Fightin’ Bigger Folks Week 8

We start this week with a pretty bold maneuver...

But since the second half of this Module focuses on the Body Lock, you should be able to put yourself in the best position to seize this grip... a place where your opponent can't move away is ideal...

bp-234-wall-stuff-run-block-bodylock.Still002Run Blocking People Into A Wall

Well it's pretty easy to understand why takedowns are easiest against the wall where our opponent can't escape... but what's the easiest way to drive someone up against a wall?

Now that your opponent is up against the wall...

might as well have a simple yet effective way to add a reap to your Body-Lock.

bp-235-osoto-gake.Still007Ko Soto Gake

Also known as "Small Outside Hook" (the Japanese were not very creative with their move titles), this move is a very simple way to add another dimension to your bodylock, as seen in our Gracie highlight reel.

Since we're on the topic of being clever, it's important to continuously build your set-ups.  Certain techniques seem to flow perfectly into each other... once you allow them to do so.

bp-236-kicking-into-shots-and-flowing-off.Still002Kicking Into Shots

...and flowing off. This is a great way to set up your takedowns, as well as some savage hooks to your opponents face.

But what happens if you screw up?

bp-24-flowing-out-of-errors-falls-into-steps.Still009Falling into Flows

Just go with it... it will all makes sense when you watch the video.

But... what if you don't want to screw up?

bp-24-fixing-shot-errors.Still001Fixing Common Shot Errors

I didn't realize how  ugly my shots were until I started watching them on video... by coaching myself through this crap, hopefully I can help coach you through the same... if you're experiencing them.  Either way, this is a helpful training lesson.

...and in the event that you can't finish your Single leg Takedown:

bp-24-single-into-uppercut-trick.Still004Ol' Dirty Tricks

This is actually a new trick, but I wanted the title to be reflective of my intro's audio sample.

and as we bring this module to a close, it's important to remember that a takedown really doesn't mean anything, unless you capitalize off of it... and beyond that, your takedowns are made easier by the techniques you use to set them up.  This is why you have to step back occasionally and remind yourself to tie it all together.

bp-24-tying-it-all-together.Still002Tying It All Together

It's important to occasionally review, but more important to remind you to think in ENTIRE SEQUENCES OF MOVES, from our starting point to the finish.

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