With the right techniques, you can easily defeat bigger, taller, and stronger opponents in a street fight.

Fighting a larger opponents is a science.  Once you know how to do it, you will be able to kick the crap out of any huge people trying to attack, bully, or humiliate you.

Huge people can be very dangerous
(since they can do a lot of damage... very quickly)

Size and strength are considerable advantages in a fight.  Big people can naturally hit harder...  and big fists do big damage to the fragile little bones in your face.

When faced with a guy who has a size and strength advantage, many people simply freeze up and back down from the fight.  It's very difficult to want to fight, if you don't really believe that you're going to win.

Size does not make you tough...
Being big does not give you real fighting skill. 

royce vs huge guyCertain fighters have shown us time and time again that technique reigns supreme.  Size is NOT the most important factor in a fight.

The fighter with the most skill and the best moves is going to be the guy who wins... you simply need to learn which specific techniques work the best against huge opponents.

Luckily, I've studied the guys
who consistently crushed larger opponents

tyson thumbMike Tyson showed us the best ways to use striking to attack a larger opponent.
He demonstrated how to move in close without getting hit, and then he clubbed his opponents in their most vulnerable zones.
This really isn't hard to do, if you have a little knowledge of the movements he used.
ernesto vs bobKick boxers like Ernesto Hoost proved that a big fighter is far less dangerous if you deaden one of his legs.
Not only will this make your opponent incredibly slow, it's also mentally devastating.
(Plus, legs are easy to kick)
rickson vs levickiThe entire Gracie family showed us that even the most massive opponents are practically defenseless when they’re on the ground.
All it takes is one single takedown, and a couple well chosen submission moves.

None of this stuff is difficult to learn...
(If you have the right teacher 😉 )

While I spent a good amount of time as a 'professional fighter', I'm aware that such things don't necessarily make a person a great coach.  I did however learn thousands of powerful moves, and I was fortunate enough to be able to practice them... pretty much all day, every day.

After I got sick of fighting, I opened a training business where I would teach normal folks and 'average Joes' how to fight using MMA techniques.  I spent literally thousands of hours analyzing my student's form, figuring out what they were doing right, what they were doing wrong, and more importantly how to fix it. 

If you want to be able to easily defeat larger opponents,
I guarantee you that I can teach you how to do it.

You don't have to take my word for it though... there's about 800 testimonials on this page.
(You can read them in a minute or two.)

For 15 years, I was forced to break down MMA techniques, step-by-step for complete beginners. I became keenly aware of exactly what makes each technique work effectively, and I became a Ninja at explaining these details to people.

If you've seen my videos, and you think that I'm a decent coach and that I know how to teach this stuff, it's because that's literally all I did for 15 years.  I've taken people with ZERO experience and turned them into competitive fighters.  I've taken un-athletic women and taught them how to kick hard enough to injure people.

You can learn this Powerful Fighting System
In 3 Months or Less.

This program on How to Fight Bigger People (F.B.P. for short) is a condensed version of MMA and Self-Defense techniques that would take you years to learn in classes, seminars, or gyms (if you manage to even find the lessons you need).

I've painstakingly created video lessons which will give you every secret necessary to make your techniques powerful and devastating.

I've also created written workouts which will help you to sharpen every technique that you learn, while getting you into excellent shape. (You can either download or print them... it's convenient)

I will teach you all of the techniques that you need, I will show you how to build the moves step-by-step, and by the end of the course, everything will become completely second nature.

You won't have to think about which moves to do,
they will just happen instinctively.

Here's how the course is broken down:

  • Module 1 - 'Stand-Up' Fighting

    The first four weeks of this course are dedicated to ‘Stand Up’ fighting, and the most effective striking methods to use against larger people.

    First, we focus on staying safe.  That means keeping your huge opponent away from you temporarily, and stopping any of his charging attacks immediately.

    closing distance150Next, we move on to closing distance.  As the smaller fighter, you need to be fighting within your larger opponent’s range.  To get there, you will learn how to move in while moving your head so that you’re a difficult target to hit.

    closing distance150Once you’re in close, we move on to doing damage.  You will learn how to strike hard, and we will use clever set-ups to make sure your strikes land on your opponents weak spots.  Hit a huge person in the right spot, and he will crumple to the floor.

    roundhousesFinally, I’ll teach you how to deaden your opponent’s leg using powerful roundhouse kicks. Speed is a huge advantage, and if you deaden your opponent’s leg, he will be way slower.  I’ve seen many people quit the fight just because their leg.

