Murdered by a Female Judoka

It's a bad way to go.

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  • Awesome! I have seen this type of throw used i think twice before and have used it myself with satisfying results. One of the two times i witnessed this “face to the pavement” throw ended up as a failed attempt which then made the fella being thrown believe he was the coolest dude around so he did what most of those coolest dudes around do; He boasted for about half a second before the smaller guy spun and nailed him in the gonads direct-like for immediate effect. Although i cringed it was a satisfying cringe because the receiver was a bully and, well, procreation for dudes like that should be controlled eh! (sometimes) ltr gtr enjoy your site a heck of a lot so keep doing what you do eh!

      • She was obviously defending herself from a drunk but she wouldn’t get away with choking a man out there, that’s why she immediately tried to look like she was helping him afterwards (cultural thing).

  • She didn’t mess around getting him off balance. Well done. On the other hand that’s dangerous to do on someone who doesn’t know how to break their fall and roll with the throw to avoid landing on their head.

    • The guy brok his fall with his face….did you notice his missing teeth?
      Like he had some learning experiances prior to that one.

  • Wow great technique. And, then VERY caring. I imagine that is her drunk Uncle Jerry, and he had just made a joke about her Judo class one too many times….

  • Great video. No matter how “old” a video is, it’s “new” to the person who’s NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE!

    He got what he deserved if he was messing with her.

    His face hitting the pavement and making that distinct sound gets me every time I replay it, even though I know it’s coming. Thanks for the video.

  • Nice! So fast and smooth! A small person can slaughter a much larger person with a Judo throw. The poor guy didn’t know what hit him. Could have broken his neck if on concrete.

  • It looked like the women’s face was almost in the ground too. A bit of a dangerous technique to me! She took a chance with that one! Not what I would have chose to do. She got really lucky on that one.

  • Was this Judo?
    I don’t recognise the move. There are many African fighting styles so perhapes we need give the correct credit

  • Call me a troll if you will but I gotta piss on this happy clappy praise parade for judo. It is a sport. “If it works in the cage, it will work in the street.” is just stupid. The street doesn’t have the myriad of rules that protect fighters. Note how vulnerable she was while executing this technique. Note how screwed she would be if he had countered while she was kneeling on the ground facing the wrong way between his legs FFS! Note that he was a drunk and was not really trying to attack her, never mind hurt her. So calling BS on this example. Next.

    • Look at this dumdum pointing out that moves can be countered. You’re kidding!!! You mean that people can DEFEND themselves against our techniques????!! That must make them useless. Guys, pack it up here. Fighting technique is worthless. We can all go home now.

    • Note how he landed on his head, and note how she came out safe after being harassed by a man who outweighs her by 80
      Lbs. Note how useless, would’ve, could’ve sounds after the fact.

  • Look’s like she is the one abusing the drunk guy, since the beginning of the video she is training to trip him. She has trained those moves a lot of times, what about… great responsibility comes with great power ?