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I've learned a ton so far in this program. Watched every video and am more than halfway through completing the drills. I am psyched to keep training this, and repeat, and ingrain it more. Through this training I am confident that I could win a fight with a much bigger and stronger opponent if necessary. I'm not by nature the most coordinated guy but by sticking to the techniques and drills in this program, by getting the form down through your awesome videos (and then doing a lot of repetition), I know I have improved dramatically... I will be very dangerous if I need to use this in a fight. Working this program makes me more psyched to get back into a dojo/gym again at some point to do more sparring. Looking forward to learning more from your website and your future programs. Best wishes with your new ninja tyke in training.

Erik Nielsen
Erik Nielsen

If you’re looking for realistic and devastatingly effective techniques to quickly end a fight, esp against larger opponents- this is it. I’ve trained and later taught a variety of martial arts over the years, and also purchased several instructional programs (in the early days of UFC). Fight Smart wins; not even a close match. Travis has a talent for teaching; no BS, but lots of humor. If you wanna learn how to kick butt in a street fight or to get submissions during training/match- this series will do it.

Gene Bolduc
Gene Bolduc

This program is worth 3X what I paid for it. Your hard work is very appreciated Trav. I'm purchasing the Head Movement Program and almost certainly any program you do in the future.

The horizontal elbow... Diabolically effective. Tonight I was sparring with a bigger opponent and I was doing a pretty good job of slipping his punches but he was getting frustrated and got a little aggressive, so he started moving in on me which was promptly halted by a well placed horizontal elbow to his solar plexus. He went down and stayed down for a couple of minutes... Damn it sucked to be him tonight! The thing is, the move was instinctual. I did not plan to do it, it's just a move I feel comfortable throwing at the heavy bag and it came so naturally tonight so the moral of the story is this: if I drill the techniques in the way you show, I know that they will be there when I need them. Thanks Trav


Trav, thank you very much for this program! Also thanks to everybody involved making it!  With quite some athletic background, it has been my first online course, and it helped me tremendously !  Breaking down every move was a big help for me, since at my MMA school, there´s not always the time. Also with my busy work schedule, family life and other obstacles, it`s perfect for me to be able to zigzag through the tutorials -- (and also mix them with the HM program or the free videos). So this all by itself was giving 100 % satisfactory -- but your strong communication skills and the unique and entertaining way in front of the camera made it even more inspiring -- excitement for the entire duration of that program -- ! the quality of your movements are amazing and are my aim for what to strive for - the ‘arts’ in ‘martial-arts’! It was a great experience!  thanks

Thomas M
Thomas M

Trav, just wanted say your program is awesome so far man. I got a chance to skim through the Week 4 vids and the 'Getting the most out of your movement' video was a total light bulb moment for me. I am a firm believer in this style... the destructive power of these moves is one of the reasons why I love to watch Tyson mess people up!


Trav, just a quick note to say that I'm absolutely loving your program - despite not being a more vocal member. Game changing stuff you are doing here; it is truly excellent stuff.

Mitchel McIntyre
Mitchel McIntyre

Your elusive workouts are not only effective for moving ones ass, but also great at building up muscles, ligaments and tendons that support my rather unfit frame!

Greg Golden
Greg Golden

If you have ever worried about Fighting Bigger People, then this is the program for you. Trav uses his expert knowledge in MMA to break down the most effective fight strategies, step-by-step, for the street and for the ring. Trav has built a comprehensive training program that takes you from keeping your distance, to using long range weapons to stop a charging opponent, to using head movement and taking angles getting in close to deal out damage with various strikes. From there you will learn how to take a larger opponent to the ground and to finish them off with some of the most devastating Jiu-Jitsu submissions ever seen. Whatever your goals are, be it dealing with that larger bully or that larger opponent in the ring, the Fighting Bigger People training program will give you the skills you need to come out on top, literally! All you have to do is to follow the program and do the work.

Sean Austin

Trav I will be one of the first in the queue for the Clinch Program. My personal fighting style has always been to get in close and deal damage so the clinch program looks tailor made for me. I echo the other comments on this site, I've always loved your teaching style some of your videos especially with that dude Casey have me in stitches! So thanks for everything Trav.


Trav, I love your program, it's really good. Sorry I'm not more vocal in discussions, but I am working the program. At least I was until I pulled a hammie playing rugby last week. The doctor thinks I should stop playing at 52 yrs old, but I think he needs to slap himself.

Being classically trained in TKD, this program appeals to my veteran core of "do whatever it takes." Your program reminds me of what a Ranger instructor said during hand-to-hand training - "when your life depends on it, there is no shame in the nut game."

So Trav, keep on keeping on, and I will use visualization until the hammie recovers.

Dustin Oosten

Trav, I just wanted say your program is awesome so far man. I got a chance to skim through the Week 4 vids and the “Getting The Most Out Of Your Movement” one was a total light bulb moment. I’m a firm believer in that style and it’s one of the reasons why I love to watch Tyson mess people up.


