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The Head Movement Training Program

Those who have become harder to punch.


Without getting too long winded I wanted to let you know how life changing your program has been to me, and by extension to those that I have been training with.

I've obviously been implementing your techniques and training with great results (I'm killing my peers with the head movement game).

I can't even tell you how helpful it is that you not only break down the technique, but also that you show us the real application and drills.  I get to climb inside your head and know what you're thinking because you explain why you implement every detail.

Overall it really is an invaluable program, and I just wanted to personally thank you for all that you've put into it.

Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson


Your videos are top shelf sir.

I'm one of the real deal subscribers that purchased the head movement program several months ago, and just gotta say it has significantly upped my game. My balance and stability when throwing punches and kicks is way more solid, I'm faster, much more squirrelly, and much harder to hit.

You have dispelled my previous belief that one can't learn badass martial arts skills on the Internets.

Carry on good man, I will continue to train and work the head movement skills.


Hey Trav, Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know I have been using the drills in your head movement program religiously for about 3 months now.

It is quite literally the most effective tool I have in my arsenal, especially when combined with these counter attacks.

I just wanted to say thanks for your time and effort with your videos and that if you ever find yourself in British Columbia, swing by our school! Your teaching would be invaluable and I would love to see you slip a few punches 😉 Thanks again Trav.

Rich Mott
Rich Mott

Hi Trav,

I'm just sending this to say thank you so much for these programmes. I am 17 years old and a black belt in karate and found this head movement course to be very helpful when sparring.

Not only does it help me to remain calm but also dodge a lot of quick punches. Thanks so much, keep doing what you're doing.  I’m really loving the course and recommend it to anybody out there!


 I love this program, the training is great and your coaching is excellent. I have learned a lot and I'm both a boxing and thai boxing coach with over twenty years of martial arts training behind me.

This program would help anyone who wants to learn how to improve their defense, movement and fitness.

Thanks again for the great program and the comedy works a treat; your students are a great laugh and everyone loves a laugh, life is to short to be a serious boring s*** head Best,

Gary Hull Wing Chun

Hey Trav,

I purchased the head movement training... it's the best training I've ever purchased.

It has helped me immensely and I use it daily...  it is my meditation!

It has also made watching boxing/mma more fun and interesting... you are an excellent teacher and keep things fun.

Mike Sampson
Mike Sampson Hull Wing Chun

Dude! As my girlfriend was singing tonight I had to push a drunk kid back from stage and he swung at me. I automatically rear slipped! He lost his balance and smashed into a table which was hilarious haha. That's about it cause the bouncer grabbed him but the moral is I rear slipped without any thought! Thanks man!

David Auchmuty

Hey mate, Bill Tweed here again from A & E Boxing Techniques. I'm onto day 6 of your slipping tips and I've got to say as a boxer you deliver your classes and tips with a larrikin attitude. You sure you're not an Aussie mate? You know your stuff and that's the best money I've spent in a long time. Keep on, keeping on!

William Tweed

Trav, Since I have started training my head movement, following your videos, I'm really surprised to see how my back (especially lower back) has become so strong and ripped. I never experienced anything like this core effect on my muscles from regular exercises. Sorry to say thanks, in spite of you saying not to thank. But can't help from saying thanks for what you are sharing for us. So, really thanks! Cheers mate! Hyaaah!

Abhishek G

I’ve been doing your drills every day. Parts of me are hurting that I didn't think could hurt and it’s a great feeling. It seems like I've been getting faster by the day. I've been doing this type of thing since I was a little kid, but this is the most relatable course I’ve done in while. You’re easy to understand and it seems like I'm listening to one of my buddies. So keep up the good work and when I'm comfortable with the Head Movement program, I will buy the rest one by one. The free ones are great too!

Thank for your time,


Dear Trav,

I've been practicing head movement and stuff 3 times a week, and I gotta say, it's really changed my game around. I still get hit a few times, but it's never where the other person was actually trying to hit - I can take forearm/shoulder hits all day, and I've only taken like 1-2 hits to the chin from doing something stupid. It's awesome!

And working my footwork just changed everything so much I can really dance around a guy and drive them crazy. Thanks!

Best regards,

Ray Chou
Ray Chou

Hey Trav,

I'm compelled to express how utterly fantastic your HM program is! Either as a stand alone or an addition to an existing discipline, your program is world class. Thanks for the great videos and master instruction.

I have learned more from your classes in weeks than I have in years. Rock on!!

P.S.  When will you conduct another live seminar?

Dan Galarza
Dan Galarza


Wanted to let you know my fight tonight went great, slipped a few wild shots early got a sweet osoto gari and swung into an arm triangle. Quick finish and not a scratch thanks to your head movement drills. Thanks again man!

James Dalton
James Dalton

Hey Trav,

I'm a member of the head movement program (and still very much just a beginner), but I wanted to tell you just how much you have helped so far. The lessons have greatly improved my skills, but even more my confidence.

I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference you're making, (in case you ever get to questioning your life while sitting behind a screen). Keep up the great work. I look forward to honing my skills as we go along.

Tristan Monroe
Tristan Monroe

Hi Trav, I am 44 years old, love boxing but never had the balls to stand up for myself.  I have been watching your videos for a while and had my 1st street fight a week ago.

I am very proud to say that I threw the overhand right set-up from the bob and weave course and knocked the guy straight out (and then all his friends S#$% themselves and backed off).

Thank you so much for your lessons and I guarantee no one is ever going to mess with me again!  Thank you Trav.

Ace McDermott
Ace McDermott

Trav, So there I was, yesterday, the sole occupant of an elevator in a Seattle hotel. Suddenly, almost without warning or forethought, I broke into a some quick head movement reps. The audience of my subconscious cheered as I slickly dodged and slipped punches from an opponent much larger than the ectomorph that is yours truly. Triumphant, the 7th floor suddenly appeared in front of me, and I continued my day as if I had not just wore the hell out of a vicious opponent in the elevator.

Rick Weldner

Loving the course, Trav. Movement in general is something I need to work on and so far I would say that this course has already made a positive difference in my game.  I’m a big guy, so elusiveness is essential for me and I’ve never taken the time to develop it specifically. So thank you for giving me the tools to use in my spare time and work on it specifically at home.

Kyler Stewart

Hey Trav, I'm a fourth year nursing student and just got into your Head Movement mp3 a couple months ago. I was working a shift at the hospital and had the opportunity to work with a patient who had unpredictable violent tendencies. There were a couple occasions where he would spontaneously throw a punch or spit at my face, particularly when my hands were full with syringes or meds of some kind. My mind was thoroughly blown when my body just seemed to instinctively move out of the way, and I was able to control the situation or get the hell out of there. Thanks for saving my face man!

Travis H

The Head Movement stuff works like a charm in my local MMA gym. I hardly ever get caught anymore and I counter pretty good for only being in it a year.

Brandon Eldred

Hi Trav it’s Vinny from Bolton I won my boxing match on points and the head movement coarse really helped me as I hardly got hit over the whole three rounds I really enjoyed the whole experience but it was a long day as I was fight 28 next to last fight but a wind a win eh 🤼‍♂️

Vincent Raynor

(Even More Head Movement Testimonials)

