Unlocking Your Physical Potential

The following lesson might be considered Redundant...

(A Fight Smart Core Redundancy)

Look, simply moving to the side can both make punches miss, and improve your angle.  I reference some of the lessons that you've seen in the past 48 hours, and encourage you to skip jogging and do some prolonged sideways movement instead.

It's far more relevant in the fight game... but this might not be the only time you've heard these 'lessons' mentioned so far, and it will probably not be the last :-/

hm-lateral-movementLateral Movement

The literal definition of lateral movement is side-to-side movement... don't quote me on that, I obviously didn't look it up or anything. You don't want to be in front of your opponent if you can help it, and this is a great way to make your opponent miss.

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