I'm a Deputy Sheriff in Florida. I caught some dude breaking into cars. As I was on top of him trying to handcuff him, his buddy came over to try to get me off of him. After a SINGLE front kick, he was in the fetal position on the ground and cuffed up when back up arrived. I learned and drilled that move entirely from your videos. Thanks.

I'm a defensive tactics instructor and I find your stuff 100% better than the stuff the State approves. I pass on as much as possible and recommend your stuff all the time. My camera didn't catch the kick, but it got the aftermath. 

Thanks again, man. Your stuff is the best.


You really break it all down easily so even a pacifist like me can understand the techniques. I hope to never have to use it, but it's good to know how to jiggle a head with a slip-5-2-3.

Your program is a nice comprehensive mix of boxing, mma, etc. I have learned a lot.

Many thanks.


Hey man thanks again for all this info and training. I am definitely noticing a difference not only in my workouts but in sparring as well.


There is GOLD in this program. The Fighting Bigger People program is not just a bunch of techniques; it is a ginormous strategy that consists of many sequences that are made up of individual techniques that set each other up and counter the defense of the opponent. Each of the sequences can be a fighter’s signature technique because they are incredibly effective and can be used over and over again. I personally love the submission series from side control; it’s my ace-in-the-hole when I’m on top on the ground. Some techniques might not be as flashy as others, but they WORK.

I absolutely love this program, and I believe anyone who wants to fight intelligently would benefit A LOT from this program.


Thanks for the awesome program man. Good teachers are few and far in-between and you good sir have a knack for breaking things down in an entertaining way that anyone can understand. Add the fact that you're genuinely passionate about what you do, and you have a top-notch practical program that's worth every penny! On the real I've learned a great deal from you dude and will continue to grab other programs from you as they come out. Hell maybe one day I'll come through for a live lesson!

Shaker Q
Shaker Q


I'm back in college at New Mexico State… so me and this guy from class are hanging out. He invited me to his house. He is like 6'7 350. We were pounding beers. All of a sudden he starts blurting racist crap and all this Cartel bulls***. I tell him "Hey, I'm leaving, I don’t want to hear it." I go to leave and he grabs me by the shirt from behind. Thanks to the training, I automatically turn and Fade-Away-Hook to take an angle. That hurts him but he still comes at me, so I move away towards the door and outside of the house.

Based some of your advice, I think in my head, "I have no chance at boxing this guy", so I do a Tyson slip and grab his leg... Perfect single leg takedown!. So I put his leg into position and yell “Stop you $%^&  or I will break your ankle!”...  That was it.  End of story.  He said "No. No... please don't" and gave up.  All I had to do was THREATEN him with one of the footlocks from the FBP course. Then we just stood there about 20 yards apart while I called my fiancée to pick me up. True story Travis..you saved my life. I’m so lucky I found your website. Keep doing what you are doing. You are actually saving lives.


Luke Ricards
Luke Ricards

Just wanted to say, the closing distance methods are awesome. I've been doing Muay Thai for 15 years but somehow managed to never learn how to close distance properly.  I did the drills today... feels great!


Hey Trav, after studying and practicing martial arts and boxing for the last couple of years I was eager to dig into this course.

The vids, pdf's and live hangouts were above and beyond expectation.

The course was well thought out and had a great sequential progression to it. Really enjoyed how each new lesson built on the last.

The outlined sets and reps matrix for practicing and training is invaluable for making the moves second nature when needed.

I would recommend this to anyone interested in the fighting arts.

Looking forward to future offerings.

James Heid
James Heid

Personally, I wasn't sure what to expect with this program but having seen the quality of the head movement series I had a feeling it was going to be well worth a punt. Coming from a background of 6 years of mixed martial arts, and actively training and teaching myself, I think that this program was a real must watch. Full of expert tips, brand new never before seen tricks and techniques and tons of legit street applicable tactics to learn and pass on to my students. Best of all the material is delivered in a hilarious and easily watchable way that will have you returning to the program again and again. Congratulations on a ground breaking program! The way distance learning martial arts should be taught.

Stephen Pencil
Stephen Pencil

I've been psyched working on everything and especially lately the boxing combos and slips. I feel I am improving and I am just loving every new day of this program. I am always pumped to start the next day and each new phase of this. I am planning on repeating this program the next three months and getting better and better. Thanks for making this Trav... it makes autonomous home training very achievable. I also want to join the next Fight Smart program you put together.


10 minutes after watching the leaping hook video and i still have a residual boner.

Ben MacKenzie
Ben MacKenzie

Buying this program is the best money I ever spent.

The Illustrist
The Illustrist

Hi Trav,

First, let me say that while normally I regard online "advice" as a bunch of hacks and frauds (see Kiai master vs MMA on YouTube for some laughs). I went through the journey of finding your free videos on YouTube, checking your site, and then joining the Fighting Bigger People program. It has been one of the best purchases I've made in recent years. Twelve weeks of videos is much more than I expected.