    By the end of Module 1, you will be able to crush larger opponents in a ‘stand-up’ fight.

  • Module 2 - Taking Your Opponent to the Ground and Dominating with Positioning

    While you might not like wrestling or ground fighting, the longer you stand with a huge opponent and exchange blows, the lower your chances of winning will be.  Of course you can win this way, but you completely remove many of a huge guy’s advantages the moment that you put him on the ground.

    singles2Module 2 will teach you the best takedowns to use against a larger opponent.  You will build these wrestling and Judo moves step-by-step so that you can control the location of the fight.

    roadwordThe exercises and workouts that you will do systematically strengthen the parts of your body that you need to execute these moves.  Strong legs and a strong neck will pay huge dividends in any kind of fight.

    Dominant PositionsFinally, you will learn how to move to dominant positions on the ground.  Passing your opponent’s legs after a takedown and moving to positions like ‘full mount’ will allow you to smash your opponent’s face with your fists, while taking no damage whatsoever.  

    When you learn to control where the fight takes place, and you can easily take dominant positions, beating larger people becomes effortless.

  • Module 3 - The 'Ground Game' - Gruesome Submissions and 'Ground n' Pound' Techniques

    This final module is all about finishing the fight.  When you have your opponent on the ground he is toast if you know what you’re doing.

    SubmissionsModule 3 will cover the absolute best submission moves for finishing larger opponents. If your opponent has no Jiu Jitsu experience (99.9% of people don’t), he will be absolutely defenseless against this stuff.

    Arm IsolationsWe cover ways to isolate your opponent’s arms and take away his strength advantage (before you break them).  Two arms vs one is a very easy battle to win.

    chokesYou will learn how to choke your opponent to sleep, in some cases using his own bulky arms against him. I don’t care how strong someone is, your arm will easily close his windpipe.

    GNPYou will learn the absolute best ground and pound techniques.  You can quickly finish fights with strikes from a dominant position, and many times they lead your opponent to expose himself to your other submission moves.

"Learning this on your own could honestly take years,
and cost you literally thousands of dollars."

dollar signThink about it: one single year at an MMA school (at $15o/month) costs $1,800 dollars... and you'd also have to find a wrestling school, a boxing school etc.  Add that up and you're looking at more than $4,000.... IF they actually teach you these specific skills in one year (not likely).

You can hire a private trainer (if you can find one), but a good one will cost $100/hour. Train every day for just 3 months and you'll pay $9,000.

(Keep in mind, there's no guarantee that ANY martial arts trainer you find will be able to teach you the stuff that you'd learn in the F.B.P course.)

Don't waste your money... you can grab the How to Fight Bigger People Course for $297

You can build all of the skills we've been talking about for a fraction of the price (in less than a month) and you can do it in the privacy of your own home.

  • You don't need to go to a gym
  • You don't need a training partner
  • You don't need any equipment

Watch the videos, do the workouts (if you have time), and you will become incredibly difficult to hit... or I'll actually give your money back.

$297 is a steal... let me in.

You will beat able to handle huge 'thugs'
like rag-dolls if you learn this simple system.

Executing the right strategy makes winning fights unbelievably simple.  In 3 months or less, you can master this proven system, and have the skills and confidence it takes to win every single fight that you might face. I personally guarantee it.

  • You will win ANY fight, any time (which is awesome.)

    While this strategy is designed to be used against bigger/stronger opponents, it will work against anybody. You will be able to win every single one-on-one fight that you might face… and then you get to celebrate.

  • Winning is an unbelievable feeling...

    Fighting is intense, and it’s typically a negative experience… until it’s over.  When you score an underdog victory against a huge opponent, you’ll experience a rush that will take weeks to wear off… and you’ll proudly re-live it in your mind for the rest of your life.  These are good memories.

  • You will build a noticeable level of confidence

    Knowing that you have the ability to win any kind of fight makes you difficult to intimidate. When you’re confident in your ability to defend yourself, people can sense it… it’s like magic. Dudes will just leave you alone, and girls will actually be more attracted to you.  (Fear, on the other hand, attracts bullies like a magnet and repels women like furry insects.)  People do not respect cowardice.

  • You will build a powerful degree of 'fearlessness'

    After going through this course, you will never doubt your ability to handle a huge opponent in a fight.  Confidence in your abilities is a huge step in removing any fear from your mind when a fight is brewing. Instead of hesitating, and allowing yourself to be beaten or humiliated, you will feel a powerful sense of readiness and calm… you will be prepared to bring the fight to your opponent.