  • Trav, Definitely enjoying the vid series on not getting hit. The two things I learned about myself day 1 of MMA training were that I love the sport and that I really don't like getting hit. Fight while not getting punched all the time is pretty much my favorite thing to do. While I was able to do this with moderate success by simply moving my head like you recommend as often as possible, the tight movements and specific muscle groups you cover were exactly what I needed to defend with more intent and less effort - and look cool as hell in the process.
    Andrew G
  • I've been doing the Head Movement and Striking workouts in combination for about three weeks. All this ducking, bobbing and core rotation work caused by the routines you created are causing at least two side effects.  Firstly, I'm starting to get ridges across my obliques and they are starting to appear on my abs, and secondly, my love handles have disappeared.
  • "The Head Movement Program” is freakin' awesome. I'm a U.S. Marine yet still could improve on fighting. The instruction is very detailed and clear. Explained so that you will understand the concept of every technique. This layout builds confidence by repetition. The more time you spend on each technique, the smoother and quicker you become. Throw on music and do the techniques in front of a mirror to encourage good form and explosiveness. Devote time to this excellent presentation over months and you will advance to a new level of readiness as a warrior.
    Chris Salazar
  • Hey Trav, I love the program.  It's the only thing that I use for fitness and it keeps me in good shape. I can feel the movements happening really fluidly, and the only hard part is that it's kind of hard to be creative when linking slips, ducks, and bobs. Your magical-combination-maker thing helps guys like me get through the lack of head movement creativity, and I really dig it. Aside from that, you're a funny dude, thanks for not being dry and s***ty! Thanks for making this program, and keep the awesomeness comin' brother!
    Cisco Franyutti
  • I can highly recommend the Head Movement Training program. Trav is a great coach who breaks down each slip step-by-step. Through a comprehensive training routine, he builds those skills which will make you as slippery as snot and make you a devastating counter puncher. You need very little equipment; just a mirror, a piece of rope, skipping rope and pool noodles…yes I said pool noodles. If you have ever wanted to slip like Mike Tyson, this revolutionary program will teach you those skills, all you have to do is to apply the knowledge. I'm currently running through it for a second time to sharpen up my skills the Head Movement Training program is a great value for the money and great fun too.
    Sean Austin
  • Dude I need so much work still! I want to say thank you!!! I was ducking more shots than ever, as you can see I could have ducked a few more 🙂 I really was listening to your mp3 bobbing and weaving literary every day and doing the work outs in between my regular training. Thanks dude :-). My balance and foot work was better than ever, but still needs more work only my forth fight! 😉
    Jesus Morales
  • Hi Trav, I’m Giuseppe from Italy. I just used your training for Head Movement some times and I've already seen some results. Thank you a lot. I’m going to do it with the heavy bag, and thanks to your videos I’m improving my English. Thank you a lot bró!
    Giuseppe Cea
  • Dear Trav, Thank you for your excellent products. I already purchased your Head Movement and Striking Dojo programs, I absolutely love them. They coincide perfectly with the coaching that I'm getting from my professional trainers. They are truly well put together, easy to follow, and excellent programs that inter-mingle perfectly with the training I'm getting. They are excellent at sharpening my skills significantly! It's great to be able to watch the videos and listen to them when I'm sitting comfortably in my home; then I rehearse and visualize the movements in my mind over and over. And finally, I put them to use at the gym and mixed along with the training I get from my coaches your videos have significantly boosted my skills in many ways. Thank you.
  • Hi Trav! I'm an Italian boy and it's been so difficult for me to understand what u say in training…but since I learned I understood how good and hard it is. I'm learning a lot with your Head Movement course. I love what u are doing, keep doing it man. U helping people to learn how to stand up for themselves! Good man!
    Ivano Rivellino
  • Hey Trav, Hope you are having a good time with your family & son & thank you that Head Movement Program. It is very effective, I am making my sparring partners miss every punch thank you!!
    Cesar Salas
  • Trav, I was in the garden with my autistic son this afternoon and he moved a tree to a different location. Inside the large tree pot was a heavy post digging bar. My kid tilted the tree and the post came toward my head straight on – not sure why, but I instinctively slipped and it just scraped my skull behind the ear. Just a minor headache now and some shock wondering how I avoided major injury. Oh, and a good story to tell. No shit, one inch more to the right and I would have been F***** up! THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR HEAD MOVEMENT PROGRAM!
  • I purchased your head movement program for my son (17) months ago. He was jumped by some idiots at a New Year’s Eve party that wanted to steal his phone and money. He avoided major injury by remembering and utilizing techniques from your program and took 0 hits to the face and was able to get away from the situation (with all his belongings). Thank You and God bless you and your family.
  • Hey Trav these videos are awesome man. My footwork is more fluid and my head movement has improved just need to keep drilling and try it when I spar. Thanks pal I appreciate the help.
    Gurdip Singh  
  • Hi Trav, Just a few words to thank you (hoping my poor English will be enough...) I started your Head Movement Training in September and watched all your videos many times...Just what I was searching for! Techniques Very very well explained, not only the "HOW TO" but also "WHY"! Man... You are very good at your work, really!  I followed your program with religious respect and began with the Training, I trained, trained, trained...Now I'm feeling like my legs begin to dance every time I slip, I duck, I U slip... I begin to feel myself more relaxed and my movements just begin to be more automatic I will carry on with my training, your program is dynamite! I just want to really THANK YOU for your effort to create all these good stuff greetings from Switzerland!
    Davide Tomasetti
  • Hey Trav! I started watching your videos about a week ago and I loved em. I practiced hooks, crosses and kicks on my heavy bag. My dad helped me when I practiced leg locks. I found your videos interesting and educational. I’ve even applied stuff I learned. At school (yes, I'm 14) some dude started fighting with my sister. I approached and asked "What's the problem?" and then he started saying things like "I will crush you" etc. I didn't want any trouble, so I tried to talk to him. Then suddenly, he hit my sister! (He's 16 tho.)Then he tried to hit me, but I remembered stuff that you have taught me. I slipped and he missed. And again .And again. Then I hit him with a left hook and a few crosses. It seemed like they were ineffective against him. So I kicked him in the kneecap. He grabbed his leg, so I used my chance-I hit him in the face with my heel!!! He started bleeding and he fell "asleep" :P. So yeah, now everyone looks at me like I'm a hero-thanks to you! I mean like, YOU ARE AWESOME! P.S.-U r the best. I will continue watching your videos! Thanks for everything.
    Phillip Buba
  • I'm a 17 year old and your training saved me.  One day a drunk dude at Winn Dixie tried taking my wallet and he tried to hit me. I slipped it and hit him and he was down for the count. I thank you mate you’re a good guy.
  • Hey there Travis, Let me start with some serious gratitude: thanks! I'm a peace-living old guy (62) who minds his own business; but three days ago, a guy half my age with at least 125 pounds on me attacked me as I was leaving the fucking grocery store. This jerk cornered me; asked what my fucking problem was; and when I told him that my only problem was him jumping in my face, he shoved off directly in my chest--both hands with all the force he could leverage. I regained my balance without falling; and when I got stable, I went to work. I beat him down. I punched him when he advanced. I slipped, ducked, and dodged every blow he threw--except for the right-handed haymaker he threw immediately after "sucker-shoving" me. And that one only grazed the left side of my jaw to no effect because I was able to party evade it by moving my head. When he tried to take me down by driving for my legs, I jumped back and shoved him straight down to the ground. When he got up, I knocked him down with a straight left, and a right hook. As he went down, he was able to grab my jacket and pull me down. As I fell forward, I smashed the fucker in the middle of his face with my right elbow. We tussled, I came out on top, but I got up quickly because he had too much of a weight advantage. When we were both back on our feet, he came me with some kind of a little-sister right jab, and I realized, this SOB is out of gas! I raised my open hands above my head, and said, "I don't want to fight you, sir." The guy is huffing for air and damn near stumbling over, but he comes back with, "Oh, now that you gave me a bloody nose, you don't fucking wanna fight." Truth is he was bleeding from above his right eye, the bridge of his nose, from inside his nose, and maybe from his mouth. At that point, I could have taken the guy apart. However, instead, I hustled around his attempts to get at me, gathered my groceries, cap, and glasses from the ground, and left the store parking lot. The fight lasted about 90 seconds, but I can only remember about 10 or 15 seconds, and that's what I shared above. I sprained my left thumb, but my right hand is jacked up: Knuckles badly scraped and still swollen after 3 days. I don't have a training partner, so I "shadow train" using your programs, MP3's, and videos as my "simulated partner/Sensei."
  • Hey Trav, I just wanted to say thanks and "nice bonus" on the Philly Shell/Mayweather Defense seminar. I don't know if you promoted that in the Head Movement course pitch e-mails, but I don't remember seeing it. Anyway, awesome. I'm going to enjoy digging into this. I am generally much more comfortable in a "traditional boxer" stance, and sort of gravitate towards the Tyson/peekaboo thing, but my Taekwondo instructor is insisting on a stance that is basically for all intents and purposes a "Philly Shell" (to protect the ribs from sidekicks and such). I was thinking how uncomfortable the transition was going to be, how much I don't like it, etc., and boom, there's your seminar in my Head Movement course. Nice timing! Gregg
  • Trav, Just to let you know I have already purchased the Head Movement program on my mums computer and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve been boxing/doing Muay Thai for 6 years now. I have had a number of amateur Muay Thai/ a few boxing bouts, live spars and a contests, but now i have shifted my focus to boxing. Personally, I have always felt I have won my fights by sheer power and good footwork but recently I realized that I needed more skills in order to improve. So, I bought a cheap double-end bag and your program. Since then, my progress has shot through the roof after only 4 days of your great teachings. Although I’m not even close to finishing it, practicing techniques like the u-slip plyometric and dip-slip plyometric have already given me great counter-punches to add to my repertoire. Thank you so much.
    Jude Lane
  • Dear Trav, I'm sure I've emailed you before on how swickedly swepic (sweet, wicked, epic) you are but if I haven't then I'm telling you right now you are a complete wizard dude. After watching your Bob and Weave videos I actually have been practicing your lessons and now the lean back and the slip are almost automatically programmed in my brain. Though I need more help working my footwork and distance and learning new dodges, I definitely feel myself becoming more and more awesome by the second and closer to greatness than ever before. I sadly cannot learn martial arts like I want to since, for one, I am WAAAAYYYY too far from a gym, and two, my fam says I'll just quit but I've been teaching myself how to strike, block, move, and thanks to you, dodge. So thank you Trav for being an awesomely swicked online coach to the masses and I hope you keep doing what you do best. Sincerely From Your Future UFC Champion,
    Javoris Johnson
  • Ringside world boxing tournament was held in Kansas City Mo this year. I was able to attend and fight in the master division of USA boxing. I stepped up at the last minute from heavyweight to super heavyweight to fill a fight they needed set up. I had to gain a few lbs for weigh in to make min of 202. I was able to win with a stoppage in the second round for a TKO. I came home with the title and a very nice championship belt. What I wanted to let you know is how much help your training videos have been. I just purchased the head movement video prior to the fight and it was a great help. Love your passion for the sport. Keep up the good work. Thanks,
    Henry Stamper
  • I'm watching you today 12 clips. 2 days ago, I tried using head movement with my friends- who train in boxing and others kinds, I got them miss any punch. I was interested. Your program is so good. Thank you, Trav.
    Qua Long
  • Hi Trav, Just want to say a quick thank you. I'm boxing in a White Collar Boxing event here in the UK in aid of Cancer Research UK soon. Never boxed before but always been a big fan. After seeing your head movement video on YouTube...I was hooked. I've purchased the Head Movement MP3 and have watched pretty much every video you have put out there. My movement already has my training colleagues baffled and I'm feeling pretty smug about myself. So...not so quick really, but thank you. Thanks once again,
    Andrew 'Here Comes The Boom' Fellows
  • Hey Trav my name is Bryn, I’m 17 years old. Last week I got into a fight at a carnival. I didn't start it but anyways, the other guy was throwing punches like crazy and didn't land one thanks to your Bobbing and Weaving videos. Then I executed a jab followed by a double leg takedown and just started pounding him into the ground... Thanks for saving my ass with your videos
    Bryn Sciranko
  • Hey Trav, I'd just like to say that you inspire me. You've helped me learn to dodge punches and not get hit in the face...the person even got fed up and just had enough and walked away. I didn't even have to hit them back. I bet you've helped other people too and I hope you have a good one. Many thanks,
    Chantelle Doyle
  • Today I was walking home with my girlfriend and we were jumped by 3 guys. I was able to fight them off using your Power Punch technique and the Bob and Weave technique, thanks a lot man, really saved my ass.  I’ve been a fan for a while and I knew it would pay off, thanks man. I appreciate what you do for us, keep doing what you're doing! Peace.
    Joe Avery Jones
  • Thank you Trav and this program is absolutely amazing. Forever grateful I bought it and when I make it in professional boxing I’ll be sure to spread your name everywhere. God bless
    Aaron B
  • G'day Trav, Mate I wanted to say how much I enjoy your program. I have had it for almost a year. I am almost three months post op (shoulder/bicep) and I have started using the program again. It has been great for getting back to training. It has forced me to focus on techniques that I would normally neglect. I can slip and dip, U-slip and follow through on the movement in my own way without f***ing my shoulder. I am ex-army serving 16 years in the Australian army, yes we have one. I help run a boxing gym in Sydney. I have even gotten in the ring and sparred with a mate, we took it easy due to me being a sook about my shoulder but I just slipped and dipped, I was nowhere near unhittable, but I could clearly see an improvement. I have passed your program on to a few of the boys from the army and they are enjoying it as they can take it anywhere and train in the field. Can't think of much that I could suggest to improve things. So from this 41 year old army veteran, thanks mate. Thanks for the info, thanks for understanding what people might need to know, thanks for the time and effort you must go through improving your brand and getting it out there. Take care mate Regards
    Geoff Janson

The Knife Defense Mastery Course

The Ultimate Defense Against Edged Weapons


Your knife fighting instruction is brilliant as it is practical. I love it. In the army we have a acronym called K.I.S.S or 'keep it simple stupid'. The fewer moves the better in a knife fight. As my grandfather used to say, "the first guy to die loses".

You should get a military contract for this, or put in for one as we don't practice this form of combat in hand to hand. This is powerful stuff."

