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    • Trav, I thought I knew what ” pounding your pud” means, but thanks for this video to “enlighten me”….ya right….lol

  • Eunuchs I guess ..missing some hardware I guess. Or some wiring or something. I feel a wee nauseous now. Thanks Trav

  • ? NO WAY DOES THIS GUY HAVE BALLS!!! —He either lost them in a terrible accident years ago or had them removed for some other reason… either way, he clearly doesn’t care for having any… I mean, look at how he’d treat them ???

  • Trav
    This in my opinion proves your point about striking in self defense situations. A strike to the groin is a common practice in a lot of self defense, especially womens self defense seminars. I tend to agree with you, that a strike to the groin although it may be painful. It is not incapacitating, and could actually encourage your attacker to fight harder!!!

    • Hey Paul,

      I’m glad you tied this together! If there’s someone out there who can just ignore the strike, then it’s simply not the most effective target!