  • Humiliation never goes away...

    Nothing is more embarrassing and humiliating than backing down from a fight.  When you don’t really think you can win, it’s easy to let intimidation get the better of you.  Going home and wishing that you stood up for yourself doesn’t help, and you’ll regret stuff like this till the end of your days.  Learn this system, and you’ll never have to face this feeling (or face it again).

  • Not having a strategy can get you hurt...

    A fight with a huge person is dangerous, and you never know when you might encounter one. Massive, drunk, idiots get a strange satisfaction from punching people in the face.  Muggers will often resort to “strong-armed robbery” to knock you unconscious (or your loved ones), so they can steal whatever might be in your pockets.  If you want to be able to handle any potentially life-threatening situation, this program will have you 100% prepared to do so.  Be a hero… not a victim.

  • Get in excellent shape!

    This program is packed with dozens of workouts, each designed to help you master a skill. Just by doing these workouts, you will get in excellent shape… while you’re building your fighting skills.  Girls like abs… that’s a medical fact.

  • Thugs and punks needs to be taught a lesson sometimes

    While it’s always best to stay safe and avoid trouble, certain bullies simply need to be taught a lesson.  Violent and aggressive people need to lose some teeth from time to time… otherwise you might not be the last person that they try to hurt.

  • Show your skills, and become a legend

    When I run into friends from over 10 years ago, they still fight stories from my ‘youth’.  When you win a fight in glorious fashion, or against someone that no one expects you to beat, these stories live forever… and weirdly enough, you end up with life long respect from your peers.

You're right... let's do this.

Here's what some other members are saying
about the F.B.P. Program

I'm not one to brag about my own stuff... so I let other people do it for me 😉

I've learned a ton so far in this program. Watched every video and am more than halfway through completing the drills. I am psyched to keep training this, and repeat, and ingrain it more. Through this training I am confident that I could win a fight with a much bigger and stronger opponent if necessary. I'm not by nature the most coordinated guy but by sticking to the techniques and drills in this program, by getting the form down through your awesome videos (and then doing a lot of repetition), I know I have improved dramatically... I will be very dangerous if I need to use this in a fight. Working this program makes me more psyched to get back into a dojo/gym again at some point to do more sparring. Looking forward to learning more from your website and your future programs. Best wishes with your new ninja tyke in training.

Erik Nielsen
Erik Nielsen

If you’re looking for realistic and devastatingly effective techniques to quickly end a fight, esp against larger opponents- this is it. I’ve trained and later taught a variety of martial arts over the years, and also purchased several instructional programs (in the early days of UFC). Fight Smart wins; not even a close match. Travis has a talent for teaching; no BS, but lots of humor. If you wanna learn how to kick butt in a street fight or to get submissions during training/match- this series will do it.

Gene Bolduc
Gene Bolduc

Thanks for the awesome program man. Good teachers are few and far in-between and you good sir have a knack for breaking things down in an entertaining way that anyone can understand. Add the fact that you're genuinely passionate about what you do, and you have a top-notch practical program that's worth every penny! On the real I've learned a great deal from you dude and will continue to grab other programs from you as they come out. Hell maybe one day I'll come through for a live lesson!

Shaker Q
Shaker Q


I'm back in college at New Mexico State… so me and this guy from class are hanging out. He invited me to his house. He is like 6'7 350. We were pounding beers. All of a sudden he starts blurting racist crap and all this Cartel bulls***. I tell him "Hey, I'm leaving, I don’t want to hear it." I go to leave and he grabs me by the shirt from behind. Thanks to the training, I automatically turn and Fade-Away-Hook to take an angle. That hurts him but he still comes at me, so I move away towards the door and outside of the house.

Based some of your advice, I think in my head, "I have no chance at boxing this guy", so I do a Tyson slip and grab his leg... Perfect single leg takedown!. So I put his leg into position and yell “Stop you $%^&  or I will break your ankle!”...  That was it.  End of story.  He said "No. No... please don't" and gave up.  All I had to do was THREATEN him with one of the footlocks from the FBP course. Then we just stood there about 20 yards apart while I called my fiancée to pick me up. True story Travis..you saved my life. I’m so lucky I found your website. Keep doing what you are doing. You are actually saving lives.


Luke Ricards
Luke Ricards
I've read enough... sign me up!

I've stuffed in some Special Bonuses
To Make Your Decision Even Easier...

