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Here's what other folks are saying:

>I can highly recommend the Head Movement Training program Trav is a great coach who breaks down each slip step by step and through a comprehensive training routine builds those skills which will make you as slippery as snot and make you a devastating counter puncher. You need very little equipment a mirror, a piece of rope, skipping rope and pool noodles… yes I said pool noodles. If you have ever wanted to slip like Mike Tyson this revolutionary program will teach you those skills all you have to do is to apply the knowledge. I'm currently running through it for a second time to sharpen up my skills the Head Movement Training program is great value for money and great fun too.

Sean Austin

Today I was walking home with my girlfriend and we were jumped by 3 guys. I was able to fight them off using your power punch technique and the bob and weave technique, thanks a lot man, really saved my ass, been a fan for a while and I knew it would pay off, thank man, appreciate what you do for us, keep doing what you're doing! Peace.

Joe Avery Jones

Hi Trav, I am 44 years old, love boxing but never had the balls to stand up for myself.  I have been watching your videos on YouTube for a while and had my 1st street fight a week ago. I am very proud to say that I through 1 'overhand right' that you teach and knocked the guy straight out and all his friends shit themselves and ran away. Thank you so much for your lesson and I guarantee no one is ever going to fuck with me again! Thanks again Trav.

Ace McDermott

Hey Trav, Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know I have been drilling your head movement technique religiously for about 3 months now. It is quite literally the most effective tool I have in my arsenal combined with counter attack. I just wanted to say thanks for your time and effort with your videos. I'm from England but living in Canada training at Toshido MMA in kelowna British Columbia. UFC's Rory McDonald trains in our gym when he is home and I just wanted to say if you ever find yourself in BC swing by. Your teaching would be invaluable and I would love to see you slip a few of his punches 😉 Thanks again Trav !

Rich Mott