Coaching Club Episode 1.

September 15th, 2018 @1PM EST

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  • Dennnis

    Reply Reply September 12, 2018

    I agree with you Trav, the reality of getting cut is scarey and knives with blood can be slippery making it difficult to disarm. Rules one and two.

    In both the ‘knife defense in a corner’ and the ‘h“uk, grab, and smash’- instead of relying on a sleave grab the left palm is able to grip the back of the armpit even without a gi by simply placing the thumb into the armpit from behind. This technique has worked for me when I needed it.

    Also no amount of pain is enough in a knife fight to stop a knife attacker, but rather imediate injury and pain might be a by-product if he is lucky, as for example strikes to the back of the neck will stop many attacks.

    The ‘catching the knife arm’ against a stab or slashes (this is nother move I am already familiar to)- if your left check hand is able to grip the top of his hand trapping his thumb your right palm assists from below and stabelized by having the elbow tight against your ribs.

    On defending against a sewing machine the (left) grabbing arm can be turned into him making it impossable for him to reach you to cut you with his right side turned away from you. Grab him with both hands overlapping the thumbs at his left shoulder or armpit area. Stomp the back of his left knee crashing the front of his knee into the sidewalk, then knee or kick the back of his neck from behind and run away.

    I was having trouble with the ‘clear’ against a thrust – what I forsee happening with this technique unless the moves are small and timed – is him faking and then cutting the reaching right hand due to the violation of rule number 3.


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