The Importance of Footwork

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Here's a Bonus Drill that you might find interesting:

(if you're still having weight distribution problems, this will fix them.)

The Floor Pinch and Float

This is a drill which will further sharpen your footwork, solve 'weight distribution' errors, and make you are far more balanced and solid fighter.

The Workout that I reference in the video,

...and encourage you to memorize is as follows:

  1. 2 Minutes of Blast Steps in every direction
  2. 1 Minute of Floor Pinched in every direction, added to your Blast Steps
  3. 2 Minutes of Slide Steps in every direction
  4. 1 Minute of Floor Pinches, added to your Slide Steps
  5. Bonus - Add 1 Minute of the 'Floor Pinch and Float' to Blast Steps in every direction

Add this, any time you are NOT TIRED after a workout.

You just can't get enough repetitions of this stuff.

And hey...

I also took the time to write up this fancy, more-well-rounded footwork workout, that you can feel free to add at any time, to any workout.

A Quick Footwork Workout

While the stuff in this video is easy enough to understand, actually implementing it in practice is another story.  This workout will help you to make balanced movement second nature, while also building very important fight cardio in your legs... oh and you can also Click Here to download this thing.

Warm Up

2 Minutes Jump Rope

(if you don't have a rope, Shadow Box for 2 minutes)

For Rest:

  • 30 Seconds in an orthodox stance trying to float your front foot like the Floor Pinch and Float lesson. (If it actually floats, your weight is too far back)
  • 30 Seconds in an southpaw stance trying to float your front foot.

2 Minutes Shadow Boxing

Try to pay attention to your weight and balance

For Rest:

  • 30 Seconds in an orthodox stance again trying to float your front foot.
  • 30 Seconds in an southpaw stance again trying to float your front foot.

Round 1.

  1. 50 Reps blasting Forwards in your stance (both feet step), planting an active replacement leg.
  2. Immediately start 2 minutes gliding Forward in your stance, nonstop.  (Advanced guys do 3 full minutes)

Keep your thighs bent and keep distance between your feet while sliding forwards.  Maintain conscious activity in your replacement leg.  Don't be a wuss... let your muscles catch fire.

60 Seconds Rest to shake out your legs

Round 2.

  1. 50 Reps blasting Backwards in your stance, planting an active replacement leg (your front leg)
  2. Immediately start 2 minutes gliding Backwards in your stance, nonstop (Advanced guys do 3 full minutes).

60 Seconds Rest to shake out your legs

Round 3.

  1. 50 Reps blasting to the Right in your stance, planting an active replacement leg (your left leg).
  2. Immediately start 2 minutes gliding to the Right in your stance, nonstop.  (Advanced guys do 3 full minutes)

While moving sideways, most people tend to start bringing their feet WAYYY too close together.  Do not let your feet get within 18 inches of each other and keep your Front foot in the damn FRONT (with your thighs bent).

60 Seconds Rest

Round 4.

  1. 50 Reps blasting to the Left in your stance, planting an active replacement leg (your right leg).
  2. Immediately start 2 minutes gliding to the Left in your stance, nonstop.  (Advanced guys do 3 full minutes)

60 Seconds Rest

Round 5.

3 Minutes Shadow Boxing.  Throw whatever combinations you like to throw with an extreme emphasis on your weight transfer,  feeling balance and activity in both legs.  Try to move in every direction.  Be creative!  You need to be spontaneous in fights, and in your training.

Make sure you are thinking about ENTERING and EXITING explosively with either Blast Steps or Slide Steps.

60 Seconds Rest

Round 6.

3 Minutes Shadow Boxing - Push your pace in this round.  You should be tired by the 2 minute mark, and then have to push through the third minute.  Be patient with yourself.  Combinations aren't just going to flow right off the bat, you have to work at this game a little bit!

Then you're done... go eat a banana and tell everyone how awesome I am.

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