-Master Sergeant Ryan Meeks

This is hands down the BEST freaking knife course I have ever watched. I actually understand what is happening and what to expect. It’s like when I sat through all four hours of Kenneth Branagh’s full unabridged production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Long yes, but it moved really fast because I understood what the hell was happening. Nothing important is left out.

(Note: I have watched a lot of knife fighting lessons on Funker Tactical with Doug Marcaida. Those left me feeling mystified. Your course leaves me feeling like, Yes! I can do this.)

Now I am excited to practice what you have taught. Well worth the purchase. In fact I think I stole it at $77


Hey, Trav. Just purchased your Knife Defense course. Totally impressed by your (scientific) approach to determining what REALLY works from what doesn't. You, sir, are a national treasure. Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your knowledge and skills. Well worth the investment.



I've trained Krav with a very highly ranked guy out of the LA KM Alliance (which is a zombie cult) The reason I bring this up is I asked specifically about a Sewing Machine Defense and none exists in KM. I then asked an Israeli IDF KM guy the same question and he elliptically referred to the Military versus Civilian KM, and basically said we teach that you WILL be cut, no matter what, blah blah blah.

I'm just getting into the course and it's way superior to ANYTHING I've seen. Hopefully, others pick up on what you've been doing, and you get the credit that you deserve for what you've accomplished.

Keep 'em coming, if you want some kind of endorsement someplace, let me know where it needs to go."


-Michael Muscaro

Hi Trav,

I just wanted to fire off a quick email and say how glad I am I invested in your Knife course material. It is a rare thing to find a teacher who simply wants to share good quality material with the only intent being to develop the student. So far I am reviewing the Knife Mastery and the Head Movement course and the material is pure gold!

Thank you,


Hey Trav,

Great program, I love it. Your perspective is real world and includes everything: striking, throwing, positioning etc. Coming from a traditional Jiu Jitsu system, it looks and feels very traditional which is why I love it. You bring traditional combative martial arts principles and tactics into the modern world, which is freakin cool.
Thanks again, and it helps that your entertaining. Now off to teach and throw some youngsters around in my kids classes.
Thanks for doing this, I think it's awesome.

- Charles Orchard, Total Ryu Martial Arts Inc

So far I think it is great. I expected just a few videos, but was very happy to see that the whole course is already laid out and the videos are super detailed. One was like 30 min long! I have recently started training with the BJJ and Judo with the gi, so the lessons on isolating the knife I thought were very effective and easy to learn. I also feel like combining this with your footwork lessons and adding in the FMA lessons for situational awareness are also a great help. Overall I’m still trying to take everything in and get in as many reps as possible, but so far I love the program. Well worth the money!


You have made me a crazy person, I have ordered my first ever rubber knife. I have someone to practice with gently. I am very excited, I wish I had someone to throw and wrestle, but no takers so far. I want to try some of the take downs. It’s excellent stuff. It’s the most friendly, kind spirited training to kick the snot out of attackers ever.

Thanks Trav


From what I’ve seen of the Knife Defense course, there is nothing like it! I mean it! Usually self defense systems and techniques (especially weapon defense) are very unrealistic and very dangerous for the defender. I really like how you took the MMA formula and applied it to knife defense. The course is very good, high quality and down to earth. Even now I feel safer if I am to get attacked with a knife hahaha. I really appreciate the material you put out man, keep up the good work!


Hi Trav
I wanted to give you some feedback on your excellent Knife Defense mastery course. As usual your courses are based on reality and practical application and the points about grip and knife retraction are sound advice. I must admit from what I have seen so far I will be changing how I teach knife defense going forward and it has opened my eyes to the potential brutal consequences of ineffective techniques taught by well intentioned instructors inside laboratory conditions who in reality are not equipping their students for a real life confrontation.

Kindest regards

So far I love the course, I just need to convince someone to join me in training this. I still have a lot of content to crunch thru, but I’m sure it’s on point as usual.

Also kudos for continually delivering top quality content in your videos, I genuinely appreciate the effort. From the business side of things I enjoy seeing the attention to detail in the content that matters.


Hi Trav,

I am working my way through your Knife Defense course and there's so much sense to what I’ve seen so far, even though I have no striking experience. I’m only a 4 stripe blue belt in jitz, but I like to think it gives me some slightly honed bull detection abilities.

The lesson plan and the collecting of skills is definitely what keeps me interested in training jitz. I applied your hand check/jab (from the down thrust knife position) to jitz sparring in the gi and I’ve been nailing their sleeve straight into an arm drag or a trip! Results there 🙂

Ignoring my waffle, love the vids, editing, humor etc. and the fact that you obviously love teaching, it comes across all the better in the content. Amazing stuff, can’t wait to start drilling

All the best to you mate,


Your Knife Fighting instruction is as brilliant as it is practical, I love it. In the army we have an acronym called K.I.S.S or keep it simple stupid. The fewer moves the better in a knife fight. As my grandfather used to say "I never did like you", wait not that one ummmm oh ya.."the first guy to die loses".


I made it through the course for the first time to familiarize myself with the material. Now I am ready to start partner training. I love the material, great job as always.


Hey, Trav! I have a couple of things I wanted to ask you about, but first things first: I am enamored with this Knife Defense course so far even being only a few videos in. I can't wait to dive into the rest of this as time allows.


Hey, I gotta tell ya, I’m not a fighter but I’ve studied martial arts since I was a kid (I’m 52 now). My black belt, and most of my time, has been studying Ed Parker’s American Kenpo. I love it and have felt it is the most practical MA I’ve studied.  The instructor at our particular school remains traditional requiring extensive Kenpo knowledge for black belt testing as well as a Jiu Jitsu requirement and some Kung fu for completeness.  However, even with that and sparing, I’ve always felt there was something missing. 

YOU’VE PROVIDED THE COMPLETENESS! THE KEY! THE MISSING PIECE! YOU ARE THE MISSING LINK! The combination of your real life experience, with essentially scientific testing, in full speed attacks is absolutely brilliant! It seems like such an obvious concept yet you were the first to do it!  I have simplified my Kenpo techniques for my son and added your stuff! 

Excellent job and thanks!


This course revolutionizes Knife Defense. It basically clears out all the crap you see on the internet and teaches you stuff that works in many situations.


Hi Trav

I just wanted to offer feedback on your knife defense mastery course. It's excellent. As usual your courses are based on reality and practical application.

I must admit from what I have seen so far I will be changing how I teach knife defense going forward and it has opened my eyes to the potential brutal consequences of ineffective techniques taught by well intentioned instructors, inside laboratory conditions, who in reality are not equipping their students for a real life confrontation.

Kindest regards,

7th Dan

Hey Trav,

I’m really amazed by this knife defense course so far. I actually quit training in a traditional knife fighting martial art a few years ago when I realized that none of the stuff worked if the other guy didn’t play along, but my sparring partners and I practiced some of your techniques and they actually worked, even when the other guy really didn’t want them to work.

Good stuff man! I'm really impressed."

-David Whitacre

Hi Trav!

Just wanted to drop a line or two to say thank you: the course is amazing and you guys did a huge job. I especially like the way you approached the problem with a lot of empirical testing.

I’m a total newbie in martial arts but very committed in order to get the basics right enough to defend my family and don’t get murdered in case of need.

For non-experienced people like me, these courses are just great! Same holds true for the head movement program, which I completed last year (dude, I lost 17 Kg and got finally battle ready during the last 12 months and you were a very relevant part of this, I cannot say thank you enough!)

Take care and keep up with the amazing work!



Hey Trav,

Hopefully you have opened people's eyes as to how the other martial arts moves and catches don't work. I don't think there has been anybody else who is doing what your doing and for that I salute you, well done. What motivated you to do all of this testing, and put this together? It's excellent.

Once again keep up the great work.

-Don Ramirez

This course is great man. When I tested it, I was able to avoid anything fatal and counter with the few lessons I’ve seen. Knife defense is ugly but I like your approach, as usual. This course really shines when you mix it with other courses though. The striking course and leg lock course makes me feel totally confident in my skill to punch someone’s lights out and keep them down. All we need now is an actual arm locks course 😉


I viewed the entire Knife program and I’m glad I did. Your research into the best and simplest moves and techniques are worth viewing and practicing time and time again. I'm so glad I purchased the Knife video and now I'm finally able to start viewing Fighting Bigger People. Unfortunately; I'm not a young buck anymore and turning 54 this month I'm now getting arthritis in the knees. These techniques are great for my limited mobility (No deep squatting or lunging).

I also want to say your humor makes these video enjoyable to watch along with attached real-life situation videos that explain in detail how to avoid being slashed or stabbed. Every Martial Artist, regardless of their system, needs to incorporate these videos into their arsenal. They are simple and tested for all to see.

Thank you so much for your time and effort in putting these together.


I just finished the Knife Self Defense course and I have to say that you really outdid yourself this time. This course was absolutely stellar! It’s very clear and easy to see that lots of work and effort was put into it. I absolutely loved how you left no stone unturned in the Knife Defense game.

I like how the course is set up with 4 parts covering each subject and using American football techniques in order to have a functional advantage was very clever. Overall it was a lot of fun to watch and learn. It really did live up to the hype and then some.

The conclusions you put are always heartwarming and I always look forward to them. I feel much safer against a knife attack now than before as long as I keep practicing everything I learned. These videos completely shift the conversation about knife defense to a completely new angle, the same way you did with multiple attackers. Instead of saying it can’t be done, now we are saying it can and here’s the proof.

Well done, Trav!


I love the Knife Self Defense program so far. I have trained in Krav Maga. They they teach to block and strike at the same time, but that’s where the similarities end. Some of the knife defense lessons that I learned from Krav Maga did not make me feel comfortable. If I was ever in a situation where a person is attacking me with a knife, I would pick your training to save my life.

I have purchased many of your programs because they make sense. Thank you for creating this program. On hand to hand fighting and defense your lessons are much better than anything I’ve tried before. I know that de-escalation is the goal, and for the last 18 years it has worked for me. If I do need to fight and defend myself or my family I know that I can fight smart.

Thank you!


Hi Trav!

I’m halfway through part 1 of the knife defense course. It is amazing and you guys did a huge job. I especially like the way you approached the problem with a lot of empirical testing.

I’m a total newbie in martial arts but very committed in order to get the basics right enough to defend my family and not get murdered in the process.

For non-experienced people like me, your long format courses like the Knife Defense one are just great! Same holds true for the Head Movement program, which I completed last year. I lost 17 Kg and got finally battle ready during the last 12 months and you were a very relevant part of this, I cannot say thank you enough! Take care and keep up with the amazing work!


