How To Fight Multiple Attackers

Welcome To The Program!

Welcome to the program... let's get right down to business.

First things first, if you need some help with the Basics...

I have gathered up a series of very important initial lessons for you... and not all of these are "basic".  I teach you the jab, cross, hook, uppercut, and roundhouse... step by step, but also teach you how to unlock every ounce of power in each technique. You will also learn tips for a good stance, distancing fundamentals, and how to control fear during a fight... all essential stuff that should not be overlooked.

I would recommend that you take a look through this section before starting the course, so you can be sure you're up to speed with your basic strikes and such.

Striking Foundations

This page will give you the foundation that you need to build your fighting skills.  The details in these lessons should be kept in mind with every strike that you throw, and every step that you take.

On to the real program!

Now you might have seen these first three videos already, but if you haven't, you need to watch them.  They set the premise for our entire strategy:

sales-1 YouTube.00_04_45_03.Still006Using the Clinch to Fight Multiple Attackers

This video will show you how to use the Muay Thai clinch as your primary technical base when fighting multiple opponents.

fma-sales-2.00_05_09_18.Still002Building A Savage Clinch... and other stuff

In addition to building a savage clinch, I believe this video will teach you how to throw the most powerful strike in the history of mankind.

sales-3.00_06_34_20.Still004Primary Positioning and Stopping Sucker Punches

This video will make you aware of some incredibly important decisions that you need to make both before and during the fight, and you'll also be able to stop sucker punches with positioning.

Ok, now let's backtrack... or forward-track and start building some technique.

The first lesson in the course is on how to throw a proper "straight knee".  There's a ton of Golden information in this video... so try to remember everything that you can!

fma-straight-knees.00_01_15_26.Still003Straight Knees... to death.

This lesson ended up being a library of knee related information and video stupidity.   Somehow, this video took me days upon days to do over.  I think I got a little carried away on this 'knee seminar'... of sorts.

The "Rude Awakening"

This is a series of charge stopping attacks from the "How to Fight Bigger People Program.  The 3rd attack in this video is a battering ram style knee that will cripple your opponent if landed.  It's this specific style of knee that you want to throw off of your "Angle Drags".

You will also learn a huge elbow, and some other stuff... enjoy.

Now let's focus on some attacks from the clinch... you can do some major damage with these:

Hooking Knees

Unlike your straight knees, these are meant to attack the sides of your opponent's body and head.  With the right direction, these can easily result in "liver knockouts", and thus end fights quickly.

With more than enough weapons to hurt people badly, let's start fending off the 'running' attacker... which I think I also refer to as the 'punching' attacker.  I should work on my consistency.

Kicking From The Clinch

When it comes to Fighting Multiple Attackers, this is a staple in your arsenal.  You will learn the finer points of this technique, and also how it works magically with other techniques in the strategy for a seamless flow between moves.

Now the following technique might not be all that great for this strategy...

I'll let you be the judge.  Maybe if you're just letting go of the clinch... or feeling ballsy.

Elbowing From The Clinch

This is pretty self-explanatory, but there are some very important details in this lesson... without a doubt.

Now, it's time for some hard work.

Clinch Pommeling and Sparring

Ahhh... the finer points of the clinch game.  This is where you will learn how to fight for a clinch against an experienced opponent, and where you will first start doing real "work" to build the skills that you want.  (Knees are fun... they don't count as work).

And now a lesson with a better name than it probably deserves.

The 10 Points of Knee Attack

The title makes this lesson sound way more epic than it actually is.  These are the "options" you have when throwing knees, and a couple basic ways to sneak in some strikes.

Training For Functional Knees

This lesson is about some important things to keep in mind during your training, and will also give you some pad holder information/variations for your partner training.

Rampage Blocking Into A Clinch

The natural back-and-forth flow of a Rampage Block can be used to send you smoothly into your clinch if you pay attention to this lesson.

One Handed Clinch Combos

This is a basic lesson on how you can start grabbing clinches with one hand, and also flowing from punching combinations into your clinch.  We will undoubtedly elaborate on this later in the course...

Now look, currently this is a weekly course... meaning, 7 days from the day that you bought this thing, a new batch of lessons will be unlocked for you.

This might make you grumpy and bitter, but it's for your own good.

In a story about the Russian olympic Judo team, it's fabled that the competitors were not allowed to attempt a throw in competition until they had already executed it 10,000 times in practice.

Ten Thousand.

Repetition is what makes you good at things... at least physical things.  Right now you already have months of training to do before you could even theoretically approaching "mastery" all of the techniques above.

If you think I'm full of crap, post a video of yourself doing one of the techniques, and I'll probably be able to pick out 5 things that you can potentially do better.  This is a great way to learn btw, and I encourage you to do so... make a damn video!