To sweeten up the deal for you, I've thrown in a few extra bits of training awesomeness.  These extra tools will make a huge difference in your game.

  • Bonus 1 - A Guide to Fight-Ending Ankle Locks!

    There are certain moves that are practically unfair when you know them… and foot-locks fall into that category.  Instead of a engaging in a stand-up brawl or Jiu Jitsu match against a larger opponent, there are tons of instances where you can just grab his foot, and snap his ankle (if you know the moves)! genkeGuys like Genke Sudo have proven this method to work when easily submitting opponents over 200 pounds heavier, and it will work for you too. I’ll show you exactly how to do these moves, and how to practice them to make them second nature (without even having a training partner). * A note from Trav: If you read the testimonials for this course, you’ll hear a great story about one of my trainees slaying a huge opponent with a foot-lock.*

  • Bonus 2 - Downloadable Workouts, Email Training Regiments, and The Magical Combination Creator

    As mentioned before, you will get dozens of written/downloadable workouts to help you build and reinforce all of the skills in this training course… but you also have the option of having the course emailed to you on a regimented schedule to keep you on track. Any day you need to learn a new set of techniques, you’ll be sent links to the videos you should watch, and a link to download the workout that you need to do.

    On top of this, you’ll get extra ‘fun’ tools like the Magical Combination Creator, which will create brand-new and unique workouts based on moves from the course, and force all of this stuff to become second nature.

  • Bonus 3 - A Seminar on Defending Against Chokes & Headlocks (and how to make your chokes indefensible)

    This is a seminar taught by Chris Downing, (one of my coaches). It’s focus is on defending yourself against chokes: if anyone sneaks up behind you and wraps his arm around your neck, this seminar will help you to escape (in the most dominant way possible).

    You’ll also learn the most effective ways to choke someone from a standing position… as a bonus within a bonus.


  • Bonus 4 - Striking Foundations

    As a final bonus, I’m going to give you a comprehensive guide to the basic strikes that I teach.  I break down the technique behind every essential punch or kick and help you build powerful form step-by-step. (This is great for beginners, and even advanced fighters who need review).

    I’ll also show you how to turn each strike into a potential one-hit-fight-ender by unlocking tremendous power in each strike… and you’ll also learn where to strike your opponent for the most devastating effect.

Give me the bonuses!

Even more testimonials?

So many people love this program that I feel obligated to show you more testimonials...

The horizontal elbow... Diabolically effective. Tonight I was sparring with a bigger opponent and I was doing a pretty good job of slipping his punches but he was getting frustrated and got a little aggressive, so he started moving in on me which was promptly halted by a well placed horizontal elbow to his solar plexus. He went down and stayed down for a couple of minutes... Damn it sucked to be him tonight! The thing is, the move was instinctual. I did not plan to do it, it's just a move I feel comfortable throwing at the heavy bag and it came so naturally tonight so the moral of the story is this: if I drill the techniques in the way you show, I know that they will be there when I need them. Thanks Trav


Personally, I wasn't sure what to expect with this program but having seen the quality of the head movement series I had a feeling it was going to be well worth a punt. Coming from a background of 6 years of mixed martial arts, and actively training and teaching myself, I think that this program was a real must watch. Full of expert tips, brand new never before seen tricks and techniques and tons of legit street applicable tactics to learn and pass on to my students. Best of all the material is delivered in a hilarious and easily watchable way that will have you returning to the program again and again. Congratulations on a ground breaking program! The way distance learning martial arts should be taught.

Stephen Pencil
Stephen Pencil

Just wanted to say, the closing distance methods are awesome. I've been doing Muay Thai for 15 years but somehow managed to never learn how to close distance properly.  I did the drills today... feels great!


Trav, just wanted say your program is awesome so far man. I got a chance to skim through the Week 4 vids and the 'Getting the most out of your movement' video was a total light bulb moment for me. I am a firm believer in this style... the destructive power of these moves is one of the reasons why I love to watch Tyson mess people up!


Your elusive workouts are not only effective for moving ones ass, but also great at building up muscles, ligaments and tendons that support my rather unfit frame!

Greg Golden
Greg Golden

10 minutes after watching the leaping hook video and i still have a residual boner.

Ben MacKenzie
Ben MacKenzie
Sign me up!

As always, you have a Full 100% Money Back Guarantee...

I am proud to offer a full 100% money back guarantee on this training course.  If it doesn't work out, you will absolutely not get stuck with something that you don't like or use... (especially since the program is awesome).