I've trained Krav 2 separate times. Turns out I quit in both schools after 18 months or so because I got bored with it. (YouTube Rhon Mizrahi for kicks.) To get to my point my last KM Head Instructor is very highly ranked out of the LA KM Alliance. The reason I bring this up is I asked specifically about a Sewing Machine Defense and none exists in KM. I then asked an Israeli IDF KM guy the same question and he referred to the Military versus Civilian KM, and basically said we teach that you WILL be cut, no matter what. I'm just getting into the course and its way superior to ANYTHING I've seen.
Keep 'em coming.


I'm really enjoying your course. I've done competitive fencing; mostly epee (no right of way rules just poking the whole body), and saber (the  poking-slashing weapon).  Sure, fencing is a sport and as such lacks the realism of a true free-for-all fight, but the distancing and the feints and the parries are all there.

Thanks for putting all of this amazing information.


Hey Trav,

I’ve practiced self defense for about three years and the dojo I attend has quite a focus on knife defense. However, after having completed your course on Knife Defense I honestly can state that now for the first time I understand what is important in a dynamic knife defense situation. You provide a great concept that is simple, easy-to-understand, easy-to-practice, and effective. For sure it was not the last time I will go through your course.

I have been a fan of fight smart since I completed your Head Movement program. And I liked the Knife Defense course so much I finally ordered some fight smart t-shirts. I was hesitating because the shipping cost to Germany would cause a major hole in my retirement plan. Great course! Thank you! I hope you will sell a lot of stuff and get obscenely rich!

Have a good time!

Trav’s system of Knife Defense may not be thousands of years old like some popular systems, but he has sure done his homework. He developed this course based not on tradition, but on real world research as well as lots of hands on experience, In doing so, he has shown the weakness of so much of the knife defense training being touted by the “experts”. This is a great practical course, taught by a gifted, funny & experienced teacher that could very well save your life.


As a Martial Artist and self defense enthusiast I have been looking for a realistic knife defense guide for a long time. I have seen many teachers of Krav Maga, Kali and others teaching knife defense. I am not going to say they didn’t work although they didn’t work for me well. I am a guy who believes in sparring (slow & hard). For me if I can’t use a technique in sparring, then I can’t use it in a fight. Here Trav’s “Knife Defense Mastery Program” Shines. He teaches “Non Committal” defense against knife attacks in this course so that you can react to their tricks and fakes, which is much more realistic for a knife attack. The “Full Committal” defense that the others teach always got me stabbed in sparring sessions because if they’re tricking or faking, your defense is all in at that point and they’ve got you.
I wanna give Trav a “HUUUGGE Thanks” for taking time to think about this course and produce it. This course is the most realistic course for knife defense I have ever seen.


Leg Locks

Instantly Ending Fights With Leg Destruction


I am a skinny 58 year old goat. I had the opportunity this weekend to cut a young bull down to size a bit. I took a shot at his front leg, grabbed a heel hook, and made him scream and surrender. Man it felt good! I had a talk with him about “mutual respect” before letting him back up. One of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you for making these techniques available to people like myself.

Andre S.
Andre S.

Thank you my good man for supplying us with videos to make us awesome! I really like your stuff and I am enjoying the Leg Lock videos with Dan Fisher.  I am catching a lot of guys in our gym with stuff no one has seen.


I must say thank you. You have kept me safe and will keep me safe in the future; the Leg Lock course is magnificent. I have let the river of brutality flow I might be 16 and still in high school but most certainly impressed a girl and will keep her safe as well. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.


This Leg Lock course was fantastic! I find different details almost every time I watch the videos. I'm sure I'll be watching them for years to come. I would love something similar on ways to take the back. 🙂

Thanks again for the great material!


I've been enjoying your course so far. I like to go slow and make sure I'm developing it into my memory. It's been easy to follow. I can readily apply these moves to my grappling dummy. Thanks for all the training info you've been providing me. Keep on making more.

Thanks again,


Hey Trav

Your Leg Lock Course was one of the best things to happen to me for a long time! A game changer for my whole grappling approach, I would say. Yes, I admit it, I’m one of these Wing Chun guys with 10 years plus training. But in my defense, it’s the way you train I think is important. So I practice in a MMA environment and do no gi grappling too.

I’m around 156 lbs. and the main guys I roll with are 198 lbs. and more. I think you can imagine the looks they gave me in the past, when I was trying to put a leg lock on them. Now things have changed and they keep watching their legs much more than before. The best thing is that I start to see opportunities. When in a bad situation, just looking for that leg or foot that is within. And to say, your mount escape ( to leg lock ) is awesome.

If you planned some more grappling courses with Dan Fisher, I think I’m gonna buy them too.

Cheers and Thanks


Hi Trav

As usual your stuff works bro. I accidentally used it whilst working on the doors this weekend, where I ended up on my a** lol.

I shot straight back on my knees with a takedown and boom the lock was in. Before I knew that was the end of it, the guy was screaming - luckily I didn't tear his kneecap apart but there was enough pain and fright to stop him right there without going to blows.



Hey Travis,
I'm really glad I bought the Leg Lock course. This has some amazing techniques to completely cripple your attacker. Keep up the great work.


The Leg Lock course is an amazing course filled with not only the fundamentals and basics of leg locks as advertised--but it was so great I wanted to drop a line to give my testimony that this course is the most complete compilation of knowledge when it comes to attacking the lower-body that I've ever seen in one place. Not to mention most of these things, I've never seen AT ALL. I love MMA and have trained Jiu-Jitsu, both gi and no gi, and it's amazing how nearly all MMA gyms have ignored and continue to ignore pretty much all lower body attacks even though they are SUCH quick fight enders.

Since going through this course, I've pulled off several of these moves with partners and let me say this, they have NO IDEA what's going on or what to do. Even some of the best guys I've rolled with only know how to lazily roll-out of a standard knee-bar. Get this course, drill it, and you will start owning folks left and right.



I really enjoyed the course. I had never been exposed to leg locks because the BJJ/kickboxing/Krav Maga classes won’t focus on them because they are too "dangerous to train". I feel like a whole new world has been opened to me and I’ve been using this stuff to create all kinds of havoc on my training partners. Thanks again man. This is well worth the money.

PS. Love the striking stuff you do too. Feel free to drop another MP3 for your boy. I use the olds ones couples time a week.

James McCreary
James McCreary

Hey Trav,

Firstly I'd like to thank you for putting together such an awesome set of online courses. I first discovered you a while back through your Head Movement video and the other free videos you had put out on YouTube. I then signed up to receive some of your bonus videos and receive your emails. Recently I purchased your Leg Lock and supplemental Striking Dojo courses. I must say, I'm really happy with both of them.

I'm also extremely stoked because I've managed to finally assemble a small squad (3 + me) of my close personal defense minded (violent) friends to train on a weekly basis. This first session was great. We spent a bit of time hitting pads as well as drilling some choke defense and a few moves a couple of us had learned in Krav Maga classes. I then had them watch the first leg lock video, about escaping mount and going into a heel hook. It was great to be able to watch the video and then drill the moves. This is a very effective way to learn.


There’s only one word - Awesome!! I like your fresh approach to training in general whether it is the Striking courses or this Leg Lock course!!

My background is Sambo and we did a ton of leg locks, but the variations that Dan and you taught are just awesome!! My new go to moves are the knee separator from the guard and my fav of all time figure four leg tie up after a double or single leg takedown!!

I’m looking forward to some more training vids



Hi Trav,

This Leg Lock course is a great! If I had all the instincts, time and training partners needed, I would have already tried to impart this wisdom at the dojo where I study. I can see this being valuable in almost any curriculum focusing on ground fighting. Thanks for putting this together.



Hi Trav

The Leg Locks is a GREAT course. Your videos are always great to watch and the course is pretty easy to learn. Your videos are detailed and practical. I have even tried some moves on a friend with whom I train different self defense techniques. Your Leg Locks course techniques have given me a great advantage over him even if he is taller and heavier. It’s worth every single dollar I have paid.

Best Regards,


Hey Trav,
I have been extremely happy with the content you put out in the Leg Lock course! I've learned more about leg locks in this course than in my two years of training BJJ. Its crazy how many opportunities there are that we just don't recognize! I stopped training for a while but after getting this I am hyped to start again and try some of these nasty finishes out! Thanks again and keep doing what you are doing!


Hi Trav!

Your Leg Lock course is a bloody ripper!

Thank you!



I love your stuff. I’ve purchased your Leg Lock series and it is awesome. It works really well for someone like me who has four kids, works 50 hours a week, travels a lot with work, and can’t get to a BJJ or MMA gym but can get a training partner once or twice a week. You pack a lot of information into your stuff and your videos are entertaining to watch.



I just finished the Leg Lock program after about 7 months of training. It is an amazing course; it’s very comprehensive and complete. I couldn't find a partner willing to take the chance to practice these moves with a beginner, so I used a Jiu-Jitsu dummy. But this allowed me to practice the moves hundreds and hundreds of times as hard as possible. It's to the point where the Fischer figure four to heel hook is almost automatic. It's good to know that if a fight ever comes my way, I can grab a foot and it end it quickly and brutally.

And now on to the Fighting Larger Opponents program.



The Striking Dojo

Creating Elite Strikers, Step-by-Step

All the way from Australia. I have my first kickboxing match coming up in 2 weeks and l am improving every training session with your videos. Thanks a heap mate. Keep up the good work.

Your mate,

-Daniel Aiossa

The methods in your striking course are mind blowing.  I never knew about elastic recoil. I was just checking out your videos and then I went outside to work on the bag. I've never seen it swing that much and I can't imagine how much more power and speed I could add if I worked out harder and had stronger muscles better suited for punching. I hope I learn a lot 🙂 Thank you for being funny and entertaining, and helping me.  I hope everyone finds your courses.

-Asdsad Adsad

I have done three of your courses in part because you have trained with Oleg Taktarov and Bas Rutten. These guys are legends to me.  Anyways anytime I add stuff to my training program that you post for free I buy the course.  So I’ve now bought this course as well as the Head Movement and Leg Lock course.  I honestly think that one of your single greatest videos is the footwork video, it should not be free.   Movement is like crack for me.  I took karate for about 10 years and always got blasted in the front leg.  Now, thanks to you, I can check leg kicks at will. My entire shadowboxing career is based on your stance.  I have read everything from Bruce Lee, James Keating, Joseph Simonet, Kelly McCann, William Cheung, and the list goes on.  However, my practice centers around what you teach.  This is as much as a compliment I can give any man.  Keep the stuff coming there are guys in the garage training what you teach. Such is the gift of mobility a curse on karate’s 70/30 stance.

-Jeremy Kosc

The program is exactly what I wanted. It's instructive and it generates a great workout. I found your videos on YouTube and became more interested in learning Boxing and Muay Thai. I did some basic boxing in high school, so I have some idea of what I’m doing.