For right now, pick ONE video from above, take the technique that you learned and execute it 100 times in your normal stance on the right side, and then 100 times on the left.  Then switch your stance and do it again... 100 and 100.  400 total reps in every feasible stance and direction.

That will get you better, but you'd still be a long way away from "competition ready" by Russian olympic standards... not that I give a shit about the Russian olympic team, I'm just sayin'.

You may be be physically tired before you finish training the techniques in the first video (especially since the Rude Awakening has 3 different moves... and a PDF workout underneath it).

Anyhow, enjoy the first week, and let me know if you have any questions 😉

How To Fight Multiple Attackers

Week #2.

Let's not forget what we're trying to build.

The following video will serve as a quick reminder, though has some curses in the song lyrics...  

kneesoftheaxeThe Knees of the Axe Murderer (PG-13 Rating)

It's been a minute since I began inspiring you to build your clinch.  Let this YouTube video be a reminder of the diabolical power that we're trying to build.

fma-skipping-knees.00_01_12_25.Still004Skipping Knees

For when you just want your knees to keep on flowin'.

Now... It's back to work.

Based on the communication that I've gotten from you guys, I immediately needed to publish a lesson on how to improve your clinch skills by yourself.

The first video examines how to do this with a heavy bag.  While I'm aware that not everyone has one, the lesson is important... and everyone should have one.

Also in this video, I discuss the incredibly exciting:

  • Framing of your clinch (and attacking with a frame)
  • Clinch Tip #4
  • Importance of accurate repetitions

Here's the video:


fma-clinch-building-with-a-heavy-bag.00_00_58_09.Still002Building Your Clinch (mostly with a Heavy Bag)

Aretty self explanatory lesson... with some relatively important nuggets.

Next, I need to make sure you can counter the most common defense to the clinch... and while many of you probably know this maneuver, there's some details in here that will make a difference in your methods.

fma-backing-out-of-the-clinch.00_00_35_01.Still004The Counter for One Who 'Backs Out of Your Clinch'

Grammatically correct titles never sound cool.

Don't forget to watch the Fadeaway Hook Lesson!

Now let's not forget...

Your opponent is trying to back up, in an effort to 'create space' between the two of you.  In stead of clinging to his head like a ruffian, you can always just 'go with the flow' and allow him to move backwards.

Then, you can use this space to unleash the power of a thousand angry dragons.

fma-charging-front-kick.00_02_15_06.Still011The Charging Front Kick

We can use this strike to discourage a fleeing or distant opponent, and additionally, we can set it up to ruin somebody's leg.

This is another one of the most powerful strikes in the world.

fma-slipping-into-an-angle-drag-DEMO-just-slips.00_00_50_28.Still005Adding Head Movement

Everyone constantly asks me for footwork drills.  This is an excellent example of how footwork and technique can make fighting alarmingly simple... IF you actually do the work I recommend.  If you don't, then stop asking me for stuff!

fma-snapping-into-a-guillotine.00_00_31_27.Still002Hiding Behind Guillotines (and Neck Breakers)

This lesson will show you the finer details of using a guillotine (or potentially other standing submissions) to remove one of your opponents from the fight... with other added bonuses.

StandingSubmissions2Standing Submissions Part 1.

This lesson will be very useful for anyone who plans to implement the clinch on 1 or 2 opponents... not more.   You will be able to choke one of them to sleep while hiding from the other one.  As an added gruesome bonus, you will learn how to snap someone's neck... if it becomes absolutely necessary :-/

the travacondaStanding Submissions Part 2. (the "Travaconda")

This is NOT a great attack to use against multiple opponents... but I mention it in the Standing Guillotine video, so I wanted you to be able to find it.  That said, if everyone else has been put to sleep, you could easily finish the "last man standing" with this one.

How To Fight Multiple Attackers

Week #3.

Clinch Defense and Such

Ok... it's good to be back!

This week I want to cover a bunch of clinch defense... so defense against your opponent's clinch, and also defense against random things that you'll see when 'playing the clinch game'.

The most annoying thing that you are virtually guaranteed to experience when clinching someone is the occasional very forceful attempt for him to fight up the middle.  Sometimes people are strong, and without even having good technique, they can make it challenging for you to hang onto their heads.

As such, the following move, the "Clinch Reset" is perfect to stop what your opponent is doing to challenge your clinch, and reset the game.. so to speak.


The Clinch Reset

When you need to... just push the reset button.

Before I give you the most important clinch escape that you will need to learn, I have to show you what to do in any moment that you only have half of a clinch.


The Half Clinch - ...and what to do with it

This is a position that you will see a LOT... so you better know what to do with it, or your clinch is going to suck.

Now that the half clinch is out of the way...

Let's move on to a very important clinch escape, and movement pattern.