Although I’ve been doing Muay Thai for years, this program completely changed the way I fight and train, and it has added multiple elements to my game, so thanks for that. Your method of conveying the lessons is fun and engaging. The best thing, in my opinion, is the actual workouts which I print and laminate and take with me to the gym. I have read every bit and have watched every video at least 3 times, sometimes at work which was difficult to hide!

The program is awesome; keep at it because it works for everyone. Good luck with your life and your baby, I am about to become a first time father soon and super excited about it. I’m looking forward to more programs.



This program (Fighting Bigger People) is worth 3X what I paid for it. Your hard work is very appreciated Trav. I plan on purchasing the Head Movement program and almost certainly any program you do in the future.


I've been psyched working on everything and especially the boxing combos and slips. I feel I am improving and I love every new day of this program. I am always pumped to start the next day and each new phase. I am planning on repeating this program over the next three months and getting better and better. Thanks for making this Trav, it makes autonomous home training very achievable. I also want to join the next HTFN program you put together.


I am not able to master or even practice your techniques as quickly as you send them so I am waaaaay behind on the program, but, I am definitely making progress. I am a type 2 diabetic and since starting the course (and making other changes) I have had the best readings since I was diagnosed. So that, more than defending myself in a street fight, is my real motivation for doing this. I am 50 next year and have avoided fighting for the past 25 years - so don’t think I’m suddenly going to run into fights any time soon. Maybe I have the ultimate defense which is to avoid and/or talk your way out of trouble? Who knows - maybe I’ll go around and look for trouble. But that would be bad I guess.

Cheers my man.


I have been involved in boxing and martial arts for the past 40 years.
My resume includes self defense supervisor for a major metropolitan police department, Krav Maga Assistant Instructor (Brown belt); Machado BJJ (Blue belt); Vale Tudor Studio owner and California Novice Boxing Champion.
Ok big deal, everyone has a resume. I only provide as a basis for my recommendation.

I would highly recommend Travis' program. I purchased both the "Fighting Bigger People" and the "Leg Locks". It is funny, has great instruction and is very informative. There is tons of knowledge for your dollar!

I am 62 years old and don't have the inclination to roll around with young/stupid gladiators at this point in my elderly life. I train alone, and these programs are perfect. Give them a try, you won't regret it.

Steve H 

I wanted to tell you personally that your videos have already helped me a ton! I can't afford to buy the DVDs, but I have spent about six hours in the last four days practicing your take downs and staying in the dominant position with my boyfriend. I am a 23 yr old female who is a domestic violence survivor and a mother of a 3 year old son. Currently I am dating a 6'3" 190 lb lineman. I actually hurt him today because I didn't realize the power I have when exerted in the proper manner. I am more comfortable with being alone in public now and I feel like I can be a more normal and productive member of my family not living in total fear of being caught in the wrong situation. It is because of the tools I have developed in the last year with the knowledge you provided. I would like to thank you. You have improved my quality of life.

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As always, you have a Full 100% Money Back Guarantee...

I am proud to offer a full 100% money back guarantee on this training course.  If it doesn't work out, you will absolutely not get stuck with something that you don't like or use... (especially since the program is awesome).

If for any reason you want your money back, shoot me an email within 30 days of your purchase, and I'll refund you immediately with no questions asked.

If you don't like it, you don't have to own it!  This is a 100% risk free program, so give it a shot.


Ask Our Team Of Ninja's...

  • q-iconAm I getting DVD's in the mail?

    Nope!  The entire program is online, so there will be some stuff that you download, and some stuff that streams directly to any device.  You will have access to the program wherever you go, even without packing your DVD’s and DVD player.

  • q-iconDo I get access to the program forever?

    Yes… anything you buy from Fight Smart is yours forever.  There is no ‘expiring membership’ after a certain period of time.  What’s yours is yours… and it stays that way!

  • q-iconWhat if I don't have any experience?

    You don’t need any!  I break down every single technique, step-by-step, so that you are built up from Square 1.  You will not be ‘left behind’ or even left frustrated.  Regardless of your experience level, or your athletic ability, I can teach you how to dodge punches… 100%.  In many cases, less experience is better, since I don’t have to help you break any bad habits.

  • q-iconIs there stuff for advanced fighters in here?

    Absolutely.  While everyone needs to focus on basic form, I made sure to fill this program with plenty of concepts and techniques that we can all aspire to.  The world of MMA and fighting is limitless… you will be shown countless new techniques, as have potentially years of training to do before you have this stuff ‘perfect’.

  • q-iconWhat if I have some questions?

    Shoot me an email!  I’m happy to look at your form and help you in whatever way I can.

  • q-iconDo I need a training partner or a gym to do this?

    No, you can do the vast majority of this training as a ‘solo mission’ and often equipment can be supplemented for training partners.  Of course, the more resources you have access to, the better your training will be, but as you’ll see in the program, you can make tremendous gains just by training on the air.  

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