I'm learning several new techniques from your videos. I was trying to improve my hand speed but would never have associated hand speed with first step quickness - thanks for that.

I feel like I'm learning something new with each lesson and that's great for keeping me engaged. Again, the programs are well above my expectations

P.S. I can't believe how much they missed in my MMA classes.  I wish you could come out to CA and start a gym!


I've been using the Head Movement Program since early summer and I can now give you a more meaningful critique of your programs.

I have used many popular programs including fitness ones. These programs are good to excellent in their early stages. But once muscle memory takes hold, they become routine and then boring. I find your program to be an ongoing challenge. I can incorporate new combinations to both MP3 workouts based on the video lessons and it will take me years to master the combination of techniques, speed and force.

When compared to internet exercise programs you outperform your competition. Before buying the two programs from you, I tried
some free versions online and my fight gym online boxing lessons. The former is imbecilic and while my fight gym is better, the $9.99 monthly subscription fee is crazy. For what? You KO those two programs.

I live in Thailand and I wanted to test how much my skills developed from using your videos, so I went to a local Muay Thai gym. My trainer is a former fighter who now trains local boxers that fight mostly in Hua Hin and a couple in Bangkok - the Thai equivalent of Madison Square Garden.

The key difference between Trav’s training and the Muay Thai guy is you teach technique and the gym focuses on repetition. That said, when I forgot to counterbalance my kicks the Thai trainer corrected the mistake. When I finished my rear round house by stepping forward to move into my next strike, the Thai training made me return my leg to the stance position. I figured that's a difference between Muay Thai and kick boxing attacks.

The other criticisms of my performance came mostly from self-correction, though the trainer thought my boxing skills were excellent and that's due to your programs. I enjoyed the work in Thailand and I came away impressed by how much I have been able to learn from your videos. Great job and it continues to be fun. Thanks!

-H. Brian Goh

Hi Trav,

I'm currently working through the Striking Dojo. Thanks for putting together this excellent resource.

-Samir F

I just wanted to let you know I got the mp3 Striking Dojo course last week. I've done it a couple of times and I really enjoy it. I like that you've added some knees as well as kicks with this; it is a good workout.

Take it easy.

-Karen Hopkins

G'day mate William Tweed, owner & developer of Attack & Evade Boxing Techniques here. We’re a Boxing Club in South Australia. I wanted to let you know that we recently went to the state titles and won the novice light weight division. I have to say that your teaching style and knowledge has improved my own teaching qualities & scientific knowledge of the sport & human anatomy. It's always enjoyable watching how you deliver your tutorials; you're a straight shooter & entertaining.

This course should be required learning at every martial arts school.  Thank you for sharing it with us.

Keep on keeping on!

Kind Regards

-William (Bill) Tweed

Hi Trav,

I bought the Striking Dojo course and it has been well worth it. I have 27 years of martial arts experience but there is always something more that can be learned. I have already improved my hook, upper cut and roundhouse kick to the leg, all from studying your course and applying your teachingts. I'm glad I found your programs.




I'm an old guy (62) that decided to stick with your striking program. I practice what I see in your videos when I go to the gym. You make me laugh and you are passionate about what you do. I also like the legal aspects you talk to us about, for instance when you told us to try and avoid a fight in the first place and get the spectators on your side. You're helping old farts like me to kick ass.  Thanks man!

-Liam Cage

Hi Trav, I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your courses. I have been following the Striking Dojo for the past two months and I think I'm making great progress.

This is the best martial arts instruction that I've ever come across.

I bought the Head Movement mp3 a while back and I work on it a couple of times per week. I also have the Leg Locks course, but I've not yet had much time to really get onto it yet, although I'm very much looking forward to it.

I am completely new to all of this; I haven't been in a street fight since I was a kid, which I lost horribly.  Although I played ice hockey for 25 years, I tended to avoid the fighting part of it.  I had a couple of bigger boys to look after me :-D.  I'm really having fun learning the basics of striking and movement.

I wanted to move it up a notch and so I purchased the full Head Movement and Fighting Bigger People courses. I was very tempted to buy the Fighting Multiple Attackers as well, especially for the clinch and ground fighting, but unfortunately my credit card is now maxed out :-).  Hopefully I'll be able to help you with your taxes next year:-)

I'm just training at home alone at the moment but my 12 year old son is starting to show an interest, so I've been showing him a couple of moves.

Thanks so much for all your help. I love your coaching style and you never fail to make me laugh.


-Richard Cargill

Trav, I just wanted to say Thank You for putting together your site/business. I'm turning 44 years old this year. I've never been in a fight, yet something inside of me has always made me wonder how I'd do. I started Muay Thai classes on May 1st this year. When I started, I was so pleasantly surprised at these fighters/athletes! They were motivating, encouraging, helpful and wonderful people and they made it a very positive environment! I've also started working out a gym lifting weights. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Along with all that, I watch your videos nearly every day for education and motivation; and I enjoy your humor as well!

I have a wonderful marriage, family, home, business, vehicles, name it. I thought all those things were what I needed to be successful and happy life, but I never truly felt complete. Learning how to fight and getting into great physical shape has made me look at life in a whole new way! I'm getting more confident, I’m feeling better and I’m sleeping better. I'm dialing in on healthy eating and learning about nutrition. My outlook on life is so bright right now! And to you, I just wanted you to know you are a big part of that. Thank you!

Kind regards,


I may have told you I began looking at how to protect my wife and youngest daughter in public after watching how 4 punks attacked an out-of-town defenseless couple. The whole program is something as husbands we should want to watch and prepare to use to defend our families and ourselves. It can happen out of nowhere and we should be able to respond as if it is second nature. You have put together a complete package for offence and defense. I feel more confident, hopefully I won't hit like a girl! Each day I watch and add something new...point of attack, fight angles, blocking kicks, Joe Frazier moves, dipping, adjusting, backing up, etc. If someone like me can learn your fight techniques, anyone can. My best weapon is if someone looks at me and thinks I'm too old to fight!

~keep feeding your family and us on your FIGHTSMART program!


Hey Trav,

I just wanted to thank you again for the suggestions you had for us. Since we started working on your suggestions, the boy you helped us with has won 1st place in his division at two tournaments. None of his matches were even close. At the last one, he was challenged to fight a second-degree black belt and he is a green belt. He overwhelmed the kid and spent most of his time chasing him around the ring. At both tournaments he was warned by refs that he was too aggressive and was using too much power! That makes me especially happy 🙂 He's still more of a brawler than a boxer, but it's working for him for now.

Cody's parents are ecstatic to see their son go from an uncoordinated weakling to a competitive kickboxer in two years! He still has a long way to go, but he's cleaning up the 15-17 year-old division in the state. So, thank you, my friend. I hope your business is going strong.


Dear Trav,

Thank you for your excellent products. I already purchased your Head Movement and Striking Dojo programs and I absolutely love them. They coincide perfectly with the coaching that I'm getting from my professional trainers. They are truly well put together, easy to follow, and excellent programs that inter-mingle perfectly with my current training. They are excellent at sharpening my skills significantly! It's great to be able to watch the videos and listen to them when I'm sitting comfortably in my home; then I rehearse and visualize the movements in my mind over and over, then I put them to use at the gym. Your videos have significantly boosted my skills in many ways. Thank you.


How To Fight Bigger People

These Folks Have Become Slayers of The Massive

I've learned a ton so far in this program. Watched every video and am more than halfway through completing the drills. I am psyched to keep training this, and repeat, and ingrain it more. Through this training I am confident that I could win a fight with a much bigger and stronger opponent if necessary. I'm not by nature the most coordinated guy but by sticking to the techniques and drills in this program, by getting the form down through your awesome videos (and then doing a lot of repetition), I know I have improved dramatically... I will be very dangerous if I need to use this in a fight. Working this program makes me more psyched to get back into a dojo/gym again at some point to do more sparring. Looking forward to learning more from your website and your future programs. Best wishes with your new ninja tyke in training.

Erik Nielsen
Erik Nielsen

If you’re looking for realistic and devastatingly effective techniques to quickly end a fight, esp against larger opponents- this is it. I’ve trained and later taught a variety of martial arts over the years, and also purchased several instructional programs (in the early days of UFC). Fight Smart wins; not even a close match. Travis has a talent for teaching; no BS, but lots of humor. If you wanna learn how to kick butt in a street fight or to get submissions during training/match- this series will do it.

Gene Bolduc
Gene Bolduc

This program is worth 3X what I paid for it. Your hard work is very appreciated Trav. I'm purchasing the Head Movement Program and almost certainly any program you do in the future.

The horizontal elbow... Diabolically effective. Tonight I was sparring with a bigger opponent and I was doing a pretty good job of slipping his punches but he was getting frustrated and got a little aggressive, so he started moving in on me which was promptly halted by a well placed horizontal elbow to his solar plexus. He went down and stayed down for a couple of minutes... Damn it sucked to be him tonight! The thing is, the move was instinctual. I did not plan to do it, it's just a move I feel comfortable throwing at the heavy bag and it came so naturally tonight so the moral of the story is this: if I drill the techniques in the way you show, I know that they will be there when I need them. Thanks Trav


Trav, thank you very much for this program! Also thanks to everybody involved making it!  With quite some athletic background, it has been my first online course, and it helped me tremendously !  Breaking down every move was a big help for me, since at my MMA school, there´s not always the time. Also with my busy work schedule, family life and other obstacles, it`s perfect for me to be able to zigzag through the tutorials -- (and also mix them with the HM program or the free videos). So this all by itself was giving 100 % satisfactory -- but your strong communication skills and the unique and entertaining way in front of the camera made it even more inspiring -- excitement for the entire duration of that program -- ! the quality of your movements are amazing and are my aim for what to strive for - the ‘arts’ in ‘martial-arts’! It was a great experience!  thanks

Thomas M
Thomas M

Trav, just wanted say your program is awesome so far man. I got a chance to skim through the Week 4 vids and the 'Getting the most out of your movement' video was a total light bulb moment for me. I am a firm believer in this style... the destructive power of these moves is one of the reasons why I love to watch Tyson mess people up!


Trav, just a quick note to say that I'm absolutely loving your program - despite not being a more vocal member. Game changing stuff you are doing here; it is truly excellent stuff.

Mitchel McIntyre
Mitchel McIntyre

Your elusive workouts are not only effective for moving ones ass, but also great at building up muscles, ligaments and tendons that support my rather unfit frame!

