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The Knife Self-Defense Mini-Series

The Best Real Techniques For Defending Yourself Against A Knife Attack

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Knife Self Defense Training

...for folks who don't want to die doing stupid moves that don't work.

This training series will dramatically simplify the art of 'knife self defense', and teach you a system of defensive movements that work regardless of the attack that your opponent chooses.

In reality, you don't have time to 'read' the knife as it's approaching your vital organs and/or veins... and then react with the specific appropriate defense in (milliseconds).

(It can be done, but it can't be done reliably.)

Knife Defense can be a 'zero sum' game.  If you miss, you may die.

As such, we need methods of deflection that can be made to work against any knife attack... and the 'guessing game' must be eliminated.

This knife defense system was build with exhaustive TESTING... and use of The Scientific Method.

There are already countless martial arts styles that have focused on 'bare hand vs. blade'... but which of them are complete nonsense?

Well, we tested them.

We tested hundreds techniques, and again determined which could be used reliably... and which resulted in my death, in the vast majority of tests.

When I 'died' repeatedly trying a technique, we threw it in the trash.

After collecting a subset of techniques that actually worked, we started testing them against multiple different attacks... and modifying them to make them more versatile.

In several cases, we were able to make the techniques work, independent of the choices of the attacker.

These defenses became the foundation of our style...

(which you can learn by filling out this form:)

So, in this course, I will give you The Cardinal Rules of knife defense, I will break down the exact percentages of each attack that you are likely to see, and I will teach you the most reliable defenses for these attacks.

We will get rid of the fake nonsense, and we will create the fundamental basis for a functional style.

That's the goal here.

(We also reveal lots of fun tricks that will allow you to control your opponent's 'knife arm', if you successfully pull them off).

Perhaps we will revolutionize the world of Knife Self-Defense... I will leave it up to you to be the judge.

Scroll up, sign up for the course, and tell me what you think.  (It doesn't cost anything.)

And dude… my lawyers have encouraged me to point out that 'results may vary'. I personally find knife defense techniques fascinating... so I think about them constantly.

I obsess over the details in each movement like a mad scientist, and I practice practice practice.

Through practice and testing, I’m able to figure out exactly what makes each movement WORK, and WHY. (that’s the stuff that I will be teaching you).

As a result of this extensive effort, I'm able to deflect knives away from my body before my organs are punctured, and then counter-strike with reasonable accuracy... and it's not that hard.

Those who don’t pay attention, those who don’t practice, and those who don’t focus on the technique will probably get poked.

In fact, the trainees who do everything right, STILL get poked! It’s part of the chaos inherent in the realm of self defense.

Nothing is 100% in this game... ever.

At the end of the day, what you're about to see is a SIMPLE system for protecting yourself against knife attacks, when you just don't have a choice…

While “results may vary”, it is absolutely possible to prevent ANY sharp object from touching you, while counter-striking in a way that will end the conflict.

Welcome to the system... let's get started. 

Fill out this form, and I'll redirect you immediately to the first video... where I start you how it's done.  (The rest of the series will be emailed to you):

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