Chuck Liddell Punching Faces Off

A Testament to Distancing, Power, Accuracy,
and Takedown Defense.

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Striking-Distancing copyFight Distancing

Before even teaching you how to throw a punch, I think it's important that you understand how far away you are supposed to be from the guy you're trying to beat the crap out of.  The correct distancing builds power and increases your safety.  This is an EXCELLENT video and you will have a better understanding of how to fight after watching it.

maxfiberThe Secret To A Knockout Cross (Or any punch) 

Maximum Fiber Recruitment is a kinesiological concept that teaches your brain how to fire all of your muscle fibers instantaneously.  This generates instantaneous power and speed, making any of your strikes capable of immediate knockouts.

How To Punch Harder Using Simple Science - Freakish Power Punch Training - Increase Striking Power.mp4.Still001Building Crazy Hook Power

This video will teach you how to apply basic kinesiology (think of it like "Explosive Muscle Science") to your hooking punches... and give them an alarming increase in power.

Screenshot 2016-06-05 10.54.19 copyStanding In Base

There are going to be times when you end up on the ground while you're fighting... it's somewhat unavoidable.  This is the the best technique that you can use to stand up safely and effectively

Striking-Fadeaway-Hook copyThe Fade-Away Hook

Once you have your rear slip working, you can use this technique to put the guy's lights out the moment that you make his punch miss!

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