The Striking Dojo - Week #8.

Our 'Grand Finale' of sorts...


An unorthodox and somewhat underutilized striking technique that has great potential, once you put it into your arsenal.

A Great Judo Throw

Someone requested some 'high percentage' judo throws, so I decided to share one of my favorites.  This one is a great 'go to' any time someone ends up inside your 'hooking range'.

Floor Pinches

This is a 'drill' or a 'technique' modification that will make virtually everything you do in a fight, faster, more balanced, and more powerful.  Since extensively drilling with 'Floor Pinches' in mind, my skills have improved dramatically, and I frequently use this as a 'coaching point' for people with lackluster footwork.

Takedown Defense

If you want to strike, you need to stay on your feet!

Screenshot 2016-06-05 10.54.19 copyStanding In Base

There are going to be times when you end up on the ground while you're fighting... it's somewhat unavoidable until you've mastered takedown defense.  These are the the best technique that you can use to stand up safely and effectively

Here's a YouTube video that I did which is apparently relevant to the discussion...

StandingSubmissions2Standing Submissions

This is the video on 'Standing Submissions' that I referenced in the Takedown Defense video.  Feel free to choke your opponent out instead of hammer-fisting his brain stem.

StandingSubmissions2Standing Submissions Part 2. (the "Travaconda")

Here's a follow up to the "Fatal Self Defense" lesson in which I give you a bonus kick ass submission that starts from standing. I've tentatively started calling this the "Trav-aconda". Anyhow, this is an anaconda variation that I find to be virtually infallable any time I catch a front headlock position. This will choke your opponent to sleep in mere seconds.

The Jab on Slip Drill

This might be the most important partner drill in all of martial arts.  I would spend a lot of time practicing this one if I were you... I know I have!

The Workout

This week, I'm going to force you to download and use the Striking MP3... which is my absolute favorite way to train.  Press play, and follow my voice.  (feel free to throw some Hammer-fists in there!)

Everything that you need is down below:

  • Download the Fight Smart Striking MP3
    Download the Fight Smart Striking MP3

    Click the link above to download the Fight Smart Striking MP3. If you run into any issues, the link below this box will help you to troubleshoot any downloading problems.

The link above will immediately download the MP3 to your DESKTOP computer… from there you can add it to your ITunes library, or import it into your phone (instructions below).

If you don’t HAVE a computer, the link above will STREAM the file to your phone.

If you want to DOWNLOAD the file directly to your mobile device, you might need an App to do so.

For Android, you might want the “Download All Files App”, which you can Click Here to get.

For IPhone, here are the recommended instructions:

(This information might change slightly from time to time, since ITunes is always updating... ALWAYS.... updating:)

1. Download the MP3 onto your computer

2. Open ITunes, choose File --> Add to Library... and select the Fight Smart Striking MP3

3. Plug your phone into your computer

4. At the top of your ITunes App, next to 'My Music', you will see a tiny little IPhone or MP3 player icon... click it.

5. At the bottom of the following screen, you will see a 'Sync' button. That will sync your computer with your mobile device and thus add the file.... BUT, before you do that, please read the following:

Your IPhone can only be synced with one library at a time... so make sure you have all of your music on the ITunes account that you're syncing to, or you might erase stuff on your phone.

There are ways that you can sync JUST one playlist from your ITunes account... and as such you can keep adding MP3's or music to that specific playlist, and then syncing your phone. I would search Google for more info on that!

This will keep unwanted stuff off of your phone if you have a bunch of other crap in your ITunes account like I do.

If this process seems unbelievably annoying, I agree with you. This is Apple, and their perpetual battle against 'piracy'.

Thanks Apple.

If you don't have a computer, here's an alternative method:

1. Create a Dropbox account (free) and install the Dropbox App on your Mac and iPhone.
2. Use to save the mp3 to your Dropbox account.
3. Open Dropbox on your iPhone... you can star it so it’s downloaded and kept for offline access... Press Play!

Otherwise, if you have no computer, you’re going to have to do a little research on how to get an MP3 download on your type of device. Unfortunately, since I only have one phone, I can’t test 587 other devices to give you a solution.

I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure it out.

Enjoy the MP3!

punch numbering

The Punch Numbering System

As I call out combinations, it's easier to say a single number than to name the punch. As such, you will need to learn my 'secret language' when it comes to calling out the strikes that I want you to throw. Make sure you watch this before attempting the workout! Also, DON'T GET FRUSTRATED if you struggle with this right off the bat. After 3 or 4 tries through the workout, you will speak the language fluently.

And as a piece of Reference Material

I filmed myself doing the entire MP3 workout... if there's a particular combo you're struggling with, or you want to see how I throw it, go ahead and watch the video below.

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