"Leg Across" Single Finishes

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The following moves are perfect to execute after a single leg, with the leg across. 

This first move is your pass, which will set up dominant positions... thus giving you the ability to more easily beat on your opponent's head, or set up submissions.


Passing With Your Opponent's Leg Across

As we dive deeper into Module 2, you're going to find that the position where your opponent lands will determine the "Pass" or "Position Change" that you go to next.  You will find this to be true, because I will tell you about 40 times.

The following moves are a couple ankle locks that you can fire after a single-leg, with the leg across.

(You will be getting a small taste, of the wonderful world of leg-locks in this course)

bp-inside-heel-hook.Still001The Inside Heel Hook (Week. 10)

This move is one of the most brutal and quick-to-injury submission moves that you will ever learn.  We can skip immediately to knee shearing after some of our favorite single leg takedowns.

bp-inside-heel-hook-bonus.Still001A Bonus Inside Heel Hook

Don't want to be bothered with jumping in for your heel hook?  I don't blame you... if you do it like this, you might not have to.

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