The Floor Pinch and Float

This is a drill which will further sharpen your footwork, solve 'weight distribution' errors, and make you are far more balanced and solid fighter.

How To Stifle A Head Movement Guy

As the Fight Smart Army expands, the chances of you fighting a 'head movement guy' increase.  If you've watched this far into the program and he hasn't... well... you'll probably win (and tell me the glorious tale).

Uppercuts...An Extensive Examination

In this video, I cover three different types of uppercut with varying degrees of devastation, and different purposes.  It is a good video.  Yes.

Katsidis Vs Casamayor

A great fight, in which you can see some nice double uppercuts to the body... or at least that's how I remember it.

Tysons Best Uppercuts

I can't have an uppercut lesson without showing you the Master of Uppercuts. No music, no frills, just sheer neck-snapping beast mode.

The Frazier Slip

The most successfully redundant slip in the history of heavyweight boxing.

Mike Tyson vs Buster Mathis (on mute)

Here's that Tyson and Mathis fight, but be advised... there is no sound. The only 'free' version that I could find on YouTube is muted... so... I don't know what to tell you. Enjoy!