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Dude that mp3 head movement workout is out - f'ing- standing my friend, I have been using it as a warm up before bag and drill work and i am on fire by the time i get done. I have noticed that i am a lot faster with my combinations and crap load more stable in my stance while throwing hand leg combos on my poor heavy bag (as well as what ever poor sap is willing to hold the Thai pads for me) and my head and legs just want to move more without really thinking about it. Seriously, thank you - please make more of whatever it is you make because it's good.

Jim Ducroiset

I’m 47 and in pretty good shape.  I listen to your MP3 every morning in a studio at my local NYSC.  It’s awesome.  Your video’s are awesome.  You’re sarcastic deliveries are equally awesome.  My head is in a better place since following your direction.  Oos!

Matt in Marlboro

To Trav,

I was initially skeptical about how effective this workout would be, but after I got it and ran through half of it before work, I was pleasantly surprised that I was starting to breathe hard. It wasn't until the next morning when i woke up to my entire back and obliques being sore did I realize just how great this workout is (and I only had time to do half of it!).

Just wanted to say great work and I'm glad I forked over the money for this MP3. I love watching your videos and it has inspired me to get back in shape and put more effort behind defending myself. My fiance is in Columbus for school and I can say that after having her do some of the things from your videos, I feel a lot safer having her there alone. keep up the great work and can't wait to see what you got in store for the future.  

Thanks A Lot,  


Dallas King

Hey Trav!

Just a quick update about how your Head Movement MP3 has helped me, but before that I'd like to give a quick background about myself.

I've been teaching Taekwon-Do ITF for over 10 years and although some might think that sounds impressive, my co-instructor friends have been teaching and training longer than I have. I'm always the one getting bullied when sparring with them!

I practiced your MP3 workout TWICE before sparring with my younger bro who has been a black belt for 2 years. Sure I did I KNOW about head dodging from seeing boxers on YouTube but never really managed to put it to practice when fighting.

So the sparring with my brother went great. Not only was I able to dodge his punches and kicks, I felt more confident, had a better fighting stance, and maintained my balance easily. He was surprised at how much of a difference this new skill made in my sparring. I'm waiting to meet up with my co-instructors to have another sparring session. We'll see how it goes!



Muhamad Adib


Just got to doing the HM mp3 last night.. dude its f*ing awesome. managed to do about 95% without fault.

Any chance you're making more of these, maybe medium and advanced throwing in some more moves like elbows, knees, push kicks and shoots?? pretty sure anyone who got the first mp3 would get another one!

Omri Goren


This workout is awesome! It sticks in your head forever, I was taking a nap and for some reason I could still hear your commands in my head (I guess that's kind of freakish, but shows it works lol).

Looking forward to the future of Fight Smart!

Timothy Tran

Yo trav, just wanted to email you to inform you that you are bomb shnizzle.  I've been training in MMA for a few years but can't afford a trainer anymore so you have been a huge help in my home training until I save a few $$.  Just got your MP3 and it's bomb.  #KeepKickingFaces



Nathan Stumpf


I am loving the head movement/counter punching mp3, I have used it outside multiple times and it is very energizing and skill building. Keep this goodness coming man it's all great.

Erik Nielsen


This workout has given me a new spring in my step. Movin' like Joe Calzaghe.

The first time through was tough.

The 2nd time through it was a lot better and easier, and I had a preconceived comprehension on what combos were coming next, so it's all starting to build. It's given me a new immense respect on how head and foot movement are so imperative in the fight game. Really love this program ...  

Grant Vaka

Hey Trav,

I started listening to the mp3 and I was lost within the first minute. Lol, I turned to the video for some help and followed along for a couple rounds in my swivel chair until I got familiar with the movements. Sitting in my chair, I felt my heart pumping, which motivated me to get up and finish the rest of the work-out on my feet. Without indulging in too many details, I say this, I began the Mp3 workout in pj's and by the time it was done, I was in my nickers!

Max Pedraza

Hey man I just wanted to check in with you,

I went ahead and purchased your head movemet mp3.

The first time i did it was a nightmare. i got through 2 rounds. And was pissed off i couldn't keep up. I was trained to never step and slip at the same time. Then i calmed down and listened. Next time, i went 4 rounds. Today the 3rd time i did all 10. I have to say, it's a sick work out and i plan to do it on the heavy bag to see how that works out. ?

A piece of constructive criticism; put your f-ing hands back up after you throw! ;0

Thanks again Trav. Keep up the great work. Much love.

Scott Fraser

Hey Trav,

You are probably busy fixing links, editing videos or fighting a bear, but I just wanted to say good work on the workout mp3.  Here is my feedback:

1.   What you do is great and its good to give back a little.  $10 was a nice level so I wasn't breaking the bank, but still supporting fight smart.

2.  It got me off my ass.  I am quite active but the psychological factory of paying for the mp3 made me invest time in actually doing all the various free techniques you share and drilling them.

3.  I am building the muscle memory and technique vocabulary necessary to be solid fighter.  Right now it seems like its been a great success, so I hope future projects are equally as good.

Max Pedraza

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