Jiu Jitsu Drills

Popping Yout Hips Up - This is a fundamental Jiu Jitsu movement that comes up ALL OF THE TIME.  The "Popping Your Hips Up" drill plays a role in catching armbars, triangles, kneebars from your back, omaplatas, etc.

Rolling Up Over A Shin - This video, while not tremendously exciting, brings light to a small detail in basic Jiu Jitsu movement that could make or break some of your moves.  The "Rolling Up Over A Shin" drill is huge for sweeps, when you need to follow the guy into a top position.

Sitting Up Over A Shoulder is essential for bump sweeps, guillotines, and kamuras. It can also help you to stand up in base.

Snaking In A Guillotine - This video emphasizes the specific arm movement that you need to wrap a guillotine choke around your opponents neck with as little effort and interference as possible.

Grips - This is a breakdown of some of the grips that we might reference in Jiu Jitsu or grappling videos.  Use this video for reference.