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Learn How To Fight... Savagely.

The Fight Smart MMA/Self Defense Training System

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Fight Like A Pro

Dodge Punches Like A Ninja

Don't get beat up.  It's embarrassing... and easily avoidable.

This site has one purpose: to teach you a series of mixed martial arts and self defense fighting that will work in any scenario. (If it works in a cage, it will work anywhere).

These are all fighting techniques that I picked up in my career as a mixed martial arts fighter and I've used all of them with great success over the years... in both live sparring, and in 'street fights' (unfortunately).

I picked up a lot of these moves as they were done to me.  If it hurt, I wrote it down

The bottom line is that all of this stuff works.  It's not like going to a Kung Fu class for 5 years, getting your black belt, and then still getting smashed by some chubby, ill-tempered bully.  Certain arts are an incredible waste of time, and the embarrassment of losing to sloppy dumbass is tough to live down.  

That shall not happen!

Many of these techniques were taught to me by UFC champions like Bas Rutten, Frankie Edgar, and Eddie Alvarez... I've modified a lot of them to function in scenarios where 'there are no rules'.  This stuff will hurt people, so use it for good.  Don't be a douche. 

Nevertheless, register for the website (again it's free) and learn everything that you can. If you have any questions, post them on the pages of the videos and I'll answer them at some point. If you let me know exactly what you want to learn, I will also try to make a video for it (I refuse to rush though).

Enjoy the site, and your new skills.  Use them to protect people!

Let me know if you have any questions as you're learning how to fight like a savage beast.  


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