The Trickiest Best Clinch Defense

Parlaying off of your half-clinch defense, this video will tie together a specific series of choreographed moves to turn that guy's clinch into your clinch.

One clinch escape is simply not enough...

These are best done in combination, like the vast majority of martial arts technique.  This would be the "power punch" in a clinch escape combination.

fma-clinch-d-blast-up.00_01_54_11.Still001The "Blast Up" Defense

This is a more explosive escape option, great as a stand alone but even better when used in a sequence...

With those primary clinch escapes, you will get out of the vast majority of clinches,  if you take the time to work on your form... or at least visualize your form.

While you're playing with those two, throw this experimental move in the mix:

fma-the-clinchiscana.00_01_32_23.Still001The Clinchiscana

This move is new.... so new that it was actually born while we were filming other clinch defenses.  Try it out.

Now this final clinch escape is the perfect tool to take your escape percentage from 96% up to 100%.   In addition to regaining control of your opponent, it flows perfectly into an unstoppable knee to the body.

As a side note, this escape will practically guarantee a path into half clinch... if you do it correctly.

fma-clinch-escape-3.00_02_06_15.Still005Clinch Escape #3

I realize that this is technically the 4th clinch escape that we're covering in this course... but I named this lesson long before this course came to be.

Now a week make up of nothing but defensive stuff would be no fun.  In the interest of spicing things up, here's another essential part of the 'offensive' clinch game.

fma-clinch-tip-into-big-knee.00_01_07_03.Still003The Clinch Tip

This move is a neck-cranking, forward-driving maneuver that will help you create space for a big knee. Add this to your collection and you will have 360 degrees of potential clinch control.

The final lesson this week is helps you to handle a scenario that you might encounter any time you throw a lot of knees against a fighter who can 'take' a strike.

fma-clinch-escaping-a-caught-leg.00_01_01_14.Still001Getting Your Leg Back (if it's caught)

You try to knee your opponent, and he catches your leg. It's good to get that leg back quickly, since having both of them is better than standing on one foot like an idiot.

And since we're talking about defense...

You might want to learn how to defend yourself against a knee, if you see one flying at your stomach!

fma-blocking-knees.00_00_15_08.Still001How to Block Knees

This video is obviously going to teach you how to block knees. That's it.

How To Fight Multiple Attackers

Week #4.

The Ground Game Begins

Fighting from the ground is certainly not ideal.  You're in a position to TAKE a lot of damage, while not having obvious ways to do damage laid out in front of you.  The lessons in this week are going to handle that problem.

rolling over a shoulderRolling Over A Shoulder

While this might not sound exciting, a quick backwards roll is an excellent way to get back to your feet, and it comes up a lot in the general world of Jiu Jitsu.

Now that you know how to roll over a shoulder, this next lesson will teach you how to use that ability to quickly get back to your feet, where you're much safer.

catching-kicksDefending and Trapping Soccer Kicks

This video will teach you more than the name implies.  We will look at all of the mechanisms of defense you have on the ground, you will learn how to trap kicks, and then you will be able to get back to your feet... where you can resume smashing people.

fma-moves-after-standing.00_05_13_21.Still001Destruction After Standing

Now that you're back on your feet with the guy's leg, it's time to start eliminating opponents. This video will show you how.

Now of course, not everything is going to go according to plan...

You might be on the ground for a little while before you actually catch a leg.  If you know how to hurt people from this position, you can create the space that you need to stand back up.

fma-ground-kicking-from-the-ground.00_05_36_03.Still001Kicking From The Ground

This video will show you all sorts of fun ways to kick people while you're on your back, and use those movements to get back to your feet.

Standing In BaseStanding In Base

This is the simplest and most effective way to get back to your feet, and I realized that I reference it in several lessons without teaching you how to do it.  Enjoy this old-school lesson which will give you several methods to return to standing.

Now the next pile of fighting technique that I have for you has nothing to do with ground fighting... I happened to film this during Week #4, so this is when you're getting it.

I have had a lot of people ask me for more 'midrange' fighting techniques, in case the clinch isn't getting the job done.  This seminar is going to touch on a LOT of striking technique.

Now some of this stuff is going to be a review for you, but that's OK.  We all need a second look at things to keep the information fresh.  Also, you're going to see exactly how many mistakes people make, even after I give them the same details over and over.

Just because you know the technique, doesn't mean that you're doing it perfectly.

This is filmed at my Jiu Jitsu school (Alliance BJJ in West Chester PA).  You might be aware of the fact that Jiu Jitsu guys aren't the best strikers, so you'll see a LOT of mistakes that you may also be making.  You get to watch as I give them the adjustments that they need to improve.

Here's the general breakdown of what we cover:

The first 30 minutes:

  1. Kneeing into the clinch
  2. Combinations into knees, into the clinch.
  3. Knees flowing into elbows, and combinations into knees, into elbows.
  4. Driving forward into elbows after a knee... a 'Superman Elbow' of sorts.
  5. Knees into elbows, into uppercuts, into a drag, into a clinch.

The Second 30 Minutes

Multiple Kicks from the Chamber

Kicking Multiple Opponents (from the Chamber, before your foot hits the ground.)

Front Kicks, Side Kicks, and Mule Kicks... hopping power into each kick, able to attack all directions.

  1. Kick Safety Fundamentals
  2. Deonte falling hilariously at the 35 minute mark
  3. Setting up Superman Punches with kicks
  4. Kick into Superman Punch, into uppercut, into Second-Step Powerhook
  5. Kick into Superman Punch, into Spinning Back-fist, into Roundhouse

fmaseminarA Striking/FMA Seminar

I feel as though enough description has been given at this point.

Back to the ground game...

As explained in the first few videos, doing massive damage quickly is the single best way to handle a fight with multiple attackers, simply because of the fear that it strikes into the people that you're fighting.  Most people are not tough, and they will quickly shy away from the chance of physical injury... you just have to show them that you can cause it!

This next lesson on the "Kneebar" is probably the fastest and most brutal way to do a lot of damage while you're on your back.  This is one of my favorite moves from a bottom position.

fma-kneebar-2.00_01_48_06.Still006The Kneebar (from your back)

A very fast way to snap one of your opponent's legs, the moment that he tries to kick you.

Now that you know the best ways to get back to your feet, and do damage, you need to make sure that you can guide the fight in that direction.  In other words, make them fight your fight.  This video is going to teach you the finer points of ground positioning, and ways to bait your opponents into doing what you want them to do.

fma-ground-basic-positioning.00_02_11_03.Still002Smart Positioning and Baiting Kicks

This video will show you some clever ways to position yourself, and force the actions that you want from your opponents.

Chris happened to be covering choke defense on the day that I filmed the striking seminar... and when you're fighting multiple people, there's a chance you might get choked from behind!  This video will give you a couple good options for countering chokes (some better than others for F.M.A. scenarios).

fma-drop-seio-nage.00_02_09_03.Still005How to Defend Yourself Against a Choke

Chris just happened to be teaching this class the same day that we brought in the camera, so I decided to film it! This will help you if you get choked from behind, or if you feel like learning some sweet throws.

In case you were wondering how to stop people from escaping a choke...

This next video will teach you how to choke someone in such a way that you will not be thrown.  The bottom line is that the best way to get out of a choke, is to never get in a choke in the first place.

fma-best-way-to-choke.00_00_40_03.Still001How to Choke People Properly

If you execute a choke correctly, your opponent should not be able to escape. Here's a way to choke your opponent powerfully, as you drag him across the floor.

Now I would never consider myself to be a "graceful" fighter.  Powerful?  Yes.  Efficient?  Sure.   But I feel like I skipped a lot of fundamental training that could have made me much more fluid... or at least made me look a lot more fluid.

Chris has an incredibly sound martial arts base, and a lot of the "basic" stuff that he does has a way of looking alarmingly sweet, and being incredibly effective... the following move is one such example.

fma-the-chris-downing-shoulder-roll.00_01_21_05.Still001The Advanced Backwards Roll

I know that we've already beaten the backwards roll to death, but you have to see this sweet variation that Chris does...

Back to the important stuff...

The following lesson should be considered and essential part of your ground defense regiment.

fma-ground-stomp-defense.00_07_36_20.Still001Stomp Defense

Kicks and stomps should be defended differently. This video will teach you how to turn a stomp into a sweep.

Now the following move is slightly harder to pull off, but if someone's stomping on you, you can sweep him and potentially take him out of the fight.

fma-ground-nutcracker-sweep.00_00_41_12.Still002The Nutcracker Sweep

Just watch the video.

One more final video...

to help you make sure your head is in the right spot.  All fighting technique aside, the best moves in the world won't do you any good if you freeze up before a fight.

how to control fearHow to Control Fear During a Fight

This final Old School video will teach you some techniques that you can use to calm yourself down, so you can act in the most noble, heroic, and/or ass-kicking way possible.

And That's The Program!

So look, at this point you know everything that you need to know about the clinch, and you can use it to smash people up while maintaining a human shield.  You also have some other sweet striking options for mid-range fighting in this week's 'seminar'.

You can also defend yourself against any of the attacks that I've taught you how to use.

If you hit the ground, you will be ready.  You can hurt people from this position in a number of ways, including big kicks, knee-bars, or just standing back up before unleashing all kinds of destruction.

I really hope that you enjoyed the program, and I can safely say that my job here is done.  Be sure to let me know if you have any questions, and otherwise, be safe, be strong, and Fight Smart!

Then leave a Comment or Question down below... I answer stuff.

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