Building The Neck You Need

The Workout

Don’t do today’s workout if you plan on needing to turn your head a lot tomorrow.  You’re going to be sore if you’ve never done something like this before.

Forehead Rolls

  • 20 Reps Front to Back (moving front and then back counts as one repetition).
  • 20 Reps Side to Side 

Make sure you get a good neck stretch on every rep.

30 Seconds Rest (or till you feel recovered)

Neck Bridges

Hands for support are encouraged to start, unless you’re advanced with this

  • 10 Normal
  • 5 Turning your head Left
  • 5 Turning your head Right

Forehead Rolls

  • 20 Circles to the Left
  • 20 Circles to the Right

Neck Bridges

10 Reps using just your head… BUT, when you get up on the top of your head, place your hands on the ground and pick your head off the ground into a full “Wheel Pose”.  Then place your head down and return to a resting position using just your head.

This will build your neck, your shoulders, and your back.

By now, you should have a pretty good pump in your neck.  It’s time to hit things.

20 LIGHT Headbutts into a heavy bag


I want you to move forward slowly in a shot position, and make LIGHT impact with your forehead.  Take not of where you feel the stress in your neck.

50 “Yesses”

Ideally, hang your head off of a couch, bed, or exercise bench to get full range of motion.  Take note of the horrible pain.

20 LIGHT Headbutts into a heavy bag using the Right Side of your forehead

No shot is guaranteed to be perfect, and your stability needs become different depending on where you make contact.  Take note of how your neck feels as you do this.

50 “No’s”

Again, hang your head.  Remember when you thought that the Yesses were bad?  Hmpf.

20 LIGHT Headbutts into a heavy bag using the Left Side of your forehead

End with some nice light neck circles while standing, and try to con your significant other (if you have one) into giving you a massage.

Tomorrow when you’re sore, start with an incredibly hot shower and some neck rolls.  You’ll feel better temporarily.