Greg Golden
Greg Golden

If you have ever worried about Fighting Bigger People, then this is the program for you. Trav uses his expert knowledge in MMA to break down the most effective fight strategies, step-by-step, for the street and for the ring. Trav has built a comprehensive training program that takes you from keeping your distance, to using long range weapons to stop a charging opponent, to using head movement and taking angles getting in close to deal out damage with various strikes. From there you will learn how to take a larger opponent to the ground and to finish them off with some of the most devastating Jiu-Jitsu submissions ever seen. Whatever your goals are, be it dealing with that larger bully or that larger opponent in the ring, the Fighting Bigger People training program will give you the skills you need to come out on top, literally! All you have to do is to follow the program and do the work.

Sean Austin

Trav I will be one of the first in the queue for the Clinch Program. My personal fighting style has always been to get in close and deal damage so the clinch program looks tailor made for me. I echo the other comments on this site, I've always loved your teaching style some of your videos especially with that dude Casey have me in stitches! So thanks for everything Trav.


Trav, I love your program, it's really good. Sorry I'm not more vocal in discussions, but I am working the program. At least I was until I pulled a hammie playing rugby last week. The doctor thinks I should stop playing at 52 yrs old, but I think he needs to slap himself.

Being classically trained in TKD, this program appeals to my veteran core of "do whatever it takes." Your program reminds me of what a Ranger instructor said during hand-to-hand training - "when your life depends on it, there is no shame in the nut game."

So Trav, keep on keeping on, and I will use visualization until the hammie recovers.

Dustin Oosten

Trav, I just wanted say your program is awesome so far man. I got a chance to skim through the Week 4 vids and the “Getting The Most Out Of Your Movement” one was a total light bulb moment. I’m a firm believer in that style and it’s one of the reasons why I love to watch Tyson mess people up.


I'm a Deputy Sheriff in Florida. I caught some dude breaking into cars. As I was on top of him trying to handcuff him, his buddy came over to try to get me off of him. After a SINGLE front kick, he was in the fetal position on the ground and cuffed up when back up arrived. I learned and drilled that move entirely from your videos. Thanks.

I'm a defensive tactics instructor and I find your stuff 100% better than the stuff the State approves. I pass on as much as possible and recommend your stuff all the time. My camera didn't catch the kick, but it got the aftermath. 

Thanks again, man. Your stuff is the best.


You really break it all down easily so even a pacifist like me can understand the techniques. I hope to never have to use it, but it's good to know how to jiggle a head with a slip-5-2-3.

Your program is a nice comprehensive mix of boxing, mma, etc. I have learned a lot.

Many thanks.


Hey man thanks again for all this info and training. I am definitely noticing a difference not only in my workouts but in sparring as well.


There is GOLD in this program. The Fighting Bigger People program is not just a bunch of techniques; it is a ginormous strategy that consists of many sequences that are made up of individual techniques that set each other up and counter the defense of the opponent. Each of the sequences can be a fighter’s signature technique because they are incredibly effective and can be used over and over again. I personally love the submission series from side control; it’s my ace-in-the-hole when I’m on top on the ground. Some techniques might not be as flashy as others, but they WORK.

I absolutely love this program, and I believe anyone who wants to fight intelligently would benefit A LOT from this program.


Thanks for the awesome program man. Good teachers are few and far in-between and you good sir have a knack for breaking things down in an entertaining way that anyone can understand. Add the fact that you're genuinely passionate about what you do, and you have a top-notch practical program that's worth every penny! On the real I've learned a great deal from you dude and will continue to grab other programs from you as they come out. Hell maybe one day I'll come through for a live lesson!

Shaker Q
Shaker Q


I'm back in college at New Mexico State… so me and this guy from class are hanging out. He invited me to his house. He is like 6'7 350. We were pounding beers. All of a sudden he starts blurting racist crap and all this Cartel bulls***. I tell him "Hey, I'm leaving, I don’t want to hear it." I go to leave and he grabs me by the shirt from behind. Thanks to the training, I automatically turn and Fade-Away-Hook to take an angle. That hurts him but he still comes at me, so I move away towards the door and outside of the house.

Based some of your advice, I think in my head, "I have no chance at boxing this guy", so I do a Tyson slip and grab his leg... Perfect single leg takedown!. So I put his leg into position and yell “Stop you $%^&  or I will break your ankle!”...  That was it.  End of story.  He said "No. No... please don't" and gave up.  All I had to do was THREATEN him with one of the footlocks from the FBP course. Then we just stood there about 20 yards apart while I called my fiancée to pick me up. True story saved my life. I’m so lucky I found your website. Keep doing what you are doing. You are actually saving lives.


Luke Ricards
Luke Ricards

Just wanted to say, the closing distance methods are awesome. I've been doing Muay Thai for 15 years but somehow managed to never learn how to close distance properly.  I did the drills today... feels great!


Hey Trav, after studying and practicing martial arts and boxing for the last couple of years I was eager to dig into this course.

The vids, pdf's and live hangouts were above and beyond expectation.

The course was well thought out and had a great sequential progression to it. Really enjoyed how each new lesson built on the last.

The outlined sets and reps matrix for practicing and training is invaluable for making the moves second nature when needed.

I would recommend this to anyone interested in the fighting arts.

Looking forward to future offerings.

James Heid
James Heid

Personally, I wasn't sure what to expect with this program but having seen the quality of the head movement series I had a feeling it was going to be well worth a punt. Coming from a background of 6 years of mixed martial arts, and actively training and teaching myself, I think that this program was a real must watch. Full of expert tips, brand new never before seen tricks and techniques and tons of legit street applicable tactics to learn and pass on to my students. Best of all the material is delivered in a hilarious and easily watchable way that will have you returning to the program again and again. Congratulations on a ground breaking program! The way distance learning martial arts should be taught.

Stephen Pencil
Stephen Pencil

I've been psyched working on everything and especially lately the boxing combos and slips. I feel I am improving and I am just loving every new day of this program. I am always pumped to start the next day and each new phase of this. I am planning on repeating this program the next three months and getting better and better. Thanks for making this Trav... it makes autonomous home training very achievable. I also want to join the next Fight Smart program you put together.


10 minutes after watching the leaping hook video and i still have a residual boner.

Ben MacKenzie
Ben MacKenzie

Buying this program is the best money I ever spent.

The Illustrist
The Illustrist

Hi Trav,

First, let me say that while normally I regard online "advice" as a bunch of hacks and frauds (see Kiai master vs MMA on YouTube for some laughs). I went through the journey of finding your free videos on YouTube, checking your site, and then joining the Fighting Bigger People program. It has been one of the best purchases I've made in recent years. Twelve weeks of videos is much more than I expected.

Although I’ve been doing Muay Thai for years, this program completely changed the way I fight and train, and it has added multiple elements to my game, so thanks for that. Your method of conveying the lessons is fun and engaging. The best thing, in my opinion, is the actual workouts which I print and laminate and take with me to the gym. I have read every bit and have watched every video at least 3 times, sometimes at work which was difficult to hide!

The program is awesome; keep at it because it works for everyone. Good luck with your life and your baby, I am about to become a first time father soon and super excited about it. I’m looking forward to more programs.



This program (Fighting Bigger People) is worth 3X what I paid for it. Your hard work is very appreciated Trav. I plan on purchasing the Head Movement program and almost certainly any program you do in the future.


I've been psyched working on everything and especially the boxing combos and slips. I feel I am improving and I love every new day of this program. I am always pumped to start the next day and each new phase. I am planning on repeating this program over the next three months and getting better and better. Thanks for making this Trav, it makes autonomous home training very achievable. I also want to join the next HTFN program you put together.


I am not able to master or even practice your techniques as quickly as you send them so I am waaaaay behind on the program, but, I am definitely making progress. I am a type 2 diabetic and since starting the course (and making other changes) I have had the best readings since I was diagnosed. So that, more than defending myself in a street fight, is my real motivation for doing this. I am 50 next year and have avoided fighting for the past 25 years - so don’t think I’m suddenly going to run into fights any time soon. Maybe I have the ultimate defense which is to avoid and/or talk your way out of trouble? Who knows - maybe I’ll go around and look for trouble. But that would be bad I guess.

Cheers my man.


I have been involved in boxing and martial arts for the past 40 years.
My resume includes self defense supervisor for a major metropolitan police department, Krav Maga Assistant Instructor (Brown belt); Machado BJJ (Blue belt); Vale Tudor Studio owner and California Novice Boxing Champion.
Ok big deal, everyone has a resume. I only provide as a basis for my recommendation.

I would highly recommend Travis' program. I purchased both the "Fighting Bigger People" and the "Leg Locks". It is funny, has great instruction and is very informative. There is tons of knowledge for your dollar!

I am 62 years old and don't have the inclination to roll around with young/stupid gladiators at this point in my elderly life. I train alone, and these programs are perfect. Give them a try, you won't regret it.

Steve H 

I wanted to tell you personally that your videos have already helped me a ton! I can't afford to buy the DVDs, but I have spent about six hours in the last four days practicing your take downs and staying in the dominant position with my boyfriend. I am a 23 yr old female who is a domestic violence survivor and a mother of a 3 year old son. Currently I am dating a 6'3" 190 lb lineman. I actually hurt him today because I didn't realize the power I have when exerted in the proper manner. I am more comfortable with being alone in public now and I feel like I can be a more normal and productive member of my family not living in total fear of being caught in the wrong situation. It is because of the tools I have developed in the last year with the knowledge you provided. I would like to thank you. You have improved my quality of life.


How To Fight Multiple Attackers

A Systematic Defense System To Make You "Jump Proof"

After spending today on the Fighting Multiple Attackers course, my candid review is that it combines three things I hoped for:  Techniques I haven't seen before (even that I've trained for years), instruction that's clear and entertaining, and an emphasis on practical street-fighting rather than sport. After four videos, I'm already much more prepared to face a multiple-attacker situation. Great little details. This course makes sure “FMA” doesn't turn into FML.  Worth WAY more than what it costs.


To anyone thinking about buying this course, Like many of you, I discovered Trav's skills through his head-popping 'how to avoid being hit' videos and moved through to the How To Fight Multiple Attackers series because it's something rarely covered by most martial arts schools. This course is an inoculation against adversity. Through digestible doses of high-quality training, Trav will guide you through the things that matter. There's no BS, no fluff, nothing wasted. These techniques are potential life savers but also confidence-givers. Knowing when and how to move when your fear freezes you to the floor is as important as knowing what not to do. Couple that with a stripped back technique aimed to win fights quickly and you have a course that will keep you safer than you'd get from years spent learning flying kicks in a dojo. The course is delivered in Trav's inimitable style, with humour and expertise in equal measure. You'll immediately start to incorporate movements into your workouts even if, like me, you don't have access to a heavy bag or human test subject. In less than 24 hours after working through the videos I feel more likely to make the right decisions and employ the most effective moves to win a fight against several attackers. How many martial arts clubs can say that? I highly recommend this series. Get involved.