If for any reason you want your money back, shoot me an email within 30 days of your purchase, and I'll refund you immediately with no questions asked.

If you don't like it, you don't have to own it!  This is a 100% risk free program, so give it a shot.

How To Fight A Bigger / Stronger Opponent
Simple System for defeating huge people in fights.

Dlastmohican Dlastmohican

This program is worth 3X what I paid for it. Your hard work is very appreciated Trav. I'm purchasing the Head Movement Program and almost certainly any program you do in the future.

Mitchel McIntyre Mitchel McIntyre

Trav, just a quick note to say that I'm absolutely loving your program - despite not being a more vocal member. Game changing stuff you are doing here; it is truly excellent stuff.

Eric Eric

I've been psyched working on everything and especially lately the boxing combos and slips. I feel I am improving and I am just loving every new day of this program. I am always pumped to start the next day and each new phase of this. I am planning on repeating this program the next three months and getting better and better. Thanks for making this Trav... it makes autonomous home training very achievable. I also want to join the next Fight Smart program you put together.

Thomas M Thomas M

Trav, thank you very much for this program! Also thanks to everybody involved making it!  With quite some athletic background, it has been my first online course, and it helped me tremendously !  Breaking down every move was a big help for me, since at my MMA school, there´s not always the time. Also with my busy work schedule, family life and other obstacles, it`s perfect for me to be able to zigzag through the tutorials -- (and also mix them with the HM program or the free videos). So this all by itself was giving 100 % satisfactory -- but your strong communication skills and the unique and entertaining way in front of the camera made it even more inspiring -- excitement for the entire duration of that program -- ! the quality of your movements are amazing and are my aim for what to strive for - the ‘arts’ in ‘martial-arts’! It was a great experience!  thanks

Get started today - here is what you get:

  • Unlock over 100 Fight Smart Training Videos
  • More than 30 Downloadable PDF Workouts
  • The F.B.P. Training Regiment - Never miss a workout or lesson
  • Module 1 - Stand Up Fighting - Brawling like Tyson
  • Module 2 - Wrestling, Takedowns, and Dominant Postitioning
  • Module 3 - Ground n' Pound and Brutal Submissions
  • Bonus - Ankle Locks
  • Bonus - Striking Foundations
  • Bonus - The Anti-Choke Seminar
  • And of course... MUCH MORE!
Get Access Now

You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee

The Illustrist The Illustrist

Buying this program is the best money I ever spent.

James Heid James Heid

Hey Trav, after studying and practicing martial arts and boxing for the last couple of years I was eager to dig into this course.

The vids, pdf's and live hangouts were above and beyond expectation.

The course was well thought out and had a great sequential progression to it. Really enjoyed how each new lesson built on the last.

The outlined sets and reps matrix for practicing and training is invaluable for making the moves second nature when needed.

I would recommend this to anyone interested in the fighting arts.

Looking forward to future offerings.


Ask Our Team Of Ninja's...

  • q-iconAm I getting DVD's in the mail?

    Nope!  The entire program is online, so there will be some stuff that you download, and some stuff that streams directly to any device.  You will have access to the program wherever you go, even without packing your DVD’s and DVD player.

  • q-iconDo I get access to the program forever?

    Yes… anything you buy from Fight Smart is yours forever.  There is no ‘expiring membership’ after a certain period of time.  What’s yours is yours… and it stays that way!

  • q-iconWhat if I don't have any experience?

    You don’t need any!  I break down every single technique, step-by-step, so that you are built up from Square 1.  You will not be ‘left behind’ or even left frustrated.  Regardless of your experience level, or your athletic ability, I can teach you how to dodge punches… 100%.  In many cases, less experience is better, since I don’t have to help you break any bad habits.

  • q-iconIs there stuff for advanced fighters in here?

    Absolutely.  While everyone needs to focus on basic form, I made sure to fill this program with plenty of concepts and techniques that we can all aspire to.  The world of MMA and fighting is limitless… you will be shown countless new techniques, as have potentially years of training to do before you have this stuff ‘perfect’.

  • q-iconWhat if I have some questions?

    Shoot me an email!  I’m happy to look at your form and help you in whatever way I can.

  • q-iconDo I need a training partner or a gym to do this?

    No, you can do the vast majority of this training as a ‘solo mission’ and often equipment can be supplemented for training partners.  Of course, the more resources you have access to, the better your training will be, but as you’ll see in the program, you can make tremendous gains just by training on the air.  

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You are protected by our 30 day money back guarantee

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