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Leg Locks

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I am a skinny 58 year old goat. I had the opportunity this weekend to cut a young bull down to size a bit. I took a shot at his front leg, grabbed a heel hook, and made him scream and surrender. Man it felt good! I had a talk with him about “mutual respect” before letting him back up. One of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you for making these techniques available to people like myself.

Andre S.
Andre S.

Thank you my good man for supplying us with videos to make us awesome! I really like your stuff and I am enjoying the Leg Lock videos with Dan Fisher.  I am catching a lot of guys in our gym with stuff no one has seen.


I must say thank you. You have kept me safe and will keep me safe in the future; the Leg Lock course is magnificent. I have let the river of brutality flow I might be 16 and still in high school but most certainly impressed a girl and will keep her safe as well. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.


This Leg Lock course was fantastic! I find different details almost every time I watch the videos. I'm sure I'll be watching them for years to come. I would love something similar on ways to take the back. 🙂

Thanks again for the great material!


I've been enjoying your course so far. I like to go slow and make sure I'm developing it into my memory. It's been easy to follow. I can readily apply these moves to my grappling dummy. Thanks for all the training info you've been providing me. Keep on making more.

Thanks again,


Hey Trav

Your Leg Lock Course was one of the best things to happen to me for a long time! A game changer for my whole grappling approach, I would say. Yes, I admit it, I’m one of these Wing Chun guys with 10 years plus training. But in my defense, it’s the way you train I think is important. So I practice in a MMA environment and do no gi grappling too.

I’m around 156 lbs. and the main guys I roll with are 198 lbs. and more. I think you can imagine the looks they gave me in the past, when I was trying to put a leg lock on them. Now things have changed and they keep watching their legs much more than before. The best thing is that I start to see opportunities. When in a bad situation, just looking for that leg or foot that is within. And to say, your mount escape ( to leg lock ) is awesome.

If you planned some more grappling courses with Dan Fisher, I think I’m gonna buy them too.

Cheers and Thanks


Hi Trav

As usual your stuff works bro. I accidentally used it whilst working on the doors this weekend, where I ended up on my a** lol.

I shot straight back on my knees with a takedown and boom the lock was in. Before I knew that was the end of it, the guy was screaming - luckily I didn't tear his kneecap apart but there was enough pain and fright to stop him right there without going to blows.



Hey Travis,
I'm really glad I bought the Leg Lock course. This has some amazing techniques to completely cripple your attacker. Keep up the great work.


The Leg Lock course is an amazing course filled with not only the fundamentals and basics of leg locks as advertised--but it was so great I wanted to drop a line to give my testimony that this course is the most complete compilation of knowledge when it comes to attacking the lower-body that I've ever seen in one place. Not to mention most of these things, I've never seen AT ALL. I love MMA and have trained Jiu-Jitsu, both gi and no gi, and it's amazing how nearly all MMA gyms have ignored and continue to ignore pretty much all lower body attacks even though they are SUCH quick fight enders.

Since going through this course, I've pulled off several of these moves with partners and let me say this, they have NO IDEA what's going on or what to do. Even some of the best guys I've rolled with only know how to lazily roll-out of a standard knee-bar. Get this course, drill it, and you will start owning folks left and right.



I really enjoyed the course. I had never been exposed to leg locks because the BJJ/kickboxing/Krav Maga classes won’t focus on them because they are too "dangerous to train". I feel like a whole new world has been opened to me and I’ve been using this stuff to create all kinds of havoc on my training partners. Thanks again man. This is well worth the money.

PS. Love the striking stuff you do too. Feel free to drop another MP3 for your boy. I use the olds ones couples time a week.

James McCreary
James McCreary

Hey Trav,

Firstly I'd like to thank you for putting together such an awesome set of online courses. I first discovered you a while back through your Head Movement video and the other free videos you had put out on YouTube. I then signed up to receive some of your bonus videos and receive your emails. Recently I purchased your Leg Lock and supplemental Striking Dojo courses. I must say, I'm really happy with both of them.

I'm also extremely stoked because I've managed to finally assemble a small squad (3 + me) of my close personal defense minded (violent) friends to train on a weekly basis. This first session was great. We spent a bit of time hitting pads as well as drilling some choke defense and a few moves a couple of us had learned in Krav Maga classes. I then had them watch the first leg lock video, about escaping mount and going into a heel hook. It was great to be able to watch the video and then drill the moves. This is a very effective way to learn.


There’s only one word - Awesome!! I like your fresh approach to training in general whether it is the Striking courses or this Leg Lock course!!

My background is Sambo and we did a ton of leg locks, but the variations that Dan and you taught are just awesome!! My new go to moves are the knee separator from the guard and my fav of all time figure four leg tie up after a double or single leg takedown!!

I’m looking forward to some more training vids



Hi Trav,

This Leg Lock course is a great! If I had all the instincts, time and training partners needed, I would have already tried to impart this wisdom at the dojo where I study. I can see this being valuable in almost any curriculum focusing on ground fighting. Thanks for putting this together.



Hi Trav

The Leg Locks is a GREAT course. Your videos are always great to watch and the course is pretty easy to learn. Your videos are detailed and practical. I have even tried some moves on a friend with whom I train different self defense techniques. Your Leg Locks course techniques have given me a great advantage over him even if he is taller and heavier. It’s worth every single dollar I have paid.

Best Regards,


Hey Trav,
I have been extremely happy with the content you put out in the Leg Lock course! I've learned more about leg locks in this course than in my two years of training BJJ. Its crazy how many opportunities there are that we just don't recognize! I stopped training for a while but after getting this I am hyped to start again and try some of these nasty finishes out! Thanks again and keep doing what you are doing!


Hi Trav!

Your Leg Lock course is a bloody ripper!

Thank you!



I love your stuff. I’ve purchased your Leg Lock series and it is awesome. It works really well for someone like me who has four kids, works 50 hours a week, travels a lot with work, and can’t get to a BJJ or MMA gym but can get a training partner once or twice a week. You pack a lot of information into your stuff and your videos are entertaining to watch.



I just finished the Leg Lock program after about 7 months of training. It is an amazing course; it’s very comprehensive and complete. I couldn't find a partner willing to take the chance to practice these moves with a beginner, so I used a Jiu-Jitsu dummy. But this allowed me to practice the moves hundreds and hundreds of times as hard as possible. It's to the point where the Fischer figure four to heel hook is almost automatic. It's good to know that if a fight ever comes my way, I can grab a foot and it end it quickly and brutally.

And now on to the Fighting Larger Opponents program.


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