The Best Comeback In Combat Sports?

Tun Tun Min shows us the essence of Lethwei.

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  • I Don’t Know How That Fighter Recovered From Punch, But He Did!!–By The Way, He Came Back Fighting, No One Would Ever Know He Had Taken And Survived That Punch Which Disabled Him!!–That Fighter Had A “Big Set Of Cojenos”To Come Back And Win The Match…!!

  • You find the best examples that always connect with your point or are great entertainment. Many are crazy funny. Keep it coming.
    I usually don’t use my “old timee” mailing address, but once in a while it serves its purpose

  • Trav,

    Thanks for another inspiring and instructional video. People talk about a heart of a lion, but this man is an example for the world. And it didn’t come in the fight. It came in the support team that didn’t give up on him. It came in the harsh training he endured to get to where he was that day. This moment, because it is so incredible, wasn’t this moment; it is the sum of months and years that came before it. Inspiring.

    • not gonna lie to you chief, i think this was more than a few years in the making. his guy came from a god damn warrior lineage.

  • Even though the scene is spectacular, I never heard of this rule, 2 minutes to revive your fighter, I don’t even know if that is applied to any other sports, especially to revive one right in the middle of a ko count. Pardon my ignorance on that but imo the “revival rule” shouldn’t apply to ko countdown situations. That revival appeared as, but wasn’t a miracle, something similar happened to me in my younger years, crashed in a car in to a ravine head filled with massive amounts of alcohol, woken up with few slaps and the words:”the car’s burning”. Adrenaline kicked in and had strength to climb the almost vertical ravine meanwhile helping my mates. That rule is a cheat, the fighter’s natural body response with no external help should count, not blody cpr.

  • Wow, that was inspiring. You never know how things can unfold, which proves the saying, “It ain’t over, till’ it’s over”.

  • Personally my take is if it appears to good to be true ………….etc etc
    So many things could have been going on in that deal. Reminds me of the Spinks/Ali fight. It was conjecture “magic” water was given to Leon to help him beat Ali.
    What was going on in this corner? Guy’s corner men were close and personal to the ears throat mouth freakin funny colored liquids all over the place. Massage, maybe ice, the whole nine yards.
    Meanwhile what’s the other guy getting?
    Boxing, MMA are rife with cheaters. A healthy dose of skepticism should be applied here.
    Not saying it did not happen, just saying.

  • True story: I once saw a fighter get knocked out twice in one night.

    Teams from two rival gyms were fighting. Low level pros, just beginning their careers.

    After each fight, the fighters would go shower and change and come back to watch their teammates fight. But in the last fight of the evening, the two guys hated each other so much they were throwing low blows, hitting after the bell, etc. and a riot broke out. The ring filled up with people fighting, and trying to stop the fights.

    Anyhow, one fighter, who got knocked out earlier in the evening, squared off with another guy and got knocked out a second time.

    And I thought: Maybe you better re-think this career path.