Best Knockout Combinations (Slip 5-2-3)

The Slip 5-2-3 - This is a great counter punch combination, and it builds on our previous weeks two strike combination (The Slip 5-2).  This one adds a vicious hook to the combo... make the guy miss and then hit him with three murder shots.  This video also introduces you to the concept of juggling heads.

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Striking-The-Liver-PunchThe Liver Shot

You might not have known that you can make your opponent fall to the ground and shit himself if you hit him in the liver. This outlines a very specific method of punching which is designed to damage and cause massive stress to internal organs. The only complaint that I have about this video is that I leave out a number of very important details about how to generate hook power… however, you can get these from the hook video, so it’s really no big deal. I guess it’s probably better to avoid being redundant.

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