My Favorite Shin Guards

(Out of the 4 pairs I've owned.)

"Shin guards can lessen the amount of pain
and suffering that you experience in MMA training."


For beginners, shin guards are a means of kicking heavy bags at full power, without wanting to shoot yourself in the face due to the pain.  It takes a while for your shins to toughen up, and for those pesky nerves to die.  Shin guards allow you to keep training during that period.

Once you're out of this "beginner" phase, your shin guards will be required in sparring.  Clacking your shin bone with your sparring partner's shin bone is a miserable experience.  It's enough to make you limp for days, and shin guards will lessen most of that suffering.

All you need in a shin guard is a significant amount of durable padding, and something that won't spin sideways after every couple of kicks.  Fortunately, an notably inexpensive pair of shin guards also provides a high level of protection.

the best mma shinguardsVenum Competitor 2.0 Standup Shinguards $50I've gone through a few sets of Fairtex shin guards, and I just like these more. They have a thick ridge of padding that covers the length of your shin bone, and some solid foot padding as well.

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