollHipEscapeIntoAHeelHook – This video is a follow up to the bump and roll, which you can find on YouTube and in this section.  If for some reason the bump and roll fails, this one will get you out of mount… and will also set up a nasty heel hook.

The Eugene Pass – The Eugene Pass is an excellent open guard pass… meaning that when you’re opponent DOESN’T have his legs around you, this will help you pass to a dominant position.  This move is a testament to the fact that if you practice anything enough, you can make it work with ridiculous easy.  My buddy Eugene… a little Jewish guy, used this pass over and over again on advanced fighters, and was able to improve his position consistently.  This Eugene Pass isn’t complicated, and it works.