Uppercuts...An Extensive Examination

(Grab HBO for access to any fights referenced)

Bonus Video!

Katsidis Vs Casamayor

A great fight, in which you can see some nice double uppercuts to the body... or at least that's how I remember it.

Another Bonus Video!

Tysons Best Uppercuts

I can't have an uppercut lesson without showing you the Master of Uppercuts. No music, no frills, just sheer neck-snapping beast mode.

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Eliminating Flinches and Cultivating Responses

This video will teach you how to train your brain to work quickly and instinctively, when punches are coming at your face.


  • Fernando

    Reply Reply April 11, 2018

    I want know if is possible that this video has translate to spanish, please

    • LUIS

      Reply Reply August 4, 2018

      Fernando, a cual video te refieres?

  • Rtsongs

    Reply Reply May 30, 2018

    You asked us to name the uppercut to the body which is what you could call it or You could call that punch an: upjab to the body

  • Forrest

    Reply Reply July 5, 2018

    Shovel uppercut

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