The Striking Dojo - Week #6.

Handling opponents who 'run' too much, countering counters, and other fun stuff.

Dealing with a Fleeing Opponent (by cutting off angles)

The simplest way to deal with a retreating opponent is to prevent him from having room to scamper backwards.  This video has some aggressive ways to cut off his escape.

Combinations to Stifle a Retreating Opponent

In addition to 'controlling the room', there are some specific attacks that will work very well on people moving backwards.  This video covers them, in the least confusing way possible... possibly.

The Mule Kick

An unnecessarily long video on an attack that you won't use very much... which is still necessary to train for kinesiological purposes.

Right Hand Entries and making them safer

Combinations must start with both hands... here are some ways to enter with your right hand, a quick set up, and the trick to making right hand entries safe.

And if you DON'T vary the hand that you use to enter...

Here's one way that your opponent might take advantage of it. (Conversely, I would recommend that YOU use this, should your opponent's combos always start with a left hand.)

Striking-Overhand-Right-Set-Up copyA Sweet Set-Up For The Overhand Right 

(You might want to watch the overhand right lesson first.) This is an amazing 'set up'.   If you know that your opponent is leading with a jab, it should be lights out!

Striking-Overhand-Right-Free copyThe Overhand Right 

Just to make sure you know how to throw the punch correctly...

Expecting a Caught Kick (and the best defenses)

Any time you throw a kick to the body, it might be caught.  Expecting that is a great way to get out quickly... in addition to one other added defense (which sets up a brutal knee to the face).

Hand Speed

The more times you punch someone in the head in short succession, the more likely he is to fall asleep.  Here's the secret to hand speed.

The Dip Slip (and countering)

This is one of the easiest and most versatile slips that you can add to your arsenal. Make people miss, and make them pay for it.

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The Workout

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1 = Jab
2 = Cross
3 = Lead Hook
4 = Rear Hook
5 = Lead Uppercut
6 = Rear Uppercut

Let's start with Hand Speed.  If you see an * (asterisk) after any combination, that means it's repeated non-stop.  For example, 1-2* means 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 (and so on) for the duration of the time period.

Warm up with 60 seconds of nonstop Left and then Right punches, on the air.

Try to move in multiple directions, really twist your torso, make sure that you're feet are coordinated correctly.  This is not a bunch of 1-2's... it's a continuous stream of 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 etc.  (aka 1-2*)

Shadow Box 60 Seconds

At the end of this shadow boxing, you're going to do a punch sprint, so make sure you're fully recovered.

60 Second Sprint of 1-2* non-stop.

If you have a heavy bag, make sure you are hitting it hard.  Extend your arms fully and DO NOT STOP until 60 seconds are up.  You might want to vomit after 30 seconds, but you must push until you hit 60.

Rest for 2 Minutes, working on footwork

I'm sure your shoulders are burnt, so keep moving around on your feet, and let your arms hang if necessary.

60 Second Sprint of 1-2* non-stop.

This sprint is going to suck more than the first... so just get through it.

120 Seconds of Footwork

Keep moving around, but rest.

Speed Bursts

The following combinations should be thrown as fast as possible, with good footwork.  If your footwork breaks down, you must slow down.

10 x (1-2-1-2)  ... ten sets of jab - cross - jab - cross, a 4 punch combo.

10 x (1-2-5-2)

10 X (1-2-3-2)

Switch your stance and repeat the same combinations:

10 x (1-2-1-2)

10 x (1-2-5-2)

10 X (1-2-3-2)

Punch Sprints - Six through Twenty Punches

Occasionally start with your right hand!


Through... 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2

Mixing in the Dip Slips

10 x (1-2-1-2-Dip-2-3)

10 x (1-2-3-Dip-3-2)

10 x (2-1-Dip-2-1-2-Dip-3-2-3-2)

Switch your Feet and Repeat

10 x (1-2-1-2-Dip-2-3)

10 x (1-2-3-Dip-3-2)

10 x (2-1-Dip-2-1-2-Dip-3-2-3-2)

Mule Kicks

Throw 20 Mule Kicks on each leg, increasing in height

Throw 20 Front kicks on each leg, immediately followed by the mule kick before replacing your foot on the ground.


Slip while throwing 20 overhands on each side

Throw 20 more overhands on each side, followed by an Uppercut... i.e. Right Overhand - Left Uppercut.

More Hand Speed

Begin with the following combination lightly for 60 seconds: 1-2-3-2-1-4*

60 Second Sprint of 1-2-3-2-1-4*

Ideally this should be on a heavy bag... if you need to rest your arms, feel free to dip slip between punches 😉

Even just 3 minutes of punch sprinting is a hard workout... so everything else on top of that makes this a tough one!

You're done!