A Study of Karo Parisyan

"No Gi" Judo That Will Work Anywhere

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  • What a fantastic analysis! It’s been so long since I’ve seen these fights, really a great reminder. Thank you for sharing this gem.

  • Trav…thanks for all the great stuff man. If one were to be lucky enough to be in proximity to a 10th Planet and where Karo traines(used to?), Gokor’s and Gene LeBell’s gym, where would you train?

    They’re both good, I’m curious to compare and contrast without denigrating anybody.

  • The great thing about these is that the net effect/outcome can be radically different moving from a padded UFC or dojo mat to the normal cement sidewalk, street asphalt, or tile/hardwood floors of bars and nightclubs that most of the real world consists of…. not to mention the fact that most people have no proper training whatsoever in falling to mitigate impact/injury.