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Ground and Pound

"Ground and Pound is the cool was of saying "hitting people on the ground."

Like any martial art, there is considerable technique and skill involved.  Just like stand-up fighting, you want your strikes to land.  There are different ways to squeeze your strikes in, in any position on the ground.

While I believe that Jiu Jitsu is the most elegant form of ground fighting, it's incomplete.  Why limit yourself to only submission moves when your opponent's head is right there to be elbowed... or perhaps struck with knees?

That said, beware of the brutality within ground and pound techniques... you don't have to beat someone's head in on the ground.  There are ways to end fights that will result in far fewer law-suits.

Regardless, this page has a few of my favorite ground and pound techniques.  For more, you will have to sign up for the Ultimate Training Program.


Ground-N-Pound-Side-Mount-Crucific-Trap copyThe Side Mount Crucifix Trap 

This is one of my “ultimate” ground and pound techniques because if you set this up, you get unrestricted, un-returned, and undefended strikes to your opponents head. That’s pretty much a guaranteed win, and you’re going to have to be careful not to hurt anyone too badly. This is one of my favorite MMA techniques from side mount… a must watch.

Gound-N-Pound-Solar-Plexus-to-Head-Shot copySolar Plexus To Headshot 

A lot of people get into mount, and all they want to do is try to tee off on the other guys face. That’s great, and I encourage it… but let’s not forget about the solar plexus. Here’s a cool way to take someones wind out, while setting up additional facial attacks.

kickingfromthegroundKicking From The Ground 

If you’re on the ground, you should understand that you can still have a powerful offense, even from your back with a guy standing over you. This video will show you some bad-ass stuff you can do from the ground with your legs.

Ground-N-Pound-Wall-Walk copyThe Wall Walk 

The wall walk is a simple way to get back on your feet using a wall, and you might not think of it if you hadn’t watched this video. You can’t do Jiu Jitsu with your back stuck up against a wall, so standing up might be your only option. In two minutes, this video will show you the way out.

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