Slipping and Counter-Striking

(Make him miss, and make him pay for it.)

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  • Dexter

    Reply Reply August 16, 2018


  • Dashawn

    Reply Reply September 2, 2018

    Hey,I need to learn how to dodge hits

  • Sean Collignon

    Reply Reply September 24, 2018

    I need it also. I’ve learned a lot from you. Thanks for the teaching

  • Wes

    Reply Reply November 2, 2018

    Like it so dar

  • Uncle Hippie

    Reply Reply April 3, 2019

    Aw man. There’s only two freebie vids and then you have to buy? You can’t do a crash course short freebie for every stage?….Well I do thank you for what I got. At least 10% of the bullies out there can’t hit me now…wish that number was higher but Im on SSDI and only get 40 a day to live on….

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