A Tyson Knockout Highlight Reel

On yesterdays webinar...

The question of 'Hey Trav... can we actually punch people as hard as possible in the head?' ....came up.

And the answer just isn't a 'yes or no'.  It all depends on what you've done to condition your hands to take that impact, how precise you are with your punch placement, and whether you've actually done some 'bare-knuckle-ish' training to familiarize yourself with the amount of power your hands can actually handle.

The following video will expose you to a training method that will condition your hands for bare knuckle fighting... and will actually help you to punch harder in the long run.

Check out the webinar itself for a deeper explanation.

gardening-glovesThe 'Gardening Glove Trick'

When I first saw this video, I thought it was a B.S. technique... but then I tried it. My hands began to felt like rocks, and I started to fully understand what the could and could not handle.

Building your Uppercuts... because I have to randomly insert this lesson somewhere.

It would appear that this ol' lesson is the only one that I have hanging around on uppercuts.  Enjoy.

(and the concept of "Juggling Heads".)

Striking-Uppercuts-and-lots-of-stuffs.00_04_56_21.Still001Uppercuts and Such

Here you will learn the basics of uppercuts, the art of juggling heads, a few uppercut based combinations, and some important mitt-holding / heavy bag training details.