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2.  You sure you bought somethin'?

Sometimes folks get most of the way through their checkout but never confirm their order.  You should have been sent to a Thank You page, AND received an email immediately with your account info.  If you didn't see that page, or you didn't get an email, you might not have actually "checked out".

Please check your spam folder before assuming that you didn't get the email.  Your account credentials might be there.

3.  Did you buy what you clicked on?

I have people who buy an MP3 workout and then they're shocked when they can't access everything on the page.  Every program has it's own section... so please make sure you clicked on the thing that you actually bought.

4.  Hey... if you haven't fixed it at this point, EMAIL ME.

No one who buys something here at Fight Smart will ever be screwed over of left behind.  Shoot me an email at and I will get it sorted out immediately... or you know... asap.