The Striking Dojo - Week #7.

My favorite flashy combination and other valuable stuff.

So guess what happened last week...

I'm doing Jiu Jitsu, I have a brown belt caught in a nasty Toe Hold, and it's stretched to the limit.  I crack a teeny bit harder to see if the guy will tap, and his foot begins to crackle and pop.  Instantly, I let go... allowing my opponent to walk another day.  2 seconds after I let completely let go, he grabs a toe hold and instantly pops my ankle.

My ankle is destroyed, and my mercy is to blame.  There's a lesson in that somewhere.

Nevertheless, I'm wearing an ankle brace in this weeks lessons... not just one very long sock, and my movement is slightly limited.  Still, I believe you will find the following lessons to be quite savage.

The Spinning Back-Fist

You spin around and smash someone with the back of your fist...

The Superman Punch

You smash someone with your fist while looking vaguely like superman... if you do this technique super-dumb.  If you do it correctly you will end up with 5 times the power, better positioning, and you will not really look like superman.  I'm a Batman fan anyway.

The Whirling Durvish

My coolest looking, and probably most elaborate set-up (that I actually use).  You combine two of the aforementioned techniques of the week, for a diabolical set up.

Attacking While Retreating

Should you need to run away, you should also be able to hit your opponent in the face and take an angle.  (This video could honestly use an additional camera shot for one of the discussed techniques... I will add it in later)

Be sure to check out the other videos on the page above for a better description of 'The Rear Slip' and 'The Fadeaway Hook'.

Combinations from the Philly Shell

Someone requested some combinations from the Philly Shell... and since this is a request based course, I made it!

The Art of Counter-Punching

There's something amazing about allowing a punch to whiz right by your head, while contently sitting with the knowledge that you're about to sock your opponent in the chin... make him miss, and make him pay for it.

A Couple of Nasty Elbows

The Spacer and the Slicer... I think.  We'll see.

A Super Fun Video Breakdown

I received a lot of requests after my last email blast, and only one video submission... so I broke it down!

One more glorious week to go... the workout will be up soon!

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The Workout

Click Here to Download

'Training The Spinning Back-fist'

3 Minutes - Shadow Boxing:  Move around lightly and get your body warm for the first 30 seconds, and then start working on your Left Hand Spinning Back-fist.  Go very slowly, and make sure you have your footwork and form in check.  If you do constant reps, you will get very dizzy... so take as much time between repetitions as needed.

3 Minutes - Shadow Boxing:  This time working on your Right Hand Spinning Back-fist.  ProTip: If I get dizzy spinning in one direction, spinning back in the other direction seems to help.

20 Full Power Spinning Back Fists - Alternating - If you have a heavy bag, great... make sure you hit it.  If not, learn how to control the spin and power.  Take as much time as you need between spells of dizziness.

*At this point, your spinning backfist should feel fairly comfortable.  

Fun Spinning Back-Fist Related Combinations

As I believe I mentioned in the video, I really like Left spinning spinning back-fists after Right Hands.  So, try these:

10 Repetitions: 1-2-3-Rear Spinning Back-fist - (Jab - Cross- Lead Hook - Rear Spinning Back-fist)

10 Repetitions: 1-2-Lead Spinning Back-fist - (Jab - Cross- Lead Spinning Back-fist)

Superman Punch Training

Begin by raising your rear leg, and blasting it down into the floor to drive your body forward.  DO NOT PUNCH.  Just use your legs to move your position, and blast forward.

20 Floor Blasts with the Rear Foot

20 Floor Blasts with the Lead Foot - With the lead foot, make sure your front leg comes up, but is blasted slightly behind your center of gravity.  You should end in the opposite stance as when you started.

Once you have the footwork, add the punch:

20 Super Man Punches - Rear Hand

20 Super Man Punches - Lead Hand

Rest 30 seconds

2 Minute Round - Shadow boxing and throwing both superman punches periodically.

Rest 30 Seconds

2 Minute Round - Using KICK to set up your superman punch.  For example... one right roundhouse, then another right roundhouse, then as you lift the right leg and feint the right roundhouse, blast it down into a right superman punch.

The Whirling Durvish

While shadow boxing for 5 minutes, execute 30-50 of the 'Whirling Durvish' combination... Rear Superman Punch - Lead Spinning Back-fist - Rear Roundhouse.

Speed and power are irrelevant initially, think about taking angles and perfect form

Attacking While Retreating

3 Minute Round Shadow Boxing - The entire duration of the 2 minute round, I want you to be fighting while moving backwards.  That means DO NOT move forwards at all.  Be sure to rotate both left and right.  Occasionally, as you back up, I want you to blast sideways, to the same side as your Rear Leg, and throw a cross.

For example, if you are a righty, you would push OFF of your left foot, blasting TO the right, and then throwing a Right Cross.

This round should familiarize you with retreating footwork, AND your counter.

3 Minute Round Shadow Boxing - Fighting While Moving Backwards, and occasionally stepping to the left, with a Lead Hand, Fadeaway Hook.

Elbows and Stopping Power

Let's end this workout with a bang...

Fire 50 FULL POWER 'Spacer' Elbows with your Rear Hand

Fire 50 FULL POWER 'Spacer' Elbows with your Lead Hand

Fire 50 FULL POWER 'Slicer' Elbows with your Rear Hand

Fire 50 FULL POWER 'Slicer' Elbows with your Lead Hand

If you STILL have energy, switch your stance and do it on the other side...

Otherwise, that's the workout!  Feels like a tough one... enjoy!