Head Movement Training

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Welcome to the Fight Smart Head Movement Training Program. I assure you beyond any shadow of a doubt, this will change the way you look at fighting.

Let’s get right into it.

The first thing that you need to do is familiarize yourself with the 5 basic types of head movement, or “slips”.  Each one has it’s own purposes, and will have different results.  For example, a “Rear Slip” will allow you to retreat from your opponent where a “U-Slip” will move you under your opponents attack, keeping you close, and allowing you to rip very powerful counter-punches.

Before you worry about reading your opponent or dodging 50 attacks at once, you MUST MAKE THESE MOVEMENTS SECOND NATURE!  These are not things that you should have to think about, your body should just be able to do them.  They need to be implanted into your “Muscle Memory”.

Muscle memory is like a connection to your brain’s memory stores and your muscles.  When your brain has “told” your body to execute certain movements enough times, those movements seem to become a part of you.  You don’t have to pause and walk your body through them, it just happens.

If you played baseball growing up, you can probably pick up a ball and throw it to someone without any issue, and at any time.  It wasn’t like that for you all the time though… if your Dad ever video taped you playing ball when you were four years old, I bet you sucked at it.

The bottom line is, until you repeat a movement many many times, it will not be stored in your brain and body’s data-banks.  You have to do this stuff over and over in order to implant it into your body and make it second nature.

For that reason, we will start this program with the basic slips, and you repeating them many many many times.  The first lessons that you're going to be watching in the program come from the Free section of the website... (obviously they had to be included in the full program whether you've already seen them or not).

Hm Mp3 Vid 1 thumbThe Importance of Footwork

This video is going to start you out by thinking about your FEET... since damn near everything that we do is going to be controlled by your footwork.

video-2-hm-launch-thumb-playStraight Slips and Uppercuts - (the "Slip" and 5 and 6 punch)

This is a video you should have already seen on "Straight Slips" and "Up-Jabs", two staple strikes in this workout. (feel free to use either Upjabs or Uppercuts for the workout).

hm video 3 thumbUsing Science To Become a Savage

People who train SMART end up with the best results. (Maybe I should make a website called Train Smart... you can steal this idea if you want.) This video will teach you how to get the most out of the work you do.

Striking-The-Slip copyThe “Straight Slip”   

(I think this is actually just an older version of the first video above this one)

There's probably some other stuff in here though...

(I also just refer to this as “The Slip”.  This might be the most important lesson in the entire Fight Smart Training Program.  This technique gives you the quickest, and least-energy-consuming way to make your opponents punch miss entirely.  This leaves him off balance, wasting energy, and easily smashed with a counter-attack.  This lesson builds off of a technique called the “Shoulder Pop” which I mention in the Uppercuts video above, but I’m not sure that you need to watch the video above in order to absorb all of this.

RearSlipThe Rear Slip 

This is a fantastic way to make a punch miss, and it will work on any punch.  The only drawback is that most times, you’re not in a good position to counter-punch after you make the guy miss.  However, if you check out the “Fadeaway Hook” lesson immediately beneath this video, you can execute a rear slip, and then put your opponent to sleep easily.

striking-uslipThe U-Slip 

This is a crucial form of head movement. The U-Slip is the best way to avoid hooks and a damn good way to avoid head kicks. This technique will keep you safe, leave your opponent off balance, and improve your fighting angle… a must watch.

Now Build What You Know

The following training programs will only be done for a couple of days... then I want you to move to the Head Movement Training Regiment URL which will place a much larger emphasis on combining these individual movements.  (That page will be explained later).  You can print these initial workouts out if you like, and take them wherever you train.

I would recommend that you try to do these workouts pretty much every other day, but it's more important for you to reinforce the lessons when you watch them.  As soon as you add the slips to your arsenal, I expect you to do the workout that's associated with them.

Day 1 Training:

Click Here to download this workout as a PDF.

***There are extra sets in here in which I have you performing the same movements in a lefty stance.  They are extra but I highly recommend doing them to keep your thigh development even, and you never know when you might randomly end up with your stance switched.  These are marked with an asterisk “*”.

If the following doesn’t make sense to you, watch this video on Slipping to the Left on your Left vs Right Foot.

100 Straight Slips, Head Moving To the Left, Stepping on your Left Foot

100 Straight Slips, Head Moving To the Left, Stepping on your Right Foot

100 Straight Slips, Head Moving To the Right, Stepping On your Left Foot

100 Straight Slips, Head Moving To the Right, Stepping On your Right Foot

100 U-Slips Back and Forth In Place (Emphasize Shoulder Turn… NO STEPS)

100 U-Slips Back and Forth Stepping Out On Angles (Emphasize Shoulder Turn)\ *100 U-Slips Back and Forth, Southpaw, In Place (Emphasize Shoulder Turn)

*100 U-Slips Back and Forth, SOUTHPAW STANCE, Stepping Out On Angles (Emphasize Shoulder Turn)

*100 U-Slips Back and Forth In Place SOUTHPAW STANCE (Emphasize Shoulder Turn… NO STEPS)

100 Rear Slips Left (your head moves to the left of the punch)

100 Rear Slips Right (your head moves to the right of the punch)

Do that workout, then tomorrow hit the next page and add some more slips to the mix!

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