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There are a few easy tricks that will dramatically
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1. People have been taught the wrong way to throw hooks since punching was invented.  If you throw the hooks the way that every coach in the known universe teaches them, they will land 1/10th the amount that they could be landing. 

In this mini-series, we will examine how the best punchers in the world actually throw their hooks.

2. There are a few extremely common ways that people telegraph their punches.  If you also fall prey to these extremely, ridiciulously common errors, your punches will land 1/10th the amount that they could be landing. 

If you throw your hooks incorrectly AND have these telegraphs, mathematically that means they will land 1/100th of the time... although these statistics are completely made up.  

3.  You need to trick your opponents if you want to punch them in the head, and that means you need to be spending as much time deceiving them as you spend trying to punch them. 

If you're not deceiving your opponents, your strikes will land 1/10th the amount that they could be landing.  

So if you throw your hooks incorrectly, telegraph them horribly, and fail to deceive your opponents, you now have 1/1000th of your potential landing percentage.

That's clearly a scientific fact.  

So sign up for the course at no cost whatsoever, and dramatically improve your landing percentage or I will return the zero dollars that I collected from you.

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