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Also, every lesson that you might need is here.

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    Download (or stream) The Head Movement MP3

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Here are the lessons that you will need to do this workout properly:

If you already know how to punch, you can skip those... but it wouldn't hurt to brush up 😉

First, let's cover the "Punch and Slip Numbering System" so you know what I'm talking about during the workout:

hm-punch-numbering.Still001Punch and Slip "Numbering"

This is the verbal system that I use to call out combinations in the workout... so if you don't watch this, you'll probably be pretty confused.

hm-explanation-videoThe Workout Breakdown

This video gives a basic overview of what you can expect to be doing during the workout... which is better to know ahead of time instead of trying to listen between rounds while you catch your breath.

This is also a hilarious example of video continuity errors... as the sky gets darker between takes, and a hot air baloon magically jumps through the sky, it makes you wonder how long I actually stand around filming these things.

Trav Does The Head Movement MP3trav-hm-hmp-demo-thumb

I always film myself running through these workouts as a loose reference for you.  If you have questions on general footwork or form, this is a good place to see how I would execute stuff.  That said, my form is not perfect.

I know that I don't always keep my hands up, I don't care... my style is becoming lazier as I get older and more arrogant.  By all means, acknowledge my errors and FIX them in your own game!

Technique wise, let's start with the Head Movement:

video-2-hm-launch-thumb-playStraight Slips and Uppercuts - (the "Slip" and 5 and 6 punch)

This is a video you should have already seen on "Straight Slips" and "Up-Jabs", two staple strikes in this workout. (feel free to use either Upjabs or Uppercuts for the workout).

The Rear Slip - ("Rear") RearSlip

This is a fantastic way to make a punch miss, and it will work on any punch.  The only drawback is that most times, you’re not in a good position to counter-punch after you make the guy miss.  However, if you check out the “Fadeaway Hook” lesson immediately beneath this video, you can execute a rear slip, and then put your opponent to sleep easily.

striking-uslipThe U-Slip - ("Rolls") 

This is a crucial form of head movement. The U-Slip is the best way to avoid hooks and a damn good way to avoid head kicks. This technique will keep you safe, leave your opponent off balance, and improve your fighting angle… a must watch.

Now, let's cover the Punches.

Striking-Jab copyThe Jab - (The 1 Punch)

This punch is pretty much the fundamental basis for any fighting style.  You need this thing to crack people in the face when they get too close to you.   I use a number of high school prom metaphors in this video, and Casey and I threw together what we though to be some funny clips to represent that shiz… at least we think we’re funny.

The Cross - (The 2 Punch) striking-cross copy

The cross is an essential punch that has both range and power.  It’s the straight punch from the hand in the rear of your stance… the one that’s further away from your opponent.  This allows you to twist your body to add power to your cross, making it incredibly devastating

LeadHookThe Hook - (3 and 4 Punch)

This video is a true testament to the amount of form that goes into every single strike.  I love breaking strikes down into the finer details; that’s how you build the most power.   This video will give you all of the details that you need to throw a hook from the front of your body.

Striking-Uppercuts-and-lots-of-stuffs.00_04_56_21.Still001Uppercuts and Such (the 5 and 6 punch)

Here you will learn the basics of uppercuts, the art of juggling heads, a few uppercut based combinations, and some important mitt-holding / heavy bag training details.

And as a piece of Reference Material

I filmed myself doing the entire MP3 workout... if there's a particular combo you're struggling with, or you want to see how I throw it, go ahead and watch the video below.

If I had to critique myself, I would say that I spent WAYYYY to much time walking/stomping forward instead of moving gracefully in a stance, but to be perfectly honest, I was tired.  We actually filmed the workout twice that day, the first time had no audio so we did it over.

Whenever I get tired, I maintain very aggressive forward pressure, even if it means taking some punches.  Remember, I'm always ready to slip, so I don't get abused too badly.  This helps me to gas out my opponent by forcing him to punch, forcing him to flee, and it's just intimidating as all hell when someone won't stop coming at you.

Still, this is not a graceful display, but I want you to have my workout as a piece of reference regardless.


Question: "Hey Trav, I notice that you don't shoulder pop very much on some of your slips... what's the deal?"

Answer: Well, when I'm counterpunching, I shoulder pop more to load up the strike... so if I'm just pulling my head out of the way of a punch and I'm NOT countering, I might skimp on the shoulder pop a little.

Again, that was the second time I did the workout that day... so I'm blaming my form errors on sheer fatigue, being out of shape, and being lazy.