The Philly Shell Seminar

Mayweather's Style Adapted For MMA

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Glaube Thumb

Glaube Feitosa and the Mighty Brazil Kick

In case you thought you were safe hiding from head kicks behind your shoulder without a "windshield wiper"...

How To Punch Harder Using Simple Science - Freakish Power Punch Training - Increase Striking Power.mp4.Still001Building Crazy Hook Power - (Elastic Recoil)

This video will teach you how to apply basic kinesiology (think of it like "Explosive Muscle Science") to your hooking punches... and give them an alarming increase in power.

sweet truicks

A Sweet Trick For Hook Fluidity

This little form adjustment will keep your body flowing through your hooks... instead of stopping unnecessarily AT your target.

Striking-Uppercuts-and-lots-of-stuffs.00_04_56_21.Still001Uppercuts and Such

Here you will learn the basics of uppercuts, the art of juggling heads, a few uppercut based combinations, and some important mitt-holding / heavy bag training details.

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