-Richard Potts

This program is awesome. All of Trav's stuff that I've tried (The Head Movement Program, The MP3 Workouts, and the Fighting Bigger People series) have been tremendous for my progress as a relatively experienced martial artist. Not only have I developed my skills to be a more dangerous fighter than I expected, but I've also gotten in the best shape of my life by sticking to his workouts, which I find fun and stimulating. I highly recommend at least giving the program, as well as some of the Workout MP3s, a whirl to see if you can learn something new.


I could not be happier with my purchase of the multiple attacker course! I have already watched 4 of the videos and that alone has been worth the price. It has expounded on many of the fighting techniques that I already know but given me new insight into putting more power into those moves. I didn't think I would learn much more than the what you have us for free, but you were right, that stuff was just the tip of the iceberg.  I can't wait to watch the rest and practice these on the bag and with my training partners.

-Robert Allen

 I love this program, the training is great and your coaching is excellent. I have learned a lot and I'm a boxing and thai boxing coach with over twenty years of martial arts training behind me, this program would help anyone who wants to learn how to improve their defense, movement and fitness. 

Thanks again for the great program and the comedy works a treat; your students are a great laugh and everyone loves a laugh, life is to short to be a serious boring s*** head



I am thoroughly impressed with the fighting multiple attackers program! You break down everything into simple steps so it is easy to see how anyone can learn to do this well. Even items as simple as bashing your knee into someone... At first I thought how could that need any explanation? Then after watching your video on knees, I see now that it is not difficult to do, but it is not obvious how to do it well. I see now that knowing where all of the power from a knee comes from is vital information that people just don't tell you. This could be the most important course you offer, and it's well worth the money. It is like you took the most important and useful techniques from all the fighting scenarios and combined it into one course. Need to fight a boxer? This is the answer. Need to fight a group of thugs? This is the answer. Need to be dangerous from the ground? This is the answer. Need to defend the clinch? This is the answer. This course is a great way to handle many combat scenarios.

-Chris Rogers

If you've watched any of the Fight Smart videos- you already know Travis is an experienced, successful MMA fighter who has a talent for teaching; no BS, but lots of humor.  If you want to learn how to defend yourself from multiple attackers  (under realistic scenarios) this is the best program to do it. I’ve trained with and taught a variety of martial arts over the years; and had previously purchased other instructional programs.  This program covers years worth of lessons in the Gym/Dojo, takes the best moves of MMA & Combatives training; and is available anytime you're ready; for less than what it'd cost to buy a Gi & attend a crowded Martial Arts class for a single month. Thanks Trav.

-Gene Bold

Wanted to thank you for a great program. You give an excellent description of form and technique in great detail, and I really appreciate that you are happy to give feedback to any questions about the program. Looking forward to future lessons.

-Jim from Arizona

I wanted to thank you. I have watched your clinch video a million times, and each time I have figured out a way to tweak it to my advantage. My sister and I were at a party and she was having problems with this dude. The guy swung at her and and hits her in the face. I ran over and got a half clinch and landed about 8 uppercuts before he tackled me. I wrap my legs up, kept his head in my guard and didn't let him posture up as I sent a few more to his face. People broke us up after that, but I just knew since I didn’t get hit in that fight and was able to think quickly, that it was because I used some of your techniques and they helped me a lot. I had reach and speed on him but he was HUGE! A huge a** College Quarterback, but I busted his nose for hitting a girl haha! Anyway, thank you again.


Man I cannot believe it! I've spent the past week watching your videos on Fighting Multiple Attackers. You actually helped save me man. I was walking down the street after school yesterday when a group of six wanna-be gang bangers tried to jump me. I tried to talk my way out of it at first so I could position myself to where I could see everyone in front of me. When I saw my chance I threw a hard right without warning, and knocked the first guy out. That was followed by a quick kick to the other guy’s face to drop him. By that time the next guy got really close so I went into the clinch. I used your method of switching clinches from one guy to another and attacking the flank and I was able to stay standing long enough for a nearby school officer to come help me. I'm not as skilled as you are so I did take a few blows but without your tips I feel like it would've been a lot worse. I wanted to really thank you for the help!!!


Hey Trav,

Your methods regarding fighting multiple opponents are illuminating. Personally, my background is modern taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. So seeing a system comprised mostly of Muay Thai and a more practical 'street' BJJ (as opposed to tournament strategy) has given me a ton of new techniques to learn.  I wish all of my time was spent on stuff that will work in the street.

As a martial artist, this is the kind of thing that keeps me engaged.  So thanks man, this system is awesome."

-Ben Taylor

Ben also sent this to me in a separate email:

"That knee-bar/backward roll in your FMA program was incredible. Seriously! Before that I had just thought people would be hopelessly screwed if they fell and were being kicked. I could go on, but you've changed my game, inspired confidence and made me laugh quite a few times, so thank you."

-Ben Taylor, Los Angeles

The FMA course is worth its weight in gold!  None of this “poke that guy in the eyes, and grab this one by the nuts” non-sense.  I’ve been around fighting for a long time, and I can tell you this is the first series I’ve ever seen on multiple attacks that deals with this subject in a practical, strategically sound, and powerful way.

Trav not only gives you a good overall picture of what to do, but he breaks the techniques down and even discusses the smallest details and nuances that make the techniques solid.  You don’t have to be a black belt to understand this. Everything is clear and very well thought out.

If you’re looking for a multiple attacks course that really works, and works well, this is it. Trav’s the real thing!  If you don’t get this program, you need to really worry that your opponent might!

-Daniel A.

Trav, I am just getting my feet wet with the FMA course and already see that the money to purchase the course was incredibly well spent. My clinch has gone from a nonexistent move to one of the most crucial weapons in my arsenal. I am crushing people at my MMA school with it. Having coupled the lessons in the FMA course with regular workouts with the Head Movement MP3, my skills (as well as my confidence) are at an all-time high. Great job producing a course that teaches skills that have real world application and THANK YOU!

-Ken Marshall

I very recently purchased the Fight Smart FMA (Fighting Multiple Attackers) course, and couldn't be happier with my decision.  Every video in the first week of the series is both highly educational and very entertaining. These videos are not only worth the money I spent, but more importantly for me, they are are worth my time, which is a far more precious (irreplaceable) resource.

Trav's techniques are different from my own martial arts experience, and their practical value is immediately recognizable.  To anyone considering buying this course but is unsure if you can really learn from videos, I would encourage you to give it a shot!  Since the course includes lifetime access to the materials, you can repeat the same points again and again. Doing this in a live dojo tends to annoy the instructor and the other students after a while.

Each lesson in the series targets a specific point or technique, so practice stays focussed.  I would recommend this course to anyone looking to increase his or her practical street-fighting knowledge, or to anyone seeking to learn how multiple attackers can be effectively dealt with.

I definitely consider it good a investment.


Hey Trav, I love the program.  It's the only thing that I use for fitness and it keeps me in good shape. I can feel the movements happening really fluidly, and the only hard part is that it's kind of hard to be creative when linking slips, ducks, and bobs.  Your magical-combination-maker thing helps guys like me get through the lack of head movement creativity, and I really dig it. Aside from that, you're a funny dude, thanks for not being dry and s***ty! Thanks for making the program, and keep the awesomeness comin' brother!

-Cisco Franyutti

Well I have watched [twice] all of the videos in the new "multiple attackers" series on Fight Smart and am enjoying them immensely.  Hilarity ensues on the "elbowing" from the clinch video and had me laughing for the last few days about it.  If the price only covered the first 10 videos, in my opinion it would be worth it.  I am very excited about how much stuff you teach in this series.

Anyhoo, these videos are very well thought-out with many great tips and directions on each video. Some of this stuff is extremely dangerous for the people attacking you.

I am experiencing big improvements in my understanding fighting, the physical changes in my body and confidence.  You have me learning and enjoying all of this very much THANK YOU!   I am ready to see the next videos!

Again, well worth the price of admission.  

Thanks again,

-Leroy Jones

Another top course supplied, if I was richer I would pay way more for the course…I’d even buy you a house…But I’m not, so lets not get carried away.

The effort put into breaking down the techniques on your video are incredible, and you must sell yourself short with the amount of hours you put into these things.

Another top course supplied, if I was richer I would pay way more for the course…I’d even buy you a house…But I’m not, so lets not get carried away.

The effort put into breaking down the techniques on your video are incredible, and you must sell yourself short with the amount of hours you put into these things.

Anyhow, hopefully it won’t come to cracking skulls but if it does I’m 100% sure these videos will make it an even more enjoyable experience.

-Michael Butler

Trav,  I can tell the FMA course is going to be as good as the other courses I have purchased from Fight Smart! With two kids I don't have time to invest in traditional schools. Your course cuts out the BS, gives me the skills I need to protect my family without access to a training facility, daily workout sheets & drills.....oh and funny as hell too! Great stuff! Thanks

-Pete Schuster

Hey Trav, I wanted to thank you. I’ve watched your clinch video a million times. Me and my sis were at a party and she had problems with this 19 year old dude, and he swung at her and hit her in the face! I get a half clinch land about 8 uppercuts before he tackles me. When we landed, I kept him in my guard and pulled his head down so he couldn’t posture up. I was able to land a few more to his face. People broke us up after that but I just knew that because I didn’t get hit and was able to thing quickly and use one of your techniques, it was because of your help. I had reach and speed on him but he was HUGE haha. He is a huge college quarterback but I busted his nose for hitting a girl! Thank you! 

-Thanks Dan

The Head Movement MP3

A Bonus For Those In The Head Movement Program


I just started the HM mp3 last night. Dude its f***ing awesome. I managed to do about 95% without fault.  Is there any chance you're making more of these?  I’m pretty sure anyone who got the first mp3 would get another one!

Omri Goren

I started listening to the mp3 and I was lost within the first minute, lol. I turned to the video for some help and followed along for a couple rounds in my swivel chair until I got familiar with the movements. Sitting in my chair, I felt my heart pumping, which motivated me to get up and finish the rest of the work-out on my feet. Without indulging in too many details I say this, I began the Mp3 workout in my pj's and by the time it was done, I was in my nickers!

Max Pedraza


This workout has given me a new spring in my step. Movin' like Joe Calzaghe. 

The first time through was tough, but the 2nd time through it was a lot better and easier. I had a comprehension on what combos were coming next, so it all started to build. It's given me a new immense respect on how head and foot movement are so imperative in the fight game. Really love this program.

Grant Vaka

Trav, you’ve really help me with my balance. I got into a fight the other day and the slightest head movement worked. I didn’t fight the kid; instead I just moved around a lot and stayed on my feet. The kid got so mad he didn’t want to fight anymore. Thanks Trav

Darius Anderson

Hey man, I just want to check in with you. 

