Long Distance Weapons

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The Front Kick Workout

  This is a quick video which explains all of the drills in the front kick workout... except the stretches, which I forgot.

The "Chambered Kicks" Drill

  This is probably the most important drill you can do to really sharpen up your front kick.

Important Note About FRONT LEG Front Kicks

To throw a front kick from the front leg, you DO NOT switch that leg to the rear before kicking. You pull it up into the chamber from it’s normal position in the front of your stance. Switching your stance before kicking is not necessary, and will usually take too much time… meaning your kick won’t land.

Front Kick Drills

  1. Leg Swings
  2. Knee Tucks
  3. Kicks on the air, increasing in height
  4. Kicks on a bag (optionally increasing in height)
  5. Kicks “In The Chamber”

Front Kick Workout

You will most likely be sore the day after this. DON’T push through any sharp pain in the hamstring or hip during your kicks… work at your own pace. If you’re body is not used to this kind of training at all, go easy and be attentive to your body.
  1. 20 Right Leg Swings
  2. 20 Left Leg Swings
  3. 15 Right Knee Tucks
  4. 15 Left Knee Tucks
  5. 20 Right Front Kicks Increasing in height
  6. 20 Left Front Kicks Increasing in height
  7. 3 x 2 Minute Rounds of freestyle Front Kicks on a heavy bag  (if you have one… and try to get an even mix or right and left kicks.  If you don’t have one, then kick the air or find something you can kick.)
  8. 1 through 5 Left Kicks “In The Chamber” (ideally on a heavy bag… work up to 10 and you’re a beast)
  9. 1 through 5 Right Kicks “in The Chamber” (ideally on a heavy bag)
  10. 4 minutes of constant Hip Flexor & Hamstring Stretching, alternating every minute.  (Google search these stretch types if you have no idea what I ‘m talking about… all of the videos that I found were painful to watch.  Why do people sound like robots when you stick them in front of a camera?  makes no sense to me…)
In two days, do it again from the opposite stance. If you were in a “Righty” stance, you will now be in a “Lefty” stance. (I’m starting to teach people both stances from the beginning these days). If you’re not used to this type of dynamic movement stretching your hamstrings and such, you will be very sore. This is normal, but it’s why I don’t want you to switch your stance right away, and push too far. If you’re not too sore the next day, you can run through the workout twice in the same session, and switch your stance on the second run through.

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