How To Throw A Jab

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The Jab - This punch is pretty much the fundamental basis for any fighting style.  You need this thing to crack people in the face when they get too close to you.   I use a number of high school prom metaphors in this video, and Casey and I threw together what we though to be some funny clips to represent that shiz... at least we think we're funny.

This strike also gives you the ability to distract people and effectively set up your combinations. It becomes much more difficult for your opponents to defend themselves against additional strikes when their heads are snapping backwards from your jab.

Next, there's some extra details about 'straight punches' that you might want to know... including, "what part of your hand you should punch with" and "how to avoid jamming your elbow on a punch".

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striking-thefeintThe Feint 

This is your first lesson in deception.  A feint is a fake… you fake as though you’re going to throw a strike in order to either see what your opponent is about to do, or to set up a vicious combo.  This is a very important and powerful lesson in fighting.

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