Fightin’ Bigger Folks Week 2

"Closing distance is an essential part of fighting larger opponents."

Ok... the guy is under control and he's no longer charging.  Now you need to get inside his range and smash him up a bit without getting hit.  That's going to require some Head Movement.  Otherwise, your face will be an easy target to punch.

Penguin Slipping In Close

This technique is the basis for our distance closing movements.

"Tyson Slipping" In Close

Here's a more athletic option for closing distance that I highly recommend you add to your stash of movement techniques. I end up doing this all the time, without even realizing it.

Now at this point, you have the basics of closing distance covered, and you have some workouts to do which will build the general footwork and core strength necessary to move like this.

However, we need to add some extra techniques to really freeze the guy up on your way in, and to helps us deal with hooks more effectively.

Penguin slips don't always work against hooks (as you're about to see) and more importantly, we need some variation.

“Variation in your head movement might be the most important part of closing distance.”

Adding Variation and "U-Slips"

This will give you the ability to roll under hooks while closing distance, and also give you the ability to be UNPREDICTABLE while you're closing distance.

At this point, there’s a limitless amount of work that you can do to build your ability to get inside your opponents range… you could train this for 20 minutes per day and be insanely difficult to hit in a matter of a few weeks.

Be prepared… this is hard work. 20 seconds of free-styling slip variation while moving forward is going to be exhausting. That said, you will be on your way to sharpening body movements specific to fighting larger people.

A Brief Note From Trav...

I remember when fighting was exhausting. It didn’t matter what I was doing; shadow boxing on the air would put me wayyy out of breath. After all, when you’re first starting out with martial arts technique, all your body is working with is the muscle memory and physical development from every other sport you’ve played.

Unfortunately, all the years I spent running around on a field didn’t prepare my body to effectively use the muscles needed in MMA training.

Muscles need blood to get oxygen. Blood flows through veins. Veins don’t just appear like huge wide tunnels for your blood to rush through… that kind of stuff has to be BUILT.

Every single time you punch until you are exhausted, or you do slip sprints until your sides are burning, you build a lot more than just your muscles. You build neurological path ways (so your brain can coordinate the movements), you build your cardiovascular system (so your heart can deliver blood), you build your lactic acid threshold (so you can push through the pain and the burn).

Every time you PUSH yourself hard physically, you turn your body into more of a machine… you sharpen your mind, and you build your heart (your real heart, and the metaphorical “heart”… like Rocky Balboa had “heart”).

Keep that in mind any time you’re doing a drill that I give you, the moment that it gets hard and the moment that you want to stop.

Is your opponent working this hard? Probably not.

It won’t be easy at first, but slowly you will become the martial artist that you seek to create.

Moving on…

While you’re training all of the fun stuff I gave you, I want you to start thinking about the next crucial element of closing distance: Taking Angles!

If you want to be able to really damage your opponent and not get hit back… I would strongly recommend that you pay very close attention to this next video.

Taking Angles... With U-Slips

  This video explains the absolute need to take a good attack angle, and shows you how to use a U-Slip to get there.

Now my job in this program is to give you one super sweet strategy to follow so that you can win fights against bigger people. I’ve given you one way to take a good attack angle… but there are many.

General footwork will allow you to take attack angles. Moving your feet while punching will allow you to take angles. Head movement and “angle changes” will allow you to take angles. I stuck a couple of random videos about this concept under the last video if you want to get deeper into it.

And just to cap off the week nicely...

I'll give you a crazy badass attack which also involves cutting down the space between you and your opponent.


Leaping Hook

A Crazy Kind of Hook (and other stuff)

This video teaches you a monumental attack that Tyson used, and covers some other crazy intricacies of our strategy.

(if you already have access)