Between your How to Fight Bigger People and Head Movement Master Programs, I'm taking in some seriously dangerous moves. I've been boxing for over 15 years. I've had over 3 different trainers in NYC, one even worked w/ Tyson. What I've realized is that everyone thinks they know "the right way". So I’ve learned to select what works for me and leave out what doesn’t. 

I’ve been a sponge watching your vids over and over, and then I go practice and practice and so on. You dish out some very nice morsels of nastiness that I haven't seen. I’ve already incorporated many of these into my style. The good news is I’m seeing sick results. Take my hook for example; your technique has doubled my power. I can fold the bag. Thank you! You're a thinking man’s fighter and you study each nuance and deliver them in a unique way. Also, I’ve never thrown a straight right with a step in. That little ditty you taught me makes a huge power difference! 

Btw, I went ahead and purchased your head movement mp3 too. The first time I did it was a nightmare; I only got through 2 rounds. I was pissed that I couldn't keep up. Next time, I went 4 rounds. Today is the 3rd time and I did all 10 rounds. I have to say, it's a sick workout and I plan to do it on the heavy bag to see how that works. 

Thanks again Trav. Keep up the great work. Much love.



This workout is awesome! It sticks in your head forever. I was taking a nap and for some reason I could still hear your commands in my head. I guess that's kind of freakish, but it shows it works! Lol I’m looking forward to the future of Fight Smart!

Timothy Tran

Just wanted to say these workouts are getting me in the best shape of my life. Thanks man.

Pyge Styles

Yo Trav, I just wanted to email you and inform you that you are bomb shnizzle. I've been training in MMA for a few years but can't afford a trainer anymore. You have been a huge help In my home training until I can save a few $$. Just got your MP3 and it is bomb. #KeepKickingFaces


First off let me say great training and insights on your site. I bought the Head Movement mp3 training program the 1st time I saw it. Fortunately I haven't had to use it in the real world, but I did manage to lose 12 pounds, which is a lot given that I still eat and drink as frequently as I like. 🙂

Carlo Matriano

I am loving the head movement/counter punching mp3. I have used it outside multiple times and it is very energizing and skill building. Keep this goodness coming man, it's all great.

Erik Nielsen

Dude that mp3 head movement workout is out - f'ing- standing my friend! I have been using it as a warm up before bag and drill work and I am on fire by the time I get done. I have noticed that I am getting a lot faster with my combinations and more stable in my stance while throwing hand leg combos on my poor heavy bag as well as whatever poor sap is willing to hold the Thai pads for me. My head and legs just want to move more without really thinking about it. Seriously, thank you - please make more of whatever it is you make because it's all good.

Jim Ducroiset

Hey Trav, 

I’m 47 and in pretty good shape. I listen to your MP3 every morning in a studio at my local NYSC, it’s awesome. Your videos and your sarcastic deliveries are awesome. My head is in a better place since following your direction. Thanks!

Matt in Marlboro

Hey Trav, 

I just wanted to say good work on the workout mp3. Here is my feedback:

It got me off my ass. I am quite active but the psychological factory of paying for the mp3 made me invest time in actually doing all the various free techniques you share and drilling them. 

I am building the muscle memory and technique vocabulary necessary to be a solid fighter. Right now it seems like it has been a great success, and I hope future projects are equally as good.

Scott Fraser

To Trav, 

I was initially skeptical about how effective this workout would be, but after I got it and ran through half of it before work; I was pleasantly surprised that I was starting to breathe hard. Only when I woke up to my entire back and obliques being sore did I realize just how great this workout is, and I only had time to do half of it! 

I just wanted to say great work and I'm glad I forked over the money for this MP3. I love watching your videos and they have inspired me to get back in shape and put more effort behind defending myself. My fiancé is in Columbus for school and I can say that after having her learn some techniques from your videos, I feel a lot safer having her there alone. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see what you have in store for the future.

Thanks a lot,


Hey Trav! 

Just a quick update about how your Head Movement MP3 has helped me. Before I do that though, I'd like to give a quick background about myself. 

I've been teaching Taekwondo ITF for over 10 years. Now that might sound impressive to some, but my instructor friends have been teaching and training even longer than I have. I'm always the one getting bullied when sparring with them. 

I practiced your MP3 workout only TWICE before sparring with my younger bro, who has been a black belt for 2 years. Sure I knew about head dodging from seeing boxers on YouTube but never really managed to put it to practice when fighting. 

The sparring session with my brother went great in large part because I was able to dodge his punches and kicks. I felt more confident, had a better fighting stance and maintained my balance easily. He was surprised at how much of a difference this new skill made in my sparring. I'm waiting to meet up with my co-instructors to have another sparring session. We'll see how it goes! 



Hey Trav, I just did the MP3 head-movement work out, and it was just as great as you proclaimed. I have to admit I had some trepidation beforehand. I have absolutely no tolerance for the gross overuse of the word "like" in contemporary speech. It's not so bad in strangers; I just call them idiots in my head and move on. But when well-spoken and articulate people -- such as yourself -- succumb to this linguistic virus, it's like finding out a smokin' hot babe you had the hots for is actually a lesbian. A great sadness ensues. And so I was a bit nervous playing the MP3 but lo and behold, not a single "like" in the whole thing! Hallelujah! And now that I've broken the seal I will be doing this workout twice a week. Thanks for a great supplement to my training program.

Mike in Montana

The Striking MP3

The Bonus Training In The Striking Dojo

I’m REALLY enjoying the head movement and striking mp3s. They’re both great workouts that make me feel far manlier than I really am. It’s really nice to actually learn a skill while exercising, other than how to quickly turn down the speed on a treadmill.

Thanks again for all your great work!


What up Trav!
Just letting you know I had absolutely no problems downloading the striking MP3 workout. It's a perfect addition to the head movement MP3. You put out great material at an extremely affordable price; I am a grateful dude and a loyal student. I’m looking forward to the webinar this weekend.

-Michael Vendick


I previously purchased the Fighting Bigger Folks program and now have purchased and started your Striking and Head Movement MP3 workouts.

I have been training in martial arts for 39 years with a focus on Filipino Martial Arts and reality street defense over the past 20 years or so. Now that I am in my mid-fifties I have started to limit my actual sparring but still practice Kali and Judo regularly and teach self-defense weekly. Because of my full time work schedule I end up training on my own about 3 - 4 times a week and find these programs excellent not only as a work out but in assisting me in focusing on specific techniques.

Just wanted to let you know how valuable I find the programs.



The Striking Workout is awesome, Trav, and I love the Head Movement program as well. I'm an old guy, an ex-paratrooper from the dawn of history (the extra bad-ass 173rd Airborne Brigade, 1968 - 69) and I plan to train to the end. I don't have the speed or strength I used to, but I’ve started feeling my sharpness coming back and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for the inspiration.


The Fat Burn Manifesto

These Folks Are Dropping Body Fat Rapidly
(a brand new release)

Hey Trav,

I have been getting the 30-40 minutes cardio before eating that you have recommended since the last week in December. There were no changes in weight right away but I noticed my belt getting looser. Then veins started popping out like never before. The bicep vein popped out from my elbow up into my chest! More contours are visible in my stomach area as well. Today I stepped on the scale and it read 193.2! After being stuck at 196-200 for months it was great to see. The idea of exercise before eating never occurred to me.



I’ve continued to utilize the head movement and striking programs into my fitness habits, and applied the tricks from the Fat Burn Manifesto. Thank you once again for using a passion of yours to help others. I currently weigh 145lbs, down from an all-time high of 225. I included pictures in case you were interested in seeing a visible transformation. Spoiler alert, I’m 5’5 lol.


The All Access Pass

A Note From Those Who Bought Everything

I've bought all of your stuff. I wish I bought them all at once and saved some money, but I digress.  Your programs are jammed packed with techniques, critiques, observations, insights and suggestions. I can't absorb everything and only put into practice about 25%, but even that helps tremendously when I work I out with the fellas in my group who are all much younger than I am. (I am 64). I only work out once a week with the group, and spend more time working out by myself as I once did a few years ago, so your training regiments have made a tremendous difference.

Many Thanks. What you have put together is impressive.

-Henry Wong

So far the ultimate package is absolutely phenomenal.  The Head Movement course is honestly very fun and a great workout, particularly for the legs.  I have zero complaints.  It is very well done.


Trav, thanks for all the knowledge you've imparted on me!  You have been a huge part of my progress as a martial artist, and I just wanted to express how grateful I am.

Thank you for everything you've done.



To Travis - whom I now consider to be a friend, not a company.

I was skeptical at first, but your prompts to "practice" and "try this" and "try their way, too" - encouraged me with "What do I have to lose?"

The programs are SO informative, and they WORKED. My bobs got better, and my leg locks hadn't even EXISTED. I was able to tell my children about the "2 pushes away - in case of cameras" - but not touching them. This legal protective element alone is worth the cost of the course 10x over!

My children are now practicing their wrist, arm, and leg locks, and their head bobs. This course is NOT a "helmet" - as SOOOO many other courses are. This one teaches you to DO THE SMART THING, and STAY SAFE.

I am SO impressed with these courses, that I am recommending them (I need business cards, Trav!!!) to EVERY woman I know, and all smart men I know. This course should be MANDATORY at every school, women's exercise class, and at every Marshal Art School.

THANK YOU Trav for making me and my family SMARTER, and ready for that rainy day.

-Party Central

On a personal note, I want to tell you about how much I enjoy your programs. It all started when I saw your dodging video 5 years ago. I've purchased every program as you have released it and have never been anything less than thrilled. Although I work in a creative field, my beliefs are always firmly rooted in science. So to watch as you devote yourself to the test/retest method (always at the risk of pain) to find what works and what doesn't, and then to explain your findings in an entertaining manner sets you far apart from the others. (you have really sharpened your comedic timing.)

Your vids are the reason why I constantly mystify my friends with my hand speed, footwork and angles, and make them feel silly for throwing 12 hit combos on pads without ever moving their feet.

Now enough Bro'ing out! I have things to do!

-Phil Chapman

Hey Trav

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your work and dedication that you put into your programs. I appreciate that a lot.

They have changed my life.

Keep it up and best wishes


Thank you for dedicating your life to making us better warriors. 🙂

Best regards


I’ve been a Fight Smart missionary for a while now. I’m not sure if anyone else has actually bought anything, but I tell them it’s what I use and that it works for me. I will buy everything that you make.  Forwarding the emails you send out are a quick and easy way to spread the word. I have a dream that my grandchildren will be judged, not on the color of their skin, but on the savagery of their technique! I shall continue to spread the good news of savagery as I travel to and fro, from sea to shining seaaaaaaaaaa


Hey thanks for this deal bro. I treasure the stuff you put out.


Trav, I love you and I love using all of your stuff. You have elevated my mental and physical fitness as well as my fight skills. Priceless!


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