The Best Fight Scenes Ever

#1. Hwang In-Shik and his 'Lead Leg' Wizardry.

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  • John

    Reply Reply March 2, 2018

    Ppl that like this sorta thing will find that this is the sorta thing that they like

  • Turd Ferguson

    Reply Reply March 2, 2018

    But people that dont like this sort of thing will find this is the sort of thing they dont like

  • Buck

    Reply Reply March 2, 2018

    Wow. I hereby vow to never watch a “fight” like that ever again, front leg control not withstanding. Twenty minutes of dance choreography is more than I can handle. Haha.

  • Nathan

    Reply Reply March 2, 2018

    Jackie the brawler

  • Leonard

    Reply Reply March 2, 2018

    Incredible stamina and conditioning even for stunts…

  • sham

    Reply Reply March 2, 2018

    From the entertainment perspective this scene is awesome. Fight choreography in Chan’s movies are top quality. Rest of your analysis I completely agree.

  • Bill

    Reply Reply March 3, 2018

    Great stuff?

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply March 3, 2018

    This is insane

  • Lloyd

    Reply Reply March 3, 2018

    Kool,some chin na and gapkido I am a bb in pure hapkido,but I pracTice chin na too,embrace them all…luv it

  • Dave

    Reply Reply March 3, 2018

    Amazing agility. Kicking skill almost overshadowed by the joint lock flow drill.

  • mick murray

    Reply Reply March 3, 2018

    Thanks for posting Trev. I think what I got out of was twofold: don’t pull your punches and: unless you are supremely conditioned and fit finish your opponent off earliest.

    Chi chi ni !

    • Ben

      Reply Reply March 23, 2018

      the hell is Chi chi ni supposed to mean?

      seeing as I live in China and speak Chinese think very carefully before you answer.

      • Ralph

        Reply Reply March 30, 2018

        Looks like you mentioned Chinese although there was no hint so clearly knew exactly what he meant

      • Ralph

        Reply Reply March 30, 2018

        Fun, skill and artistry… not really my thing but enjoyed it.

  • Tommy

    Reply Reply March 3, 2018

    This was a absolute joy to watch.. Fun factor 10 outa 10 ..

  • Darren

    Reply Reply March 3, 2018

    Truly amazing skill and artestry at its finest. Got to love Jacki Chan. He’s the best at what he does. And keeps doing it even today. Legend! The old fighter is simply a freak – with skills that beligh reality and physics – these are guys are crazy talented.

  • Kevin

    Reply Reply March 3, 2018

    Never been a big fan of these films. To me its just acrobatics. Kudos to these dancers though for such highly skilled break dancing. No offense to anyone..btw. I am asian.soooo

  • Patrick

    Reply Reply March 4, 2018

    They literally get their asses kicked!! Lol
    And one of the best comments was -What goes up must come down!!!! Ha Ha
    Where do you find all this, Trav?
    Cool videos!!Cheers

  • Joe

    Reply Reply March 4, 2018

    Would be awesome if that kind of skill could be downloaded, unfortunately takes years to make it look easy!

  • Ken

    Reply Reply March 7, 2018

    I too have encountered this “tiger tail” style, it was no match for my gongfu wushu he xing crane technique..✊???????? ??

  • Bradley

    Reply Reply March 10, 2018

    the best move is definitely the leg pinching… hahahahahahaha

  • Shawn Kelly

    Reply Reply March 25, 2018

    Idk about best? I’m more a blood and bone guy. Or the protector one long scene up the stairs with one take. Surprised you picked that. It’s dancing to me. ? Thanks allot for the video. Have good one.

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