Street Fighter

Muay Calliente

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  • A genuine footage of Swagger-Lol-Do! Masters of this secret art make sure these techniques stay hidden, so the person who took this video has surely disappeared since then. We’re in danger just for watching it. Ready your Hi-yyaaa, you’ll need it sooner than you think!

  • This was the best. The tall one had definitely been watching too many Hong Kong action flicks. The booze/drugs really manifested itself well in his stretching and not so spinning, spinning back kick.
    The funniest were the sound dubs, digital art by the master himself I think.
    In tears.

  • Arcade games. An investment which brings dividends for a lifetime. Imagine never playing Street Fighter, never investing a wholesome dollar into that wonder machine, and therefore not getting such a wonderful return on one’s ground floor investments.

  • Omg the street fighter editing was perfect. ???
    And the gaybo with the whole gaybo dance-slap-tickle-fight thing lol up against the perfect match up for his style lol.
    And what a glorious victory for the gaybo. Yes a real winner that one. ?

    You know its a dangerous scene when an old small couple with bags of shopping walks right through it without a care. ?

    Thanks Travis.
    Between the weird drunken man-child brothers lake swim fall drown fight video and this gold you made my day. ?

  • I love the spinning back kicks where he is so drunk he forgets the kick half way through. And the Strangers Things kid, soon to be seen in Season 4?!

  • The only thing we did not see, from young Grasshopper was The Crane! to seal the fate of his worthy opponent. Oh I almost peed myself laughing, now that was funny!!!
    Thank you….