Do Strikes To The Throat Actually Work?

Nut Shots and Throat Punches DEBUNKED!

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Do strikes to the throat really work?

In the last email that I sent, I showed 5 examples of people getting jumped by multiple attackers... and I asked for some feedback about this type of fight scenario.

It became abundantly clear that some of you folks have watched way too many movies.

"Dude... I would just stab my fingers into one of the guys throats and watch him gasp for air.... THEN I would kick the other guys in the nuts BAAAAHHHHHH!"

No.  No you wouldn't.

First of all, strikes to the throat DO NOT HURT.  If you think that people are going to double over, clutching their necks as they struggle to breathe, you are very much mistaken.  In reality, nothing happens.  The guy might cough once or twice before resuming his onslaught.

I have been punched in the throat at least 10 times and will attest to this fact, but don't take my word for it...

The folks over at Sport Science did an episode called "The World Record Kick to the Groin", and in this video they filmed a stupid cult of martial artists who enjoy showing how much pain/punishment they can take.

Their favorite forms of demonstration were kicks to the nuts, and punches to the throat...

At 2:15 and the 5:00 mark, you can see these idiots taking significant strikes to the neck/throat.  It doesn't bother them at all.  That's not because of their moronic "years of training", it's just because it doesn't do any damage!

Now nut shots are a bit different.  They hurt immensely, but in truth, they are not debilitating.  It's PAIN! And pain is just... well... painful.

Many fighters will not want to push through the feeling, but anyone easily could, especially in the presence of adrenalin,  (or just by using some good old fashioned focus.)

In part 2 of this Video, you will see one of these guys take a very powerful shot to the balls:

Click Here to watch a nauseating example of mental strength. 

Now look, I'm sure that these "martial artists" have desensitized their balls... they've probably smashed them into little knots of scar tissue, and left their wives disappointed on a nightly basis.  I'm sure that their ball-conditioning is in part responsible for their lack of reaction.

Still, the fact remains that if you want to stop an attacker you need to hurt him badly, and in such a way that can not be overcome with mental focus.

If you knock someone's wind out and he can't breathe, then he can't fight... YOU WIN!

If you destroy someone's knee joint and he can't stand, then he can't fight... YOU WIN AGAIN!

My goal is to prepare you for real combat scenarios, with the realest techniques that you can have... not some fanciful nonsense.