Defense, Deflection, and Countering

Of the statistically most common knife strikes...

To Defend Against Knife Attacks…

…requires a little training and a ‘simple’ method.  The vast majority of knife self defense techniques don’t work (in real life) because they can’t be applied to a variety of attacks.  You would have to “read” the attack while it’s on its way in to kill you… and react with the appropriate defense (without screwing it up).

It’s virtually impossible.

For a truly functional strategy, our initial defense should work when applied to any knife attack, and it would certainly help to learn the most common slices, dices, and stabs used by the average knife-wielding attacker.

So, in the video above we break down the percentages of each ‘move’ you’re likely to face (observed in more than 200 knife attacks caught on video), and we slightly modify our core knife defense technique to work… no matter what comes at us.

However!  The results of the ‘most common attack’ will surprise you.  If you’re not ready for it, you’re probably going to die… so, learning “how to defend against a knife attack” begins with knowledge.

I shall pack your brain with said knowledge!

…and then we will train the technique.


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