A Video #2 Summary

Using my mastery of .gifs!

(I know it was a long video.  This will help)

We can use The Parry to deflect every form of opening attack...

(Including a grab, which is by far the most common one that our opponent’s will use, according to our statistics on opening attacks:)

  • 40% Grab
  • 25% Straight Stab
  • 24% Overhand Stab
  • 9% Slash
  • 2% Backhanded slash

A Straight Stab (25% of attacks) is the easiest to deflect

...using a combination of The Parry, and a re-angling of the torso.  We can use the same method to deflect a Grab, so 65% of attacks are easily handled.

Overhand Attacks (33%) Should Be Parried At The Forearm

BUT FIRST, make sure that you have aligned your hand with the outside of his knuckles.  This puts you directly into the path of an Overhand Stab (24%) or a Slash (9%).

And then The Parry is Simple...

As long as you aim anywhere between the midpoint of his forearm and the wrist, at the moment of his attack.

And if you BACK UP, you can afford to miss the occasional Parry.

You know... if you get a little sloppy.

But no attacker will stop stabbing until you HURT him!

So when you're ready, Parry immediately into your counter.  I like Crosses, and Oblique Kicks (or some combination of the two)

Here's the cross:

And here's the oblique kick:

And Finally... some offense.

You can always proactively reach out to cover the guy's knuckles, move his hand out of the way, and blast him in the face.

This is especially safe in the 'Overhand Stab' position, but can be done with the knife in any position... as long as you're accurate.

So that's pretty much it!

Obviously there were additional details mentioned in Video #2, but I certainly understand if you don't have the full 15 minutes to spare.

Make sure you check out the full Knife Defense Mastery Course, before the ridiculous discount pricing expires.  

...but if not, the next video will show you the absolute biggest advantage that you can seize in a knife fight, and inherently you will completely control the arm trying to kill you (just before you destroy it).


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