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To everyone,

I can highly recommend the Head Movement Training program Trav is a great coach who breaks down each slip step by step and through a comprehensive training routine builds those skills which will make you as slippery as snot and make you a devastating counter puncher. You need very little equipment a mirror, a piece of rope, skipping rope and pool noodles… yes I said pool noodles. If you have ever wanted to slip like Mike Tyson this revolutionary program will teach you those skills all you have to do is to apply the knowledge. I'm currently running through it for a second time to sharpen up my skills the Head Movement Training program is great value for money and great fun too.

Sean Austin


I've been meaning to write this for a while, but I'm just getting around to it. I know how much time and effort you put into what you do. I'm a member of head movement and how to fight bigger people. I'm still very much just a beginner, but I wanted to tell you just how much you have helped so far. The lessons have greatly improved my skills, but even more my confidence. I've dealt with a lot of stuff since starting that I normally wouldn't face. I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference you're making if you ever get to wondering while you're sitting behind a screen dealing with technical shit. Keep up the great work. I look forward to honing my skills of bad-assery more as we go.

Tristan Monroe

Hi Trav, I am 44 years old, love boxing but never had the balls to stand up for myself.  I have been watching your videos for a while and had my 1st street fight a week ago. I am very proud to say that I threw the overhand right set-up from the head movement program and knocked the guy straight out and all his friends shit themselves and ran away. Thank you so much for your lessons and I guarantee no one is ever going to f***with me again! Thanks again Trav.

Ace McDermott

Hey Trav, Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know I have been using the drills in your bob and weave program religiously for about 3 months now. It is quite literally the most effective tool I have in my arsenal combined with counter attack. I just wanted to say thanks for your time and effort with your videos. I'm from England but living in Canada training at Toshido MMA in kelowna British Columbia. UFC's Rory McDonald trains in our gym when he is home and I just wanted to say if you ever find yourself in BC swing by. Your teaching would be invaluable and I would love to see you slip a few of his punches 😉 Thanks again Trav !

Rich Mott


I just got your email about the updates to the head movement program.

Here are my thoughts on the program:

I love it, the training is great and your coaching is excellent. I have learned lots and I am a boxing and thai boxing coach with over twenty years of martial arts training behind me, this program would help anyone who wants to learn how to improve their defense, movement and fitness.

Thanks again for the great program and the comedy works a treat, your students are a great laugh and everyone loves a laugh, life is to short to be a serious boring shit.



Gary of Hull Wing Chun

What’s up Trav,

You asked for some feedback, and so I'm giving some.

I had some password problems that you helped me fix (thank you very much), and when I wrote you about it I told you then that I love the program, still do.  I also told you that it's the only thing that I use for fitness and that it keeps me in good shape, still do. I can feel the movements happening really fluid, and the only hard part is, and you addressed it, is that it's kind of hard to be creative when linking slips, ducks, and bobs.  Your magical spreadsheet thing helps guys like me get through the lack of head movement creativity, and I really dig it.

Aside from that, you're a funny dude, thanks for not being dry and shitty!

Thanks for making the program, and keep the awesomeness comin' brother!


Cisco Franyutti

Today I was walking home with my girlfriend and we were jumped by 3 guys. I was able to fight them off using your power punch technique and the bob and weave technique, thanks a lot man, really saved my ass, been a fan for a while and I knew it would pay off, thank man, appreciate what you do for us, keep doing what you're doing! Peace.


Joe Avery Jones

Hi Trav

I'm just sending this to firstly say Thank you so much for these programs. I am 17 years old and a black belt in karate and found this head movement course to be so helpful when sparring. Not only does it help me to remain calm but also dodge a lot of quick punches. Thanks so much, keep doing what you're doing, really loving the course and recommend it to any fighter out there!




Yo Trav,

Thanks for the updates!  Without getting too long winded I wanted to let you know how life changing your program has been to me and by extension those that I have been training with.  We do these "defensive drills" where one guy just throws punches and the other guy can only defend (block, check, dodge tie up, ect.).  The idea that if we can get comfortable dealing with punches without the ability to punch back we are that much more effective and confident in a sparring or combat situation.  I've obviously been implementing your techniques and training with great results (killin my peers with the head movement game).

I love the numbered days function that you have added to the website.  Makes navigating a breeze.

As far as feedback on the program itself: I can't tell you how helpful it is that you not only break down the technique but the application and drills.  Also I get to climb inside your head (no homo lol) and know what you are thinking because you explain why you implement every detail.  I would actually like to see more of that.  For instance in " Actually dodging Real Punches" video (my favorite in the series)  you break down the slipping while someone is actually trying to punch you real time.  It would be nice to know what goes through your mind when you are picking a particular slip technique (or combo) to deal with an incoming attack that you are reading.  You have stated it is partially and experience thing, and I followed your drills to developed that skill but I also see you implementing some unorthodox methods.  Example: at 1:43 of your famous 'bobbin and weavin' video you use a duck-U slip to evade the jab straight.  Very effective, but I would like to know why you choose that instead of a classic left and right straight slip.  Then I could hopefully develop drills (or understand better the ones you have outlined) that work off of, and strengthen those mental triggers.

Overall it really is an invaluable program, and I just wanted to personally thank you for all that you've put into it.

Your student,

Adam Thompson

G'day Trav,

How wonderful would it be to once again have so much little knowledge of the world and the carnts in it. As a old Greek bloke use to say to me., Geoffrey (gotta say it in and old Greek guy voice, makes more seance) Geoffrey them carnts are carnts so what ya gonna do.

Mate I wanted to say how much I enjoy your program. I have had it for almost a year. But I have just had another shoulder and bicep operation. At the moment I am almost three months post op and I have started using the program again. It has been great for getting me back into my training. Obviously I am staying away from actually punching anything, but going through the slips and dips as well as the mp3 work out has been great. If anything is has forced me to focus on things that I wouldn't normally do. The little things that we get in the gym and overlook because we just want to punch the crap out of things and each other. I can slip and dip U-slip and follow through on the movement in my own way without f***ing my shoulder.

I am ex army serving 16years in the Australian army, yes we have one. I know work as a helicopter rescue winch operator as well as helping run a boxing gym in Sydney. No one has any idea that I am following your program, the reason for this is I am already getting a laugh at how the boys are looking and seeing my new style of slipping. I have even gotten in the ring and sparred with a mate, we took it easy due to me being a sook about my shoulder but I just slipped and dipped, I was no where near un-hittable but I could clearly see an improvement.

I have passed your program on to a few of the boys from the army and they are enjoying it as they can take it anywhere and train in the field. Can't think of much that I could suggest to improve things. I admire when people are trying to get a start doing what they love and the fact you are always letting people know what is going on and the fact you are feeling your way through this as you go, is a credit to you, really shows your not getting caught up in your own ego.

So from this 41 years old army veteran who still thinks I'm 20, my head reminds me on a daily basis that I'm not every time I look at it, thanks mate, thanks for the info, thank for understanding what people might need to know, thanks for the time and effort you must go through improving your brand and  getting it out there.

Take care mate

Geoff Janson: Aircrewman and Operations Safety Manager, Osborne Aviation