Rowan Roesler's Portfolio

He's been selling stuff since before he left the womb.

Rowan has appeared in quite a bit of marketing and promotional material here at Fight Smart

The following are some examples:

In October of 2017, I hosted the 'Holy Crap... Trav just accidentally procreated again, and has to turn another tiny crying human, into a damn savage SALE!"

This sale used a picture of Rowan, still in the womb, as the reason/theme for marking down all of the items at by 50%.

(My members love to hear about 'family updates' and I have found that it's a fantastic way to inspire people to buy stuff. )

Here are the 5 videos that I featured in October of 2017:

(his photo appears at random times during the videos)

The Head Movement Training Program "Trav's New Baby Sale"

"My student has become unpunchable:"

The Head Movement Training Program "Trav's New Baby Sale"

"The most important punch to slip"

The Head Movement Training Program "Trav's New Baby Sale"

"Tiny dudes crushing huge opponents with head movmeent"

The Head Movement Training Program "Trav's New Baby Sale"

"When head movement saves your life"

The Head Movement Training Program "Trav's New Baby Sale"

Shortened offer... directly to the sale.

Rowan also appeared frequently in my email marketing material.

In fact, on the very first day that he was born (Dec 11th, 2017), I sent out the following email with his baby picture (this again gives customers an inclusive and adorable reason to buy stuff during my 'Holiday Sale):

His face appeared in most of the email broadcasts that I sent for the duration of December... here's one:


Well, I've done it again.

Say what you will about my skills as a martial artist, my genetic code is insurmountable.

(I have cloned myself once more, and it's adorable.)


We're SUPPOSED to be having my Holiday Extravaganza tomorrow (the 12th)... but I find myself stuck at the hospital with no ability to upload videos or manipulate the interwebs.

After 20 hours of labor, the doctors agreed that this ginormous head was not going to pass through a normal woman's... uh... passage, so they yanked him from my wife's womb using all of the sharpened and shiny advancements inherent in western medicine.

Alas, I need to change diapers and keep the stream of free hospital lemonade flowing for a couple of days, lest my recovering wife become grumpy.

Nevertheless... I don't think I'm going to be ready tomorrow, and I've made a liar out of myself once again.

I'm ok with it this time 😉

Please keep an eye on your email, and we'll get this Holiday / Birthday extravaganza going as soon as humanly possible.

Baby Rowan, Sarah, and I are sending you peace and love, my friend.


Then, Rowan appeared again during the actual sale videos:

It's actually the cutest baby photograph that I've ever seen.

The All Access Pass Holiday Sale

The Head Movement Holiday Sale

The How To Fight Bigger People Holiday Sale

The How To Fight Multiple Attackers Holiday Sale

The Fight Smart Striking Dojo Holiday Sale

The Leg Locks Holiday Sale

Over all, I love to incorporate my family into my sales and marketing material, because it makes my customers feel like they're a part of my family.  

The importance of this is immeasurable... and I'm very lucky to have such adorable children to help with the art of persuasion.