The Cardinal Rules of Knife Defense

And everything else that gets you killed.

Knife Self Defense Techniques

…that actually work.

Martial arts involving knife defense techniques have become incredibly disappointing.  The attacks are badly faked.  Instructors defend them effortlessly, as their brainwashed students willingly toss their knives across the room at the first impact.

Somehow, the attackers have forgotten how to close their fingers.  It’s a room full of limp arms hardly making an effort to cling on to a plastic knife.

And it’s embarrassing.

I hesitate to admit that I’m an instructor of ‘self defense’ when people ask me what I do for a living…

The best knife self defense techniques will still work when your training partner doesn’t want them to.  His participation in the charade should be irrelevant.  The students of these ‘instructors’ want to believe in the method… and as such, they play along.

They don’t want to make their ‘Sensei’ look foolish.

They let go of the knife.

They allow the stupidity to continue.


The video above will help you to root out the fake knife defense techniques by giving a simple set of “Cardinal Rules” that will always apply to your attacker’s behavior.

If your instructor is teaching you a technique that conflicts with, or violates one of these rules, they he is lying to you… and his teachings will probably get you killed.

Be wary, my friend.

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