How To Throw a Roundhouse

Most streaming issues can be resolved by installing the most recent version of Flash, which can be found by Clicking Here. Even if your browser THINKS that flash is updated, update it anyway.  As a last resort, use the following video: (which will play on anything, but costs me a lot more $)  :-/


I also had this super sweet video which teaches you how to turn a 'Switch Kick' into a really sweet Lateral Movement with an Attack:

Sure!  Let's throw it into the Head Movement Program and create some savages.

striking-switch-kick-anglesThe Switch Kick Angle Change 

This lesson will give you a true idea of the versatility of the switch kick. You already know that it’s a powerful strike, now you will get to see a few ways to use the switch to position your body safely, taking angles, while also ripping a very powerful kick to